The North Star with a brilliancy greater than the sun's has manifested an energy formation in a collection of knowledge to benefit a New Era.
From Polaris comes a North Star Revelation evolving a complex communication that reveals Spiritual Truths of Cosmic Influences.
Within the Expanding Universe an intelligent guardianship of habitation continues to process thought transferring for extensive learning by releasing knowledge through evolutionary methods.
The inspiration for these writings was developed by spiritual reception to establish the origin of a secular structure for creative exploration and discovery.
This Brilliant Star that guides Illuminating Pathways for the heavens also allows this Cosmic moment in time for inspiration to those who by a chosen reentry represent the coming of a New Age.
Collective Energizing Formations of Life Principles manifested and combined the Polaris Structure: Infinity as Creation, Time Energy as an Age of Enlightenment, and the Universal Mind as the Origin of Intelligence.
This secular manifestation does not bind itself to any former known structure by its processing of a Universal Knowledge.
The transferring of this knowledge must be done in honorable trust, accomplished without confusion, and by agreement of spiritual evaluation.
Each New Era is established by those who choose to manifest revelations of Inspired Progressive Thinking for exploration within a Cosmic Order, but a quest for unity within this order must prevail when there is opposition by theological beliefs that bind the Spirit.
Individual reality of beliefs that have developed from dimensional learning through discernment are valid within degrees and variations of spiritual endeavors, but this secular manifestation is a return to the Original Universal Structure and cannot render less.
The Polaris Intelligence will hold fast to its collective knowledge, and through proper application will complete the ultimate purpose of this North Star Revelation.

                                                         THE WAY OF POLARIS

It is for the Spirit not to be bound, the histories and doctrines of the past are for another process. The structure that has been presented for Cosmic Renewal comes by way of a progressed energizing to renew the planetary existence. Keep from crossing the pathways at this measurement of time. For within the structural consideration an allowance for discovery prevails.
From the absolute focus on past eras the ideas of exploration remain stagnant.  Another process is being structured in preparation of an evolutionary change. This will give a more promising venture for the Human Spirit to rely upon when the awakening occurs.
Thus from the Polaris Entry a more understandable awareness will bring about the ways of Angelic and Mystical beings. That which has been written and recorded as absolute for this measurement of time will be of Spirit memory. These writings will become the ancients of records and give substance to a foundation for learning. However expansion outward and through the upper planes of Cosmic Consciousness the Spirit will rise as a phoenix to awaken within the Rays of Soul Energy.
This then is a summary of the Way of Polaris. It is not to be deterred by the ancient teachings or legends while they unfold within another process. To retain the knowledge and discernment of Spiritual Progression is a criteria of the Polaris Nature. Others may determine their individual pathways, however the Cosmic Spirit will not be bound.


The energy fields that are of creation in the universal environment are of common knowledge. The energies that are formed from individual development are of single manifestations.
To place or be placed within an energizing field of creativity is through spiritual desire. The energy power brings about the conduct and manifestation of the individual.
The center of an energizing force draws the creativity into a concentrated formation.
The desire is within spiritual control which possesses the Illuminating Powers. But the formation is in the embodiment of the senses.
There must be a realization in a conscious thought awareness for presentation as the completion in a course of action.
The Polaris Structure has been formed within an energy formation from a spiritual desire. There has been no binding other than the creativity in which these writings were presented.
Illuminating forces are surrounding the environment of all living things. They must be drawn into manifestations of human existence.
The infinity symbol of the Polaris Structure is written for the Cosmic Energies that posses the Eternal Revelations of Creation.
From these energies the measurement of a time is concentrated into an energy power of its own, to present a knowledge within the boundaries of the earth's atmosphere for recognition.
In Life Principles of Universal Structure for embodiment the Centralization of Energy is partitioned by the Universal Mind for the variance of subjects that interrelate and ally with the intelligence of a Cosmic Union.
From its Brilliant Illuminating Energies and distinguished placement in the heavens, the star Polaris inspires a title of spiritual trust for these collected writings.

