Evolution of the Spirit through earthbound lifetimes is considered a developing process for change in a chosen entry to evolve from experiences within each existence.
Individual beliefs of spiritual value that remain in an alignment with the Immortal Soul relate to specified measurements in time.
The Spirit's position is a phenomenon of Universal Construction and by earthbound interludes reentries of choice are met with an interaction of each lifetime.
Without evolvement the Spirit stagnates under bondage of its own limitations and is not allowed the intention of a Cosmic progression.
Requirements in the application of knowledge by dimensional learning develops spiritual maturity that most often involves some change to comply with an excelled awareness of the evolutionary process.
From earthbound lifetimes the Spirit as a partition of the Soul elevates the Triad Union to an exalted position.
Through a unique entry to fulfill a mission of universal magnitude the Spirit is given a thrust for qualities of noble distinction.
As there is an absence in memory of previous lifetimes it does not imply that these experiences do not exist. Possession is in union with the Immortal Soul and need not be known by human consciousness of a present earthbound entry.
Evaluating past eras for a learning process is of individual choice but is not a spiritual necessity and often applies to experiences of lower formations.
For those who through evolutionary processes completed intended evolvements by high authorization their Spirits are now prepared to advance into Cosmic Orders of Superiority.
Earthbound learning processes allows the Spirit to discover a joyful existence within the Trinal Structure.
Desired accomplishments encompassing various areas of success can excel in a world of material wealth by choice of a single ambition or by desires of a spiritual progression without excessive fortune in an abundance of happiness through satisfaction of fulfilling far reaching destinies.
However by acquiring both material and spiritual success in a unification for evolvement the question of maturity arises as how to apply their values.
Lifetimes of chosen eras are determined by a recognition of needs and may offer difficult realizations.
Individual progression often manifests into many years of evolving through measurements of time. As not to cause default of spiritual enlightenment a gradual elevation gives the proper allotment of awakenings.
Periods for progressions vary, but each is of value and recognized for their Original Intent.
Universal Structures are foundations that inspire necessary changes for evolutionary movements to encourage individual spiritual expression for worthy accomplishments in life.
Continual evolvements uplifts the embodied spirit from idle human desires to an alliance with the Soul.
The process in spiritual progression through reincarnation is of reentry into various earthbound lifetimes. Each reflects an illumination within its earthly existence that enhances the exaltation of a Cosmic Life.
Journeys of these progressions relate to Universal Influences by evolving the Spirits reincarnation as it continues the evolving process of enlightenment.
The many lives that have existed through centuries to excel in spiritual union glorifies an earthbound summation of reincarnated Spirits in a revelation of extraordinary Cosmic Beings.
It completes a progression of a Universal Alliance and concludes the existence of individual entries of embodiment.
The spirals of birth in ascension is considered a system that includes completion by each spiritual evolution.
If the choice of a premature entry separates an alliance with the Soul and conflicts with its earthly existence the Spirit will release itself from consternation and embodiment.
Parentage is of a special creative force and when in error concerns over a non progressive spiritual evolvement gives special transference to a New Life by an ascension of Universal Rebirth.
To conceive of past experiences that are important for progress, the Spirit needs revelations that reveal the necessity of each rebirth to finalize its purpose of a spiritual quest.
If the Spirit is lost in Cosmic Direction rechanneling of its path and entry is carefully analyzed by a Universal Intelligence to complete an excelled embodiment.
The chosen life is always of a complex nature but the Spirit must be allowed the continual experience of this process to fulfill knowledge that applies to spiritual maturity.
The Universal measurement of time within each existence is to manifest a Cosmic Union of individual Spirits that ally with one another.
These evolved Souls concerned in the progress of all spiritual life continue to reveal Creations Principles that are awakening a Universal Consciousness through new age evolutions.
A continuous unity for Cosmic Life by people of the earth will release Illuminating Energies in a Creation of Light to complete their spiritual reincarnations.
The final rebirth of the planet will be a Cosmic World of exaltation reflecting its radiance throughout the Universe.

