The following events are not meant to be a written summation of my life, as they only consist of transitions that eventually evolved into a presentation of the Polaris Writings. From the beginning these transitions were neither planned nor of the slightest expectations as to the events that transpired, and I write by recalling each as they occurred. An exception is the insertion of two incidents of separate times yet closely related, one radiated and audible the other visionary and audible.


    In the year 1978 when I first met a group of highly successful professionals in corporate management and those in institutions of learning I was aware all were in the practice of past life regressions. They formed an elite membership of true believers in those of karmas of other lifetimes and were seeking spiritual advisors by a most strange method, and electronic quiji board. I offered to become a participant with another member to obtain information vital to their quest and by an automatic process the letters revealed a nameless identity of a spirit in transmigration whose origin of birth was thirty years BC in a region of the Middle East.
    The following day I found myself in a constant state of an unusual anxiety due to the previous events and decided to use the information revealed to do some research on my own. Without access to the designated quiji board I would try another method and begin by searching through the pages of an early Bible with ancient maps where historical events by locations were clearly marked. Because of its very fine print I used the point of a pen to exactly trace and verify each inscription, upon doing so my hand began to move automatically. Slowly at first in a circular motion then ever faster until it suddenly stopped revealing the burial place of an Israeli king, the inscription read “Tomb of David”. My immediate thought was the spirit of this regal nobleman, now in transmigration must be the sought after advisor.
    Recalling the event that followed can only be told within the strange and fascinating contents of its reality, for out of the unopened tomb leap the visionary image of a tiny jester. I could hear his maniacal laughter through inaudible silence as he twirled and tumbled across the ancient map. I remained transfixed by the apparition before me, and as time would have no measure a moment or an hour could have passed, and as to when or where he disappeared to I have no memory. Had I released some impish demon from centuries of entombment to prey upon the innocent? He appeared to be a jester of the royal court but as a master of  illusion could confound a true believer with his prankish and diabolical schemes as his maniacal laughter seem to have betrayed an elfin spirit of devilish intent.
    Believing that the chosen bible had created the strange visionary reaction to my research I returned the Holy Book to its place among my literary classics, there to remain unopened for many years following this unusual experience. Left to ponder the unexpected outcome of my undertaking I resolved to discontinue all search for transmigrating spirits. Through many hours of private deliberation I also concluded to depart from practices of regression and unresolved karmas in preference to the joys of my present lifetime. However because of a most interesting experience with an automatic process I began using this method for writing, and so unpredictable were the consequences that lured me into the astral realms of “spirit entities” and a type of communication known as “channeling”.