                                                              THE ESSENCE

The Polaris Energy is a Creation whose essence is born of a Cosmic Nature that evolves within itself.
This knowledge that consists of a broad spectrum of time measurements is able to draw within the Universal Intelligence of their making.
As to past legends inclined towards duality in explaining the negative forces that persist throughout, they become the very likeness of that which they persist on renewing.
This is then why the Polaris Cosmic Energy chooses to dwell in a high place. Away from the dual nature of those who rely on past histories to awaken their Spirit to the wrongs of human existence.
The energizing affect continues to remain as such. That which was recognized as the truth of beliefs and practice in rituals of worship.
Within a Cosmic Essence Polaris was given birth without the duality of these past histories.
Not that the awareness of these recorded legends have not been studied and discerned, however the choice was to remain within the Universal Cosmic Enlightenment.
By allowing the awakening within these elements the beginning of a creative learning was evolved into a more promising future alignment.
The progressive energies of Polaris continue to centralize and expand by the structure of alliances of Mind and Spirit.
The embodiment continues as a vessel for a lifetime and given to the earth releases the Spirit into the astral planes to continue its journey. What could be more structured to ally with a Cosmic Union.
Through the Polaris Enlightenment comes the Awakening to the Universal Intelligence and spiritual knowledge without duality of purpose.
This then is the process which must be sought and attained. For if the direction is deferred to other pathways a diffusion may occur and weaken the process.
The Cosmic Order of Polaris has been given for enlightenment. It no longer involves the entities of past or present philosophies and doctrines.
By remaining within its own essence without binding it continues with discovery, expansion and evolvement.
The spiritual quality is natured as such as to dwell among the most high.
The wisdom of a Universal Intelligence continues to open the ways of Cosmic Renewal.
From the very beginning this pathway was to give light through the rays of Soul Energy, to enlighten the human experience.
It is not for this measurement of time to stray off course for the Spirit is to be contained within the processing of its creation and to continue its journey.
If measured by its own evolvement within the enlightenment, it advances without cause to deter its Cosmic Entry.
Thus Polaris remains the essence of evolutionary consciousness. To bring about the coming of a new beginning.
To enlighten those who choose to remain within their earthbound Spirits until the planets awakening is within the promise of a visionary world.
It is not for others to always recognize that for a measurement of time their advances before them a more enlightened pathway.
However as desires take hold of a believing human experience they increase the dual nature of past mortal and spiritual conflicts and continue to energize that for which they attempt to overcome.
The Polaris Alliance has created the processing for an enlightenment without these conflicts. It is progressive and of a positive cosmic nature and can only light the way. It has no dark side to persuade otherwise.
It is the essence of good, of a Universal Love and an intelligence of the Spirits mortal alliance with its Cosmic Union.
The way is open it will be the desire and belief to enter with a renewed confidence. Once again that which has been spoken of.
The dual nature of those past histories, legends and doctrines are not, repeat again are not the Polaris Structure and will never be so.
This writings continues to explore the wonders of enlightenment through Universal Knowledge.
The expansive learning process will be of the most positive collection of principles, that from the beginning was its ultimate intention.

                                                      THE NEW CREATION

This then is the beginning of a New Creation. A changing measurement of time for evolution. The transmigration of Souls to the Planet Earth, and ancients of darkness no longer remembered. This then too is the Transcendent Light that brings a Cosmic Awareness to Spirits Embodied. For they will perceive a New Creation forming and awaken to its beginning.
Thus the Prophets of this changing time measurement will foresee the manifestation unfold. And while the time of entering is yet to come the Creation is close at hand. From the prophecies and revelations the process will appear as one of renewed Spiritual Energies.
There no longer will be the binding of wills to the ways of the ancients. The direction will be one on pathways of progressive learning in the Principles of this New Creation. For its is of this Cosmic Renewal that the Planet Earth has long awaited, and now it comes.
It is the Spirit that will discover its Embodiment of Light as Souls among them remain to manifest enlightenment. Their visionary world becomes a reality as will be foretold by the Prophets of this New Creation.


Centralized is the Cosmic Consciousness to reveal knowledge that applies to the futuristic destiny of human existence. There is a necessity for renewal and a strengthening of an awareness within this endeavor. Preparation for further revelations is to be of upper most importance and given priority to energize the central formation.
The Universal Mind creates the manifestation for the Spirit to follow its desire. It no longer is able to choose the many pathways that were previously acknowledged for a learning process. Now is the measurement of time for an expansion and discovery within the Polaris Structure.
The spiritual and mental creativity within this formation is all inclusive. It is only to dwell within, for it is a Cosmic Eternal Measure that does not bind the Spirit by allowing the essence of its nature to explore into Infinity.
The Polaris Energy completes its revelations within its own expanding reliance of enlightenment. The awakenings are the milestones upon which to travel through each dimension.
Presence of likeness to that which is desired remains a critical objective. For the purpose to which entry was a condition was to bring about evolutionary change. Persuasion to other pathways often times causes confusion. The course has been set and needs to be followed without waver.
A Cosmic Order, a Universal Mind and a Spirit Embodied are the components of an evolving alliance to conclude a lifetime. So be It!

                                            .THE COSMIC ENERGIES OF POLARIS

The Radiance of the Northern Star has inspired a Spiritual Evolution being presented by a Telepathic Communication through the writing process. The Intelligence is Cosmic, Centralized and Evolved. The principles are of Infinity, Time Energy and the Universal Mind.
The Polaris Star in alliance with Cosmic Creative Energies has communicated a knowledge that is absent of spiritual duality. This knowledge is from a Centralized Cosmic Consciousness directed to the Universal Mind of an Embodied Spirit by a Telepathic process.
Cosmic Alliances are necessary for Evolving and Expanding the Human Experience. Expressions of mortality are for the purpose of Excelling the Body, Mind and Spirit in a coordinated effort for the awakening of each Individual Spirit, on its continuing journey back to its Immortal Soul.
Inspired by Dimensional Learning, abilities will be developed for discoveries into New Realities of Belief that do not bind the Spirit. The Ultimate Purpose for an earthbound existence will become known.
Throughout these writings discernment remains a prominent condition. It is a criteria for proving a higher valued experience for the quality of Spiritual Learning.
A New Era is forming, not visually or consciously perceived as yet but a Future Reality in the making. Telepathic Communications will continue to be part of this New Reality, to inspire Revelations and for guidance. Spirits of mortality born into a threefold measure of time - past, present and future will experience another dimension of reality. All shall Evolve!
A Visionary World will begin to appear as the Planet Earth Transforms into a New Creation. Who shall pass by in denial of their Cosmic Destinies ?
These are but a few insights into the Polaris Enlightenment. They will continue to tell of Revelations for Future Realities. Ever-present are the Creative Energies for continual presentations through a Cosmic Intelligence.
Before departure. Pause a moment for reflection. Journey through the Spirit into the Universal Mind. Begin to Discover !!

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