                                                       DECREES OF DESTINY

Decrees of spiritual destination are determined by individual Cosmic and earthbound entries and chosen for the Spirit's continuing journey.
Through measurements in time the Immortal Soul releases Rays of Light that interact with inner extensions of creativity and discovery as decrees of destiny for individuality vary with each evolvement.
The Spirit's progressive awareness is that which provides inroads to a single exalted pathway. Because of limitations in recognizing the existence of previous lifetimes only shadows of remembrance remain.
Reaching out for unknown realms of visionary manifestations may be a procedure for spiritual considerations for enlightenment. However a lifetime spent redeeming knowledge of a long ago earthbound existence recesses the mind into a storehouse of vague images.
Therefore visions are provided when recollections necessitates a determination by the Spirit to choose its final Decree of Destination.
Beyond remembrance lies a structure of reliance that has brought the entity to this measurement in time. Creation itself is the essence of Universal Knowledge that gives credence to abstractions of thought.
The Enlightenment of reality is revealed for individual recognition by degrees of learning interacted with application to ally with previous lifetimes.
Decrees of Destiny fulfilled by Spiritual Evolvement will continue to exalt the Immortal Soul.
To diminish Cosmic Energies by constant failures will discontinue the original desired destiny therefore determining another course of a lesser degree. However recognition of mistakes can strengthen the will to acquire knowledge for future considerations.
Denial of a chosen birth often becomes an aimless journey through shadows and unknown fears as incomplete actions detain spiritual success.
The Trinal Unity of the Body, Mind, and Spirit is of an earthbound destination in processes of learning and application.
Destinies decreed to manifest New Eras through earthbound entries are of a Universal processing that exalts the Planet Earth to a place of unique distinction among Spiritual Creations.

                                                PASSAGES OF TRANSITION

Many passages of transition are chosen as the Spirit Evolves to conclude each way for progression of earthbound reentries that eventually come to a completion.
When the earthbound existence is complete the Cosmic journey continues and the Spirit will reunite with the Immortal Soul conditioning an earthbound reentry if desired.
After an earthbound existence is complete the Spirit at times may decide to stay within the atmospheric ethereal realm of the planet.
This choice at times may conflict with the Soul's alliance unless the reason for remaining is to assist in furthering the progress of spiritual knowledge on the planet earth.
If so the Spirit will ally with the Soul on this mission of Universal Purpose before entering into another existence.
Because there is a necessity for chronological order in Universal Structures there must be a decision of evolvement for the Spirit's transition.
If the decision for unification with the Soul is delayed during transition the Spirit is under the protection of Cosmic Influences encompassing the Spirit with Illuminated Light Formations.
All who seek passage of immediate reentry should allow conditions to be within a synchronization of physical and spiritual presentations.
If a limited spiritual ascension is chosen before a physical reentry the Cosmic Union with the Soul may be weakened at birth not allowing a natural progression.
Passages are chosen in various forms to bring about the Spirit's most excelled transition for a satisfactory existence.
When passing from embodiment a message of enlightenment is given for the continuing journey. There is always the Formation of Light to guide the traveler in a positive direction whether it be alone or with the assistance of other ethereal beings.
Every progression into celestial realms is consistent with pathways of a Universal Order. Fears of transition must be dispelled, as there are no passages of darkness, for Creation was born of Light.
The process of Universal Evolvement does not allow the Spirit to be released into areas of darkness there is always an energizing factor of Cosmic Influences present during transition and it has been so since the beginning of Universal Time.
Passages that are chosen for the Spirit are directed by the Souls desire and formed through previous considerations for advancement.
During the physical lifetime a Spiritual Consciousness can be develop realizing this alliance with the Soul exists and carried into the transition.
For those who have this awareness an awakening into passageways of Illuminating Construction will be formed and this ascension will be revealed for others to follow.
The choice is always of the Spirit and should have the assurance that in this measurement of time all will be set right according to Cosmic Law.
Nothing is forever lost, not a Soul, a Spirit, or Planetary Life they are all manifestations of Eternity.
A guide for Universal law has been formed in the heavens and the expansion of its influence will foretell the Spiritual Enlightenment for the Planet Earth.