    When names started appearing throughout the automatic process of writing I believed them to be spirits in need of human contact. Willing to receive all messages opened gateways to what I surmised were various levels of the astral planes. Prominent during their lifetimes to name a few were Thomas Paine, philosopher and writer who told of valuable documents never retrieved from an accidental fire. Ben Franklin, inventor, publisher and statesman. Arthur Conan Doyle, writer of Sherlock Holmes mysteries telling of his plight into spiritualism that came to late in life. Periodically and somewhat out of character were roundtable discussions joined by the Kennedy brothers with John interjecting much humor.
    Others from various realms needed recognition, a poet who wrote romantic verse and of his communion with nature. An astrologer of past acquaintance with prediction never to be proved. A distressed child, Kali whose departure from life was premature, and a delightful creature whose spirit haunted a secret garden. Others with no identity only interludes of memories, and the presentation of animals domestic or wild, as I wrote then were all on the “Happy Planes of Heaven”. Aside from entities of the astral planes there were a few poetic writings of a small plane crash and a moderate earthquake in the valley that became public knowledge. Those of a personal nature I eventually was able to verify where others were involved or those solely my own.
    During many hours of writing while obsessed with astral communication I wrote all messages no matter how incidental or foolish assuming every one to be of spiritual importance. A year passed and it was during this period that a vision appeared to me that I considered to be a profound experience that might have changed my entire spiritual future.
    One late summer afternoon I took refuge from the outside world to reflect in the unusual events of the previous months. The drapes were drawn to shut out the rays and heat from a noonday sun masking my room in the dusk of an early twilight. While deep in thought I had a sensation of being lifted within a vortex into the mist of a cloud where seven figures silently stood garbed in long tunics of a lavender hue corded with waistbands of golden twine, their feet were sandaled in brown leather. All seven were prominently male, the center figure greatly distinguished by his flowing white hair and beard, the other six three on either side of him were decidedly younger and appeared as disciples to the elder who stepped forward extending his right hand and spoke in a voice kindly yet somewhat impatient. “We have been waiting for you my child”.
    Recalling as it occurred, I believe to have heard this same voice many years ago, however the tone then was one that commanded to be heard. I was awakened one night from a restless sleep by a radiant beam piercing my center forehead. It struck like a bolt of lightening instantly thrusting me into a sitting up position, and this massive voice that seemed to resound throughout the room entered my right ear asking a question, simple yet profound. “Why aren’t you listening?” The silence was deafening that followed, and stunned not daring to move I sat there in bed waiting for the dawn. Thereafter I was to acquire a reception through an audible thought process that also intensified my acute hearing.
    Although the previous revelation was of another time it seemed to be closely related to the imposing male figure now standing before me and I reached out to place my hand in his. Instantly realizing such a gesture would affirm a complete acceptance to whatever spiritual transformation might be forthcoming I withdrew. No other words were spoken as my decision appeared not be compromised and for one moment caused a feeling of mutual regret, then all seven vanished. No evidence as to the personage of these seven could ever be discerned, therefore I have never truly determined who they might have been. However in recalling that eventful afternoon the entire visionary experience transpired as I have written.
    Meanwhile I continued writing with my energy at its peak, however somewhat noticeable was deteriorating affect through lose of appetite and sleep. Incidents of a disturbing nature began to appear, contacts from other planets taking great interest in my spiritual involvements. Written directions that at times seemed plausible yet later only caused confusion and the following experience of which I write was to end forever my “channeling” through the astral planes.
    A vision of the prophet Jesus was to appear at a designated place and time. The place was a familiar one of natural beauty, hypnotic when serene, at times fiercely wild. The time would be a special midnight hour and we were to follow each instruction as written. Arriving at our destination we stood on an appointed pier watching an approaching fog, the only sound was a rippling tide as it splashed against the wooden pilings. The midnight hour passed, no vision appeared, still we waited, the fog surrounded us, it had already covered the sky with it’s misty grey causing the full moon and stars to disappear. Now without even a glimmer of light from the heavens the night appeared strange and foreboding. Filled with uncertainty and dismay we walked away and never looked back. I have no remembrance of us talking much about our misleading venture, perhaps because of what was to follow soon after through an unexpected enlightenment. A spiritual awareness evolved, first by calm resignation and then by an awakening that caused a departure from the illusionary guidance of the past couple years. Those spirit entities that so compelled me to write suddenly seem to disappear following that desolate and unpredictable night. The realization then became quite clear that vision we so anticipated was intentionally never to appear, this was the revelation!


    The following morning I discarded all writings through “channeling” and discontinued all contacts with the astral planes never to determine the authenticity of this most recent endeavor. From the beginning an automatic method was processed through a quiji board while in search for a transmigrating spirit that released the image of a miniature jester from an ancient tomb. Could my contacts have been just one visionary impish prankster masquerading as many? Had my spirit journeyed into the astral realms seeking those spirit entities of persons that might have known or those I had read about and wished to know? Whatever the case may have been and while I readily admit to a certain telepathic receptivity of energy transference, prophetic dreams or waking visions, discerning had proven most difficult.
    My spiritual and religious experiences have been many from the time I was two when first placed in a convent. Writing of the circumstances that caused this beginning is not my intention nor to write details concerning any of the following. They are to establish that I am neither and uninformed skeptic nor exactly a spiritual novice having been baptized and confirmed then baptized again all three of different denominations. One by parental choice, the second by training, and the third by attending a highly spirited church. Throughout my life I have frequently visited various houses of worship including tent meetings while absorbed in studies of great religions. This period was followed by “New Age” literature and joining numerous groups, then taking a course in astrology, attending lectures and meeting. Also receiving readings from physics. All my life I have wanted to learn and know.
    This type of wandering allowed my spirit to believe, doubt and discern, the latter becoming a priority of mine for while probability is always considered, possibility often created limitations. Therefore I learn to believe my own experience while “automatic writing” proved authentic, “ channeling” through entities left room for doubt. This is not to say there are those advanced writings who have proved otherwise and use this type of communication, as I myself might have done had I placed my spiritual future in a vision that offered guidance. However a chapter in my life had now closed ending my ventures into various religions. I had taken different pathways on a spiritual journey in a desire to know the realities of belief concerning the individual Immortal Soul and Human Spirit.
    Throughout the twelve years that followed I never write “automatically” nor did I have any desire to do so, curios as it may seem I put aside writing altogether. Although personal lifetime relationships were changing, my restless spirit would never change and in a year that was to become a spiritual harmonic conversion, I moved to the mountains. Soon after I was persuaded to begin writing again despite the many years that had passed I felt confident in my ability to do so without any realization of what the context would be. The instant I picked up my pen I became energized by a feeling of enlightenment and as I began to write instead of words the symbol “Infinity” appeared signifying a “universal dimensional energy” this was the beginning of the Polaris Writings, the year was 1987!


