The energy of the Polaris Structure shows the characteristic spiritual progress. Guided now by the manifestations of spiritual evolvement the expansion of its more worldly presentation begins to unfold.
Though the process is more of an orthodox nature the substance will be of profound authorization of a new beginning to reality. The formation of those who partake of the venture of evolution will realize its message and interest will expand to others who search for evolvement of a spiritual quest for their earthbound lifetimes.
The Soul Energies that have guarded and guided the direction now taken will remain to bring into fruition their Cosmic Energies. All that prevails by the determination of a forward thrust will be acknowledged by each procedure and discerned by the action of response.
Believing the ideal of spiritual mastery becomes a criteria as the breath of a living truth becomes apparent for all who will listen. The courageous Spirit is forward bound and cannot retreat into a nonexistent condition. If the knowing is realized through many and this knowing becomes reality the energizing of its presence will be felt throughout the spiritual dimensions.
From the beginning the Polaris Structure continues to build a foundation for those seeking a spiritual renewal of reliance that becomes the Spirits embodiment for a purpose that presents the clarity of its earthly mission.
As to the process of presentation it will be known within the measurement of time. For Universal Knowledge will be given to harmonize with the Spirit that now energizes the continual evolvement.
Soul Energy with its highly evolved status will further each concept and release its protective Light Energy, so to speak. By Light Energy the term is related to the intensity of spiritual control as to the reaction of any interference from negating manifestations.
If by presentation of the Polaris Structure there needs to be more simplicity for clarification it will be expressed through a less evolved terminology, but nevertheless with identical recognition to its knowledge. Languages are of such variations that a perception through each Spirit will in specified degrees of recognition be manifested. A summation of a learning process also varies as to evolvement and each by individual revelation will discern by radiance and renewal entering into spiritual revolutionary dimensions of thought.
As to reformation of former beliefs that are detrimental. they must somehow be extricated from the Human Spirit. The absence of evil is good and it must be known that those ancient beliefs will no longer be of existence within the context of manifestations that reveal unity without duality. This knowledge will be more difficult to understanding but there is always the guardian of those Soul Energies who assist throughout lifetimes for awareness.
The process developing for the extension of public knowledge is beginning to manifest. A continuation of such activities determines the futuristic knowledge that will be observed by the many whose search for spiritual evolvement is desired. The presence of a Soul Energy among the collective environment for guidance becomes more apparent and presents the will and attitude of a forthright outlook.
Because of the various pathways of evolution there is needed a procedure of evidence that entails a direction in which to proceed. However the forward thrust remains an option to other means but conditions are favorable as to whatever is purposed. For the measurement of time has given the proper manifestations to a inclination of expansion.
The forerunners of previous teachings have always by direction become the enlightenment of a Soul Energy condition. And although some have not succeeded in accordance with humanities observation there are those Energies that remain throughout Universal Thought and shall be recognized within the spiritual progress of an earthbound existence.
Beginnings of a New Era are manifesting and those who will choose to present the combining pathways through Immortality will bring about a more favorable environment. Some may not choose the Universal Knowledge of Cosmic Entry but those who excel in their spiritual progression will be filled with desire to further the direction of these combining pathways.
However unattainable that these teachings may seem they are of a foundation that lends validity to the Human Spirit. It is of foremost importance that a presentation is exact in judgment of all teachings to allow the righteous freedom of individual revelation and degrees of learning.
As the choice of entry for embodiment the Spirit adheres to its destiny of the Immortality of its being. It can be no less then which has been of Creation, and all within their Cosmic Realms become the ways of Light to form and guide the pathways for Young Spirits to follow.
Absence of evil is good, as spoken of. Therefore the teachings of a Cosmic Union without recognition of negative forces will be a criteria for future reference. There need not be the duality instilled within the human element when acknowledgment of a Cosmic Creation becomes apparent. For the divisions that cause destruction to the Immortality of Souls determines the future of the Planet Earth and it is the embodiment of inhabited Spirits that must recognize all that has been manifested as a causation for a nonexistent harmony.
The balance to be sought is not from the various cultures but from the wholeness of Cosmic Unity. The Principles of Creation have allowed for every living thing residing throughout its dimensions a choice by desires of belief.
Creating individual lifetimes as desired brings about the Immortality desired so each may dwell within places of inspirational thinking. Desire is a main key to open the gateway of spiritual growth and once this is accomplished the direction will unfold to present the manifestation of the Spirits Destined Journey.