                                      CONFLICTS OF THE EARTHBOUND SPIRIT

Spiritual conflicts of an earthbound existence are often confronted with negative reactions for they appear as a disunity of the Spirit.
But in completion of lifetime experiences lessons learned from these conflicts will be of value.
Realizations of evolutionary progress for spiritual evolvement through an earthbound existence is in the recognition of a Universal Intelligence.
These awakenings are essential for a maturity through a natural phenomenon that structures the chosen lifetime.
From birth an understanding and conviction of beliefs in what the Immortal Soul desires is partitioned through its entity.
Because of restrictions placed upon liberation the Spirit at times seems to be temporarily over shadowed. This condition by collective negative energies needs to be eliminated by positive motivation.
Within life the physical extension of the spirit if given the proper measurement of time will create awakenings for change giving a complete interaction with its human manifestations.
Understanding Universal Structures replaces negative energies with desires that develop into a radiant physical and spiritual unity.
The Cosmic Union of a given birth is complete when the exploration of its earthly habitation is fulfilled by a finality of purpose.
Recognition of a spiritual union with Universal Influences continues a interrelationship of an elevated formation with the physical structure.
By passing each degree of progression a protective radiance of light increases with each evolving experience to illuminate pathways being considered for the remainder of the earthbound journey.
A measurement of time is important for discernment before directions are taken as not to detain the Spirits mission by evolvements chosen to early.
Separation of spirituality by a choice of an acquired materialized existence becomes a condition of limited desires.
However if given discernment by a sufficient measurement of time both spiritual and material can be approved within Universal Laws.
Each given moment of an earthbound lifetime is of value to spiritual evolvements for planetary unification.
Each birth is conducted by a Cosmic Union within that lifetime for a trusted guardianship while inhabiting the Planet Earth.


