Genetics by external and internal observation that identify physical entities for human individuality are limited by these studies alone.
There is extensive information that is of Universal Knowledge in characteristics beyond the three dimensional existence.
One partition of a Trinal Alliance that is given through many lifetimes is interrelated with the Mind and Spirit, not visible but relative to the physical structure all the same.
The natural phenomena of the earth's natural elements are within the bodily partition of the alliance, but creation of life is of Cosmic Origin.
Perhaps no other knowledge manifestation for human understanding is more important than an identity with the triad of Mind, Spirit, and Soul. For each is interrelated with one another to perform in full capacity as a Universal Alliance.
A single human lifetime does not complete the exaltation of this Cosmic Union that reaches far beyond into dimensions of the supernatural.
An effort to bring together this unity is an obligation to the Immortal Soul and is perceived to be the only direction that can be taken for the Ultimate Purpose of an earthbound entry.
Genetics reveal the physical development and functioning of the partition that houses the Spirit and must be given proper nourishment throughout each single existence.
This has been spoken of but bears repeating as it is important in relationship to this discussion. The intellect is able to perceive the importance of the Natural Earth Elements as an extension to these Life Principles but there are those who choose to destroy that which shelters, feeds and gives spiritual inspiration by its Universal Creation.
Every moment is an illumination in energies of renewed learning, for each of these measurements of time reveal the continuing process of development through a Cosmic Construction.
Becoming one with this structure protects the abundant natural resources that are relative to all matter including the embodiment of the Spirit.
Intelligence is a phenomenon that can protect the spiritual and genetic structure that consists of a chosen parentage through a Universal Heritage. This then is to be considered when seeking reentry into an earthbound arrangement.
Purpose for human existence goes far beyond conscious concepts and visual observations that often do not include the complexities of the Spirit.
By passing through many lifetimes and to experience the application of the intellectual mind, unfolds spiritual knowledge.
Some are conceived to be too mystical and difficult to define but the Spirit reveals their context through passages of dimensional learning, for these are not restricted to physical genetic entries of single lifetimes.
From other worlds Exalted Spiritual Beings communicate through their receptors of the Planet Earth. These Cosmic Souls ally with entries of the Human Spirit to advance evolution within a Universal Order.

                                                  THE EMBODIED UNIVERSE

The Embodied Universe within the human form is allied with the Spirit to reveal illuminating properties of Creation.
Living partisans are interrelated by an energy powered and motivated by a process of complex unity giving life to human existence.
Within each of its properties abides a Single Soul, and with manifestations of a physical self the spiritual becomes a progressing influence allied with the Cosmic Universe.
An illuminated vision reflects a radiant extension of the Spirit that has an ability to see auras of energies in colors of light as sounds of silence become magnified vibrations within a natural environment.
Each creative property is supplied with healing energies that can nourish and make it whole.
Patterned after a Cosmic Birth in a realization to the likeness from that which the Embodied Universe was formed spiritual progression completes an earthbound Creation.
Within the structure itself a continual flow of energy manifests the needs to be met as each partition is considered for its effect and is not to grow less but give a radiance to the physical earthbound home of the Spirit.
The Embodied Universe is revered as an alliance with the Cosmic Universe and gives completeness of formation for the manifestation to both.
In this alliance a desired structure prevails with the necessary properties formed in unity with elements that continue to reunite as progression evolves into higher elevations.
The Embodied Universe is complete within a Creation of its own and is able to find the healing center for its Cosmic Renewals.
Therefore the conscious mind must be aware of spiritual attitudes that affect functioning and transformation of each physical structure. The Earth's Natural Elements should also be allowed their function for perfecting life as each partition has been given an origin of wholeness and beauty that exalts the Body, Mind, and Spirit.