                                                 THE POLARIS WRITINGS 97

From the circumstances that the future will manifest a condition is being determined as to the beginning of another lifetime within the present existence. All that is necessary to bring about the evolvement of this entry is being subjected to a discernment. For as been spoken of each degree of learning is a knowledge within that determines the direction to be followed as the Spirits desire is to energize the evolutionary teachings of a basic foundation inclusive of the Polaris Structure.
The Universal Mind consists of the Past, Present and Future according to the measurement of time. Each a presence of active forces that will bring about their own direction and each will present the condition desired for the Spirit to recognize the furthering of that which is intended. As to the variations of culture and beliefs there remains the individual learning and desire.
Soul Energies from past lifetimes continue to display their possession of the Spirits awareness as to the wisdom of choice presentations. These Soul energies who protect and guide will presume the attitude of a Unity of One as conducted by Cosmic inclusion.
The method of renewal is foremost, it alone is the dynamic reformation for the teachings of past doctrines that have been relied upon for the Spirit in its search for Immortality. Now it is for the individual Spirit to create it own Immortality and accordingly exist within the embodied lifetime allied with each Immortality desired.
All is of the Life Principles of Creation that has given the Structure of Cosmic Energies to gather or set aside the essence of their beings to perhaps call upon when circumstances can only depend on their guidance.
The beginning of a New Era now begins to unfold. Those who seek alternative pathways to journey will discover the spiritual knowledge that is in the offing. The Cosmic Soul that dwells within the Realm of Immortality will shed its Radiant Light upon humanities earthbound Spirits. The Spirit has been contained too long and deprived of the knowledge that gives greater understanding to Creation and its Universal Plan. The circumstances which now are developing will bring about the necessary means by which the ultimate journey will be aspired to. There is a forthcoming assistance that will be of entry because of the unique quality of desire. Perhaps by the intention of those who discover that Universal Knowledge is of great value to humanities existence the appearance will be of variation.
A discourse by way of public recognition does not always manifest that which is desired but will further the possibility of presenting the Polaris Writings and give precedence to ideas of Cosmic renewals.
Many eras have displayed a continual spiritual progress that has not been recognized, for by reformation the loss of some doctrine would change the spiritual outcome of perhaps nations.
The Universal Conduct is not one of confinement and must be known to release a binding of orthodox teachings. However the degree of learning and evolvement will be adhered to for those who seek but yet have not entered these dimensions of spirituality of Universal Thought. Perhaps as the measurement of time is conceded to the acknowledgement of various beliefs there will be a unity of existence to bring together the mainstream of conviction as to a Cosmic Union.
There is to be the unfolding of specified conditions to bring about all necessary entries when circumstances present the knowledge that is released for discourse. The method by which this discussion is renewed will automatically be energized because of the spiritual expansion that constantly remains within apparent desire. Foremost each participate allowing for one and the others ideas or beliefs are of importance to all who address these issues.
Upon the arrival of an outward activity there will need to be a condition to guide and protect the Spirit as has been spoken of. However the direction is being developed and every aspect is being considered and discerned so that the energizing at this time measurement is allowed its complete recognition.
Perhaps for futuristic manifestation the method of display will be allowed to flourish but the method of such a progression is often the process by which the solitary value is set aside.
If the Spirit is to be guarded against overwhelming outward activity the wisdom of control is always found within the Polaris Structure. Again and again it can be relied upon for its foundation of knowledge and progress evolvement without endangering the Union of Immortality.

                                                    THE POLARIS WRITINGS 98

The process continues, all that is necessary is being developed. However the measurement of time is being allowed as to the circumstances that are being presented. There needs to be an approval and close observation for presentation.
The Spirit continues to evolve into a position of entry. This entry will be of a most high elevation, for the desire gives an entry consisting of the present guides with knowledge of the past mistakes protecting the subject of renewal as to doctrines that would negate such changes.
The telepathic communication through spiritual means again must be discerned as to its source and essence of knowledge. Experience has shown that revelations of a sort can be a misrepresentation of that which was intended.
Evolving into spiritual consciousness is always a guide for belonging but there is also the message of deliverance by the foundation of knowledge that clarifies the purpose of presentation. The Universal Mind continues to relate to this knowledge as the Spirit evolves into a Universal Position.
The past experiences that have been recorded by process of spiritual acknowledgement will assist in the presence of non alliances. These are to be those who as yet have not begun to consider any change that might occur.
It has long been the observation of religious teachings do not allow freedom of the Spirit. Nor do the Spirits of other dimensional learning desire a freedom from the traditional practices.
Because of a learning process of various degrees it is difficult to travel a journey of other pathways, for fear through measurements of time has not allowed the freedom to considered other ways to follow.
This is why precision of an evolution of all that is being delivered and acted upon must correspond with that which has been laid down for a foundation for progressive learning. The meanings by which the objective is known reflects the final outcome that the Spirit continues as desire.
Intervention by others who assist in the allowance of knowledge by which the Polaris Structure is known may be clarified even to those who find it difficult to integrate each full meaning.
For the energizing factor will be presented through the Cosmic Soul that involves the unifying of the earthbound Spirits even though the variations of their beliefs remain to create their own Immortality.
The Polaris Writings have now begun to manifest the action taken to share with those who do not yet know of their existence. The journey of their processes has taken the proper measurement of time through earthbound and Universal Structures.
Now their is a confidence of knowing that all is not absolute, but learning the various subjects display the wisdom needed to address the issues of reformation and the expansion of knowledge that has been centralized by the Polaris Energy. The members of this energy will carry through each pathway to follow. Of time energies these are of detailed manifestations for earthbound recognition.
Embodiment continues as desired. The dimensions of spiritual environments continue to expand for those who continue to seek their Immortality by conviction. Thus as been spoken of, the symbol of the Polar Guiding Star remains to elevate the Spirit into the physical universe and remains to Light the Way!