As a mass of fluid silver is directed by thermoelectric energy, so is the Spirit processed through change by desirable instruction.
Quicksilver as a rarity of a flexible substance compares to spiritual values by moving magnetic conductive forces.
It draws the contents by energies into one concentrated body yet remains within its characteristic of origin.
Therefore the changes that are performed in a likeness of silver and Spirit are produced by the application of a process and dispersed by a desired direction.
Diversity of partitions in size and formation from the main structure determines the continuation of exploration while containment of outer components remain within a safe distance. This constitutes future returning to a centralized position if so desired.
While useful in the measurement of thermoelectric energy mercury has not the ethereal components or expansive movement of the Spirit but in similar characteristic the fluidity is compared with flexibility where both maintain their conductive energies.
Fragmentation by separation often is but temporary and determination to centralize the origin of either quicksilver or Spirit continues to be applied.
Therefore practical application is a condition within each movement and is only a partition of the whole.
Quicksilver gathers together its likeness and contains all that it draws into a magnetic field of properties necessary to hold it together.
Only that which distances itself outside the field of containment does the influence of energy discontinue the structure of its original union.
Flexibility is a valued characteristic in a substance of such solid structure for the purpose of this condition.
It allows the flow of creativity to constantly be in the offing and gives the dimension to discovery of principles outside the centralization.
As decrees of learning change conditions of environment the main cause for renewal attracts the likeness of one to the other.
The danger of travel outside the magnetic field is unlikely when recognition of its guarded protective unit becomes apparent.
The Spirit continues to recognize its fragile components as weakened by separation, but nevertheless remains within the consistency of original substance.
The radiance of silver that mirrors reflections as does the Spiritual Light allows a visionary process through a measurement of time for future considerations.
Changes often are necessary for advancement but containment of the substance remains steadfast.
Pressures by reasonable movements to allow further knowledge and association are considered to be of value but only allow those changes that should not be denied.
Often there is no other way to achieve necessary goals. By the movement to strive for greater position in a spiritual and natural environments the challenges take on the Spirit of adventure that awakens the senses to desired evolvements of the lifetime.
When the risk of change becomes a renewal in the direction desired it aspires once again to the values that were considered to be.
Principles that continue from their substance of origin will move within the change necessary to comply with what has been spoken of.
Fear of unseen obstacles should not be a criteria for they only foreshadow the joy of discovery and give discomfort to physical appliance when needed to meet the challenges of 1if e.
Quicksilver as known in the world of physics gives knowledge’s of the natural elements that in their original state remain a substance of flexibility to be conducted by the processes of magnetic and thermoelectric energies.
Magnetic and controlled even when fragmented holds its origin of Creation and so does the Spirit for its direction is steadfast even as changes are manifested for evolvement.
Conductor of electrical fire or reflector for returned vision this metal remains of liquid flexibility. Native in substance by natural phenomena so is the Spirit which aides within its own Creation.
As such it retains the power to reflect change and when necessary for protection from any action that would diminish the original intent.
A living condition of both metal and Spiritual Energy applies motion when the pressure for change becomes a criteria for continued success in the movement that appeals to the ultimate goals.
Radiant when given proper attention and reflective of creative giving both may be a likeness of what has been applied to shape the desired form of what they imply.
A direction by flexibility forms the desired outcome and manifests an entire process when change comes to bring about the presentation known to be the most suitable condition available.
The possibility of movement in the wrong direction is limited because the guidance of motion is conducted by natural cause and need not extend to another process.
Within containment of it's moving partition is the original appliance that was finalized from the beginning.
Quicksilver as in living matter is applied to its union and attracts a characteristic that appeals to unity.
Awakening of the Spirit continues its measure of alliance for evolvement in motion. Division presents an application of necessary pressure and as in silver may rise or fall as the energies are intensified.
Activity by cause of satisfactory conclusions is a characteristic measure to be applied as to what the motion expresses.
An ordinary application often cannot fulfill the options presented, and sudden changes of pivoted movements within limited measurements of time are the only faction that is available. Readiness is therefore necessary to give proper advancement.
The natural properties of both the metal quicksilver and the Human Spirit are in likeness when a desire of movement is applied.
Each conducts the necessary electrical energies though one is of visible solid matter and the other of ethereal components of a Creative Alliance.
The phenomena of Life Principles interrelated remain consistent with original planning conducted in such a way when in proper use give the entire process the continual motion toward the elevation of success.

                                                           COSMIC QUEST

There are searchers within universal realms on constant watch for those embodied spirits of a New Age Awareness who desire  knowledge of a Cosmic Order for progression of spiritual manifestations.
Of cause and effect there is a universal polarity being constantly sought for in the alliance and Illumination of Souls.
Cosmic Intelligence is a completion for greater similarity within the earth's construction, but there must be those who are able to receive this created evidence from a Radiance of Spiritual Light. It is of perfection and must rely on interpreters to reveal its Life Principles.
Seekers on earth and searchers in universal realms contacted through rays of light from Cosmic Energies must continue to strengthen communications through an intelligence of an understanding in spiritual knowledge.
Searchers in realms are those that continue the New Age thought and have the power to complete a Cosmic Quest of realization in a Brilliant Spiritual Awakening.
Forgiven are past neglects, numerous spiritual beings who through Illuminating Energies are now choosing to ally themselves with others to bring about convictions of intellectual realities in a progressive knowledge meant for all.
The context of a Universal Structure involves the whole of earthly existence, and searchers of universal form are continually embodied into physical form.
Because of the many obstructions in knowledge’s of the past polarities were weakened, but now there is a renewal of Cosmic Rays directing a course in places where past penetrations were nonexistent. Within these rays energy is being more and more concentrated.
Those of earth are able to reach further into dimensions of thought projecting an outward energy productive of an advanced process.
This has given the quest of Cosmic Realities to comply with Universal Searchers and embodied spirits of the earth.
Continuation of this progress will enlighten an intelligence of the human mind, for as processes evolve a communicative bond of a New Age Thought will bring together partitions of spiritual observations that are in a variance of one another.
The Quest for a Cosmic Origin has never ceased. With the continuation of guidance from Creative Souls who posses a determination to construct formations of a Universal Intelligence on the Earth there will be a satisfactory conclusion for embodied spirits through this phase of a Cosmic quest in the Ever Expanding Universe.