                                                      QUANTUM THEORIZING

Energy contained within concentrated formations to bring about the theorizing of quantum centralization is now accepted as a reality of its existence. The Universe itself displays this theory and projects energies of its creation for the continuation of planetary life.
Therefore the acceptance of quantum spiritual energy is for the necessary conditions that the Spirit allows entrance. The knowledge of awareness is the enlightenment of energizing fields of the Trinal Union. They by themselves gives validity to this theory. For without the manifestation revealed there would not be the existence of the Polaris Writings.
These writings are of a quantum energy that is absorbed within its own
unity of formations and emits the knowledge presented to be energized by expansion of their processes.
The Trinal Union that displays the quantum theory continues by procedure the necessary centralization for the frameworks within measurements of time. Time zones are also for recognition as containment encourages the processes of evolution by theorizing.
The desire to know contains the energy for futuristic knowledge by revelation. The Present is contained within the activity or event while processing a structure for successful outcomes.
Fulfillment of a lifetime destiny is acquired by degrees, and when the energy during the measurements of time are absorbed they thrust upon the Spirit a complete awareness of that degree of knowledge. Therefore by quantum theorizing structuring for all creativity can be accomplished.
The Spirit discovers by energizing beliefs of reality and carries forth a directed purpose. Individuality is a power of a spiritual illuminating characteristic through application for the sharing with others.
Without the communication of knowledge by creative endeavors or by messages of instruction energies by this quantum theory would soon disappear. This condition is a detriment that diminishes understanding and separates cultures of planetary rule.
Diversity is by degrees of learning and each doctrine or belief must seek its own truth of existence. But each must also discern the evolutionary measure of time as not to deter the Principles of Creation.
Processing energies may be accomplished by arrangement as the Spirit desires. Recognition of necessary procedures allows a steady course of application. If by erratic movement the activity or event is promoted the outcomes becomes a process of confusion. Therefore as spoken is the discernment of specified time measurements.
Beginning the creative endeavor is sometimes a slower process then desire allows but maturity of such energizing efforts is of ultimate purpose.
The many frameworks that exist within the Trinal Union are complex and varied. For every energy that is processed there is a non constructive opposition that often takes president. Concentrated spiritual activity will not allow this structure to survive, for the Spirit as within its mortality is a partition of Immortality and recognizes its chosen Past, Present and Future.


Precision of the Mortal Mind consist of time frames that are numbered according to planetary rule, but the Universal Mind is scheduled to that of Creation. This presents the relativity of time space mentality as to structuring energies.
The mortality in mental pursuits of academic and technical learning adhere to the structure of those who set in order that which applies to the processes of mortal lifetimes.
The centralization of time elements which conduct the planetary precision is a framework by which humankind is enveloped by rhythmic cycles that number specific time rules of chronological order. However universal time consists of Creations measure and allows the expansion of exploration and discovery through its many dimensions.
The Heavens which form a particular observatory for the natural elements also are of humankind to rely upon for a time frame existence. The construction that limits the Mortal Mind to schedules by measures of precision must coincide with outer influences that denies the individual creativity its own time frames and arrangements.
By declaring the precise measures for lifetimes of entry there is but these timeframes to consider for the longevity or predestination of mortality. The Mortal Mind programs itself by necessity to conduct in manner that which is dictated.
Precision by invention originate during archaic systems that become frameworks for phases of existence that present a limiting effect for dimensional learning and time frames that are individually arranged.
When entry is chosen the era for which it has desired to embody the Spirit it is for evolutionary purposes. Existing by limitation of the Spirits natural desire causes an imbalance of circumstances throughout the lifetime.
Without disruption of planetary involvement the individual must seek out a more satisfactory timeframe through arrangements to enter a desirable energy field for creativity.
Observance of precision time brings about a realization when dimensional thought processes are energized and a relevant passing from one phase to another becomes obsolete. There is no measure as to limited numbering, it has the capacity of universal extension yet is measured within timeframes of instant thought reaction.
However the order of planetary rule for time frame existence becomes a criteria for technical knowledge. A positive appliance to this measurement is to be considered and given specified attention.
The Spirit relies on an attainment of its physical housing to be excelled while embodiment prevails. The precision of planetary time frames will present an ability to recognize a measurement for a lifetime.
Therefore individual endeavors whether they be of creative spiritual or mechanized by technology, all must ally for purposes of a harmonic existence. The ability to recognize measurements of variation within phases of time frames, is by comparison of allied energies that present dimensional formations.
Considering these phases as a zoning of energizing, this denotes a change by processing the necessary transition of thought through a time frame. Within these phases the Mortal Mind reaches for a concept that is dimensional of a time other than its existence of precision.
Therefore during an exchange of ideas there is a showing process whenever the transition is passing from one phase to another. From these transitions of thought processing comes a recognition of partitioning as to the Mortal Mind declaring that which the creation of concept becomes known for review by discernment of its context.
The transferring of an idea displays the unique ability for the conscious mind to reflect on the conditions that bring about this process. From one time zone to another the space between is of its own phase to synchronize a direction for understanding.
As a concept travels from one dimensional origin to one of acceptance it needs the time phase allowed to journey that distance. Therefore precision time does not control the measure of these phases.
On presentation time appears to move more slowly then the precision time as measurements are within their own time frames. On other occasions these dimensional periods move within what seems an instant movement when by precision an unusual measurement of space and time have passed.
Recognizing these phases allows an understanding of a relativity as to the concepts of dimensional thought and those of precision that enter the Mortal Mind for a manifestation of Creativity or an event.
By arranging time frames for these transitions the acceptance of this specified theory brings about the synchronizing phases for a consecutive structuring to become possible.
Discovery by dimensional learning and discernment to clarify that which has been made aware is through conclusive evidence that transference from one time frame to another can be accomplished to centralize the energies necessary for these structures.
Comparison as to the motion for which these frames originate is a study within itself to consider the relativity of movement between thought processing and reception.