    My son, a spiritual ally from the beginning and principle presenter of the Polaris Writings was the one who persuaded me to begin writing again, believing that our chosen lifetimes were spiritually bonded in this Human Experience. Living in the mountains was an assume experience in every way and my writing was energized within a two hour period each morning beginning at 4:00 o’clock. The time allotted my seem limited to most writers, however “dimensional energy writing” is contained within and does not extend beyond it’s universal measure. Following the “Infinity” symbol was the title of a subject as writing would then continue within the hours designated. The “Time Energy” symbol was finally revealed and placed within the center of the “Infinity” symbol. This combination advanced the writings for further composition pertaining to the energizing dimensional measure of Universal Time.
    Thereafter the symbolic “Universal Mind” formation was presented within the “Time Energy” symbol to reveal the processing of an inner thought transference. These three combined symbols were manifested by an influential guidance from the Universal Spirit and Mind and the completed combination was always presented before the context of each concept was to be written. Following other symbols appeared relative to the time energy and knowledge such as the Pole of Zenith an individual universal connection for thought transference that gave the title Polaris to these writings. This Cosmic creation also represented a third member of the Polaris Alliance that continued to remain inclusive as not to disperse the energies from the original guiding influences. However this arrangement within the essence of its own creation has always encouraged spiritual association which is of prime importance.
    The following is to clarify that Polaris is neither a spirit entity or an ascended master through “channeling” and remains universally known, the Polar Star an ancient navigator of the heavens, chosen by spiritual guidance as a Cosmic ally for enclosure in order to conduct these writings. Although these concepts are written through the Polaris Alliance they are not of personal revelation as this knowledge is interrelated throughout all Origins of Creation. The manifestation of my writings was by a dimensional thought transference from an extensive universal library for spiritual knowledge and enlightenment.
    For nine years I have lived in the mountains, writing and enjoying the wild life and wonders of nature with my constant companion “Ursa”, my dog, named after the constellation Ursa Minor (“Little Bear”) region of the North Star. Meanwhile writings were mailed downhill to my son for computing until I became a “flatlander” once again, affording us many opportune hours for written inquiry and discernment. At times there was a necessity for clarification as to my son’s Cosmic perception and my more trained analytical thinking, however the concepts written were of mutual understanding according to the Universal Principles that had been established. Throughout the Polaris Writings the Human Spirit is allowed a priority for discovery. Time and space are presented as universal forms of energy, there is no mention of religious doctrines, deities or identities except for one exception, the young prophet of biblical history who in his own time caused a spiritual revolution. A New Age of revelations has begun guiding our Planet Earth into other dimensions.
    Writing my recollections has afforded me many other memorable hours reflecting on the sometimes very strange and intriguing interludes during various periods of my life. However, the years allied with my son to present the Polaris Writings have been the most spiritually rewarding, and to those Cosmic Origins of Creation within the Heavens and on this Planet Earth that guided us, I will forever be grateful. I also need to acknowledge my parents who gave me an inherent love for knowledge  so that I can never stop learning, thus granting my earthbound Spirit the chance of discovery to attain the ultimate purpose that lies ahead.

Yoni N. Russell   

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