Seeking the ultimate in Spirituality brings about discovery of the dimensions that exist beyond the physical mortal world.
The essence of life lies beyond these elements and to ignore the possibility of other planetary existence and neglect to explore these pathways into world's of extensional life leaves unintended desire of the Immortal Soul.
The Spirit Evolves into these dimensions by the process of Revelation through learning the Life Principles of Creation.
Extensive knowledge is ultimate and can be directed and energized into visualizations for valid proof of their identity.
However Discernment remains the priority when seeking to discover these dimensions within mental or physical journeys.
Each supplies and awareness to supplement any void that might occur when movement is away from an ordinary life existence.
They possess capacities to direct any condition that detains the Spirit from seeking the intent of its earthbound experiences. For all that is meant to be will eventually come to fruition.
There remains the interludes of non-reception and application. These measurements of time should not be prolonged. A discontinuation of the desired advancement will not be easily regained.
Exploration broadens the intelligence within the intellect and carries forth its mental capability toward a more Universal Knowledge of the dimensional life, beyond immediate surroundings and the three dimensional visual view of mortality.
To experience revelation is to exalt every aspect of the life giving forces that bring about an eternal existence for Cosmic Renewals.
Every experience has its own awakening and the knowledge therein is a furthering to the Realms of Eternity.
Searching each pathway is to travel beyond, passing through an ethereal existence as proof of its validity. The way is not easy but worthy of merit, and eventually leads to the hierarchy of Spiritual Essence.
All becomes the beginning within an Illumination of the Immortal Soul, not earthbound embodied by human trial and error, a direct course into a Radiant Light of Existence.
There remains this extension and it applies to the exploration for discovery beyond the mortal life while yet earthbound embodied by Spiritual Formation.

                                            TRANSMIGRATION OF SOULS

To the Planet Earth they will come, the awakening will begin, the measurement of time will move into a New Era and the Embodied Spirits will follow an all purpose renewal.
There will be the Colonization of Souls to mark each presentation that is considered their individual guardianship. Each allowed to further the evolution of Spiritual Awareness within this protective involvement.
Not always will be the completion of endeavor, for there will be those Spirits that stray from the course that is set. They will be the products of misguided unions and given a reintroduction to other astral planes more suited to their likeness. However not to interfere with the Cosmic Renewal each plane in turn will be allowed evolvement.
The Colonization of Souls will be selected by each of their unique qualities within a specified knowledge. They have chosen their positions, for within the Union of Souls they attained leadership in these selective orders. They shall be named and given titles of recognition. To each the Ultimate Purpose will be to bring their colonies into the Life Principles of the New Creation.
Transmigration has been foreseen as the only possible way to allow the distant relationship of Soul and Spirit to move ever closer. The enlightenment within this measurement of time is necessary to coincide with the changing geographical structure of the Planet Earth.
For all these purposes and for a Galactic Cosmic Union an alliance to the World's Sun is not fleeting, nor is its alliance to the Moon, neither are the Stars disengaged from their formations. These are to remain within their Universal Structures for this duration of time.
Bands of Cosmic Light will encircle the Planet Earth and passages of darkness will be closed forever more. Souls of the Immortal will begin their journeys through the astral planes for these too will be in an evolution of spiritual awakenings.
Beyond the scope of mortality a visionary world will begin to appear coexisting to that which was entered upon. By its magnitude and extensive spirituality without prejudice will evolve life within its own Creation. The way is Cosmic and ever lasting.