                                    EVOLUTIONARY PROCESS AND THE MORTAL MIND

The Mortal Mind when by discovery of knowledge unknown begins to enter into dimensions of the Universal Mind. The alliance develops an interaction that reveals unusual insights and promotes a method of evolutionary thinking.
The Universal Mind is consistent within itself as the Mortal Mind develops its learning ability to degrees of evolvement. Ever closing is the dimension between the Mortal and Universal Minds as spiritual revelations become fixed upon knowledge of all phases and time frames.
There is need of these for complete understanding to bring forth that which causes an elevation of purpose. When applying specified centralization the structure within supplies every energy field to enter into the discoveries of that particular framework.
The knowledge of Past, Present and Future are presented as the Mortal Mind structures the possibility of absorbing by recognition a Universal Context. This is the alliance of Mortal and Universal for they evolve the cultures and teachings of eras to come.
A recession into past doctrines specifying religious practices are for that period for which they were developed. The Universal Truths remain to be recognized as such. Rituals are for individual degrees of practice and belief.
Entering into energy structures of Past, Present or Future is allowed by the processing of evolutionary evolvements. The futuristic qualities of individuality are those of visionary purpose to manifest the cultures of humankind. But as each process is considered for individual development all practices cannot be of identical conduct. Therefore the need is for understanding the beliefs of others if not destructive to planetary order.
The Mortal Mind within the conscious state recognizes an urge to guide the Spirit but is not to direct. For this belongs to the Immortality of its alliance. However by realizing the Life Principles of Creation a belief structuring these principles slowly evolves.
The Spirit by entry has chosen its destiny and the manifestation by which it proceeds exalts its position both within embodiment and by partition of its Immortal Soul.
From the mortality of mental pursuits technical motivation is learned through academic training. The Universal Thought is processed through high learning that evolves through the Past, Present and Future.
Each era presents an evolutionary structure for national or planetary rule, but the individual processes continue throughout lifetimes chosen. As the Mortal Mind absorbs the evolution of each era a review of that which has been learned is by specification of knowledge. This knowledge becomes the collective identity that is allied with the spiritual progression.
Development is therefore is an important criteria where the Mind continues to visualize a goal for future attainments. To discover the variations of time frames and manifest the substance from which they originate is a knowledge for humankind to evolve its own progress by Universal Thinking.
Until understanding of the origins of time, space and the evolvement of natural and human life is complete there remains the vast regions to explore of these principles and form the necessary structures to manifest lifetimes of true spiritual evolvement. Mortality possesses the chosen destiny of the Spirit, and through this alliance an Immortality of that which has given it birth awaits its returning.

                                                  THE PATHWAYS CHOSEN

The chosen paths of a lifetime exists as an evolvement of a spiritual destiny. However the underlying course that is set for fulfilling this destiny often becomes the unusual that Spirit desires.
Recognition of the hidden phases that determine the pathway chosen becomes a framework for foundations to evolve the necessary conditions that precedes the final outcome.
Directions and attitudes rely on the spiritual progression, for without the illuminating quality of the Spirit there is less joy. Building upon the frame works of the Polaris Structure continues to inspire futuristic endeavors. It is here that the mainstream of awakenings bring about the centralized processes.
The Polaris Structure remains the alliance of reality and prelude to all of the knowledge that is presented. Directed toward the combining manifestations of evolved spirituality and allied structuring the evolutionary process continues for success.
Desires that stimulate the energies for entry into a planetary existence are excelled by deliberation. As the chosen lifetime progresses and dreams become realities, the clarification of past attainments are recognized.
The Present is represented as a fulfillment toward goals for the Future to rely upon. This Trinal Union of time frames synchronize to guide the pathways chosen. A measurement of time that determines activity presents the frame works of energy fields and reveals that which must be the structure for specified knowledge or events.
Appliance is a foregone conclusion to the success of any creative endeavor. The possibility of succeeding summarizes the various aspects for renewing the energy fields and determines the application by degrees of learning.
Toward the future pathways of a chosen direction there is less labor of mind by an increase of spiritual knowledge. The lifetime will move into a satisfactory phase of attainments no longer requiring the assistance of others and will be surrounded by auras of spiritual and natural environments.
The synchronizing frames of timely reception manifests the desires long sought and achieved. Each phase has been accomplished through the Trinal Alliances of Body, Mortal Mind and Spirit. Universal Mind, Spirit and Immortal Soul. The Trinal Union of Past, Present and Future as the energy frame works of time measurements progress and arrangements are organized by each degree of an evolutionary process.
Therefore the wisdom of seeking a pathway by satisfactory means concludes the journey of Original Intent and displays in likeness that which at often times seems to be a duality of purpose, but it is a combining of efforts that manifests the Spirits chosen lifetime.

                                                             SETTING A COURSE

The necessity of remaining within energy fields for creative endeavors is to set a course for activity within each framework. The process includes the Trinal Union and the Trinal Alliances to project individual efforts for application.
All three of each division processes the energies to bring about the desired results of a unique condition for any futuristic encounter. The main criteria for all that is accomplished is to present a steady course to discover the knowledge of Universal Thought as well as the academic learning.
There is the force of energizing when the course is set and a determination to acquire an outcome of success is the mainstream for occurrence. Therefore when applying the creativity of thought with that of physical prowess a resulting position is one of excelled manifestation.
The primary concern is of neglect not to include all aspects of the energizing centralization followed by arrangements of practical and spiritual needs. Combining efforts for building a strong foundation for the Embodied Spirit and Universal Mind for Immortality is a futuristic presentation to consider.
The environmental regions are an important factor, but the inner processes cannot be substituted. Surrounding the energizing auras of elements are the developments that past familiar concepts have brought together a synchronization to review. But all that has been written of phases that carry the pride of accomplishment a direction of a course must be steadied and allowed to develop.
Every process that evolves creative endeavors to supplement ordinary action has the safeguard of a protective alliance. The many variations of learning have been discerned and a specified path has been chosen. All centralized components must be set within the endeavor as the Trinal Union completes itself when conclusive evidence is apparent.
The Trinal Alliance is the basis for procedure and must be the timeframes that are continued with knowledge of the Polaris Structure. For these are the inner guiding that secures endeavors of environmental trust.
Having the processes in recognition of value to every pathway that is desired, the course of action can be an evolution of illuminating progression. In the manner by which a goal becomes the reality of that desire a revelation has been given. Nothing is to be denied, for all degrees of learning and appliance exalts the Spirit.
Far from ordinary processes a unique quality gives precedence to the Spirit of those who seek this quality. It is not for those who hesitate and falter by interludes of distractions.
Any endeavor is worth achievement when the course is set for a steady evolving awareness, and the lifetime condition becomes complete within a planetary existence as the Spirit continues to recognize and adopt to the pathways chosen.


Sciences of natural phenomena in spiritual evolvements are becoming the new age reasoning. Because of this awareness a situation of familiarity is arising from a centralized mediumship of physics.
This condition is the beginning of a fusing between the natural phenomena and those of a spiritual evolution in a conscious understanding that is interrelated with one another in similar structure.
The source of all creative matter is an analogy of that which was the beginning, and from this centralized creation a dispersement was affected to bring about the likeness of all that exists.
Within a Universal Intelligence the human mind is able to conceive the quality of substance that has become the partitions of each in living matter.
From manifestations of energizing powers in electromagnetic waves of light the planet is being charged with conditions of celestial reckonings.
The dispersion of a radiant illuminating power is now presenting the Earth with healing in an understanding of enlightened knowledge.
They are consistent in likeness of all that has been given birth. For it is a relationship of entirety within human existence and the natural elements that manifest the harmony of dependence one upon the other.
Cosmic Revelations of a superb knowledge that is visual of an order in which a dispersion of energy was distributed in balance, was to create within its pacification and beauty a planet's existence.
Ignored of its ultimate value within Creation by a choice of limited recognition, until recently when individuals desired to pioneer a spiritual reformation in knowledge consistent with a Universal Intelligence.
Combining that which is historically valid from past eras in planetary structure and those of most recent acknowledgements the findings are phenomenal in dimensions of discovery.
In reasoning the centralized creation of energy and the dispersement of its substance into Cosmic Formations, how is it that such apparent creative activity has been so difficult to recognize and understand?
Is it because the obscurity has been bound by ancient superstitions of belief and has not allowed revelations of truth in natural causes of Universal Knowledge to explore their celestial relationships to those inhabiting the Earth?
In ages past Cosmic recognitions were made unaware of basic truths to be buried under the rubble of a religious binding for the enslavement of searching minds.
The New Age of Enlightenment is an understanding that all things are interrelated within the Universe.
If from the medium of creative power the synchronized dispersement of this analogy became each Cosmic Formation within its structure, what denial is there in recognition of similar dimensions in thought?
Consider the theory of Creation in this matter and ponder the presentation as fact. For it is to an advantage of a future planetary movement in the behavior among Tellurian races.
A conduct of spiritual reasoning must take affect through Universal Minds with knowledge of Cosmic Unity.
Releasing of energies in formations for a Universal Structure is the way of things. Not to recognize and acknowledge these beginnings is to dismiss all Life Principles of Creation and destroy the essence of value for the planet's existence.

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