                                             THE COLONIZATION OF SOULS

From the masses of Cosmic Energies the colonization of Souls became a Creation for spiritual life and evolution. Evolvement within embodied Spirits allowed the Planet its progressive advancement. A gateway through these mortal passages for individual entities to bring about the understanding of the Cosmic Order.
This then begins the unfolding prophecy of the colonizing of Soul Energy to create the Universal Alliances by planetary evolvements. These alliances will continue to reveal the processing by which the evolution of life both spiritual and mortal manifest through a systematic order. Within this unique process is the desire, freedom and choosing of pathways to reach ultimate destinies.
Each colony by birth has been given the characteristics of a gifted knowledge. Each possesses the essence within the Cosmic to create the necessary means by which this essence of their creativity is evolved. By a guardianship of their Spirit Words, so to speak, Souls release the necessary presentations of the many planetary spiritual awakenings.
Through revelations for evolutionary change or those of historical terms that have proven to be enlightenments there is a place for preservation. However the processing that has brought about the continual spiritual power struggle causes destruction and must be considered a hindrance. For the time measurement concedes to a Universal possibility of planetary change to coincide with the awakenings.
The Colonies of Souls have been given the opportunity to present within a Universal Consciousness the promotion of a renewal as to planetary intelligence. The Wisdom of Life Principles and how they are interrelated through a Cosmic Bond.
Variances between the Colonies will be likened to that of the earths separate dimensional experiences. However this does not mean that the harmonic condition cannot prevail.
To believe in the Cosmic Unity of Creation is foremost even as colonies divide for a divine purpose. This remains so for the development of understanding as to the units of various cultures and individual characteristics that are to enhance the pathway. The destination of each fulfilled will light the way for those to follow.
By the colonization of Souls this divisionary measure is able to perfect each system within. The excelling nature although divided will unite as to their Cosmic Orders. To bring about an evolutionary change at times is difficult but one colony will combine with another for an Ultimate Purpose.
From the essence of their Creations Spirits embodied unite to bring about the strengthening of purpose. Not always is success accomplished for not all Spirits excel from their birthrights. However this entails a delay but for a moment in Universal Time. For the nature of Creation is to respond to its origin of Cosmic Order.

                                  TRANSFERENCE OF A SPIRITUAL TRUST

A spiritual evolution through transference of trust must continue to evolve further by the appliance of Cosmic Values.
The spiritual desire of a successor should be one who reaches for dimensional manifestations in Universal Thought as an extension to maintain goals of Cosmic Unity.
There will be no severing of bonds through diversions as each Trinal composition continues to evolve in the fulfillment of individual assignments.
The transference will be placed in the order that allows an expansion of its knowledge to benefit others on their Journeys of Enlightenment.
Wisdom is the recognition to an earthbound commitment of spiritual needs reflective in planetary divisions of reality for universal purpose.
Confined to ones own individual exaltation is a limitation as the light dims in radiance of its Cosmic Energy and allows but a small portion to reveal the knowledge of Universal Truths. Complete in prophecy of a Cosmic Revelation there is no portion left undeveloped.
A discontinued evolutionary process is of undisclosed knowledge intended for enlightenment. Given the necessary Universal Time a continual renewal and elevation of each dimensional discovery in Universal Truths will be revealed.
The enclosure of Spiritual Revelations should not be, for the desires of Cosmic Souls are many.

                                             BRIDGES OF THE SUN

They will be made visible as networks of Universal Crossings illuminated by Golden Rays of the Sun. Highly Evolved Souls by desire will journey these crossroads toward an earthbound destination for the dawning of a New Creation. Believers will not deny their coming for their Spirits will awaken to a Cosmic Enlightenment as an Era of revelation begins to emerge.
The astral planes will be void of wandering Spirits discovering the uncertainty of their existence. They will choose the crossing to other planets to evolve or reenter the Earths atmosphere to evolve with the New Creation. Some as Angelic Beings to dwell among the innocent mortal and creature alike.
The Colonies of Souls will be of variations. Mantled by Immortality these of the Highly Evolved are justified and obligated to remain within a coexisting state of transfiguration. For this measurement of time the Earth will be perceived as an Undivided Spiritual Continent within an Harmonic Order.

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