                                                   THE POLARIS WRITINGS 99

There remains the process of communication to acquire the Ultimate Goal. However energizing forces continue the promotion by activating the circumstances necessary to apply for contacting the recipients. The summation of the communication will be discerned as a positive influence and accepted as such.
Therefore the remaining conditions have only to be manifested through the efforts of Spiritual Understanding. By passing through existing dimensional knowledge the Spirit will now present a viewing of that which has been evolved through the Polaris Writings. Manifestation will be foremost and consideration of the context presented will become a criteria for a learning process.
Becoming a forerunner of evolutionary thought continues to progress. It has been the process from the beginning to present the learning for a New Era, only to come by those whose courage maintains ideals of spiritual knowledge.
The presentation is of wise council and has flourished because of this. However the Spirit is to be the mainstay of conviction to give to others a confidence for change. At times difficult because of fear that a reprisal will be forthcoming. Not so. The entry at birth is guided by the Immortal Soul and will not relinquish its possession to negative environments.
Because there is little to pretend as to the beliefs for which the spiritual world now consists among planetary beings the presence of an evolutionary thought is consistent with this measurement of time.
Because of the many who seek their own Immortality the pathway will be open to follow. There will be those who will not accept the ideals of a New Era, but the Soul Energy presents the courage to those who choose their destiny for evolutionary renewal and they will prevail.
Ignorance of specified doctrines that instill fear must be turned aside and eventually cease to be. Revision is forthcoming and will lend the positive attitudes that enlightens the Spirit. The process of discernment will begin to rid the spiritual energies from an existence of bondage.
Standing fast with conviction allows the Spirit to express its desires for the betterment of planetary rule. All must be discerned but presentation is allowed to flourish. The Spirit dwells in High Places and will not concede to worldly conditions that are not of evolutionary exaltation.
The beginning now has manifested itself through the media of others. But the essence of knowledge can only be forthcoming through those of extensive centralization of spiritual desires.
For the presence of those who guide and protect the Spirit are in constant watch so that each degree of learning continues to manifest the possibility of a successful outcome.
All that has been spoken of will come to pass and as the future of the earths people gain knowledge for their Spiritual Enlightenment they will know the errors of the past.

                                                THE POLARIS WRITINGS 100

The Cosmic Universe is ever expanding, yet within the earths measurements it remains within many dimensions the same. This being the only observation a Cosmic Consciousness must be attained to realize that among the earths existence are numerous dimensions and varied as to degrees of Creation. The membership of spiritual beings that remain close to those who desire their assistance belong to the arrangement that has been spoken of.
A reformation to bring about the desired arrangement for the Planet Earth is through Cosmic Consciousness. Because of its expansive concepts it accepts that which manifests itself among the people of the Earth.
Therefore a realization that among the many cultures dwells the specified knowledge that Soul Energies are among the various members. Visions of these special beings have been acknowledged from time to time, but not enough have they been recognized for who they really are.
Illusions that are of the Mind do not apply to the concept of spiritual manifested formations. The penetration is not easily done to bring about the respected transfer. They of another dimension present qualities of high minded Universal Thought and desire to remain within this context until a degree of learning and discernment has been allowed. However they remain within their dimensional position until such a measurement of time no longer requires their presence.
Visible to the inner eye of the prophet they are able to be seen and when audible projection is necessary may be heard. But caution as to the manifestation of formation not of the Cosmic Nature must be a certainty when viewing or hearing apparitions.
The possibility of guardianship always possesses the Auras of Light because of the magnetic field into which they must be housed when appearance is necessary. For those in meditation who call upon a vision to appear there is a concentrated mentality that can bring about an illusionary presence.
This is why it is more satisfactory to acquire a Cosmic Consciousness allied with a measured time to synchronized with the nature of a spiritual experience. Not always does the mindful presence call for this type of revelation. Only when the necessity for an awakening or a knowledge is considered to be the only presentation that will bring about instant evolvement. To possess an insight to other dimensional worlds does not necessarily produce every visual dimension that exists.
While Soul Energies involved with the existence of a Spirit embodied they often remain without notice until such a time for conscious recognition. A possible union will cause the Spirit to enter that dimension from where the Energy has made itself known. In these times the Spirit will acknowledge that it has joined an alliance of a membership that dwells in high places and given knowledge to remain within the Cosmic Consciousness.
When this knowledge no longer remains  within the mental capability of a physical existence the degree of learning has not yet advanced to a spiritual maturity. However through many lifetimes there may not be recognition of this extensive knowledge and often times not necessary for evolvement. To some the desire is to know and they are given an opportunity to present such knowledge within a certain lifetime.
The unique quality of relationship among Spiritual Beings and those Spirits yet embodied is of an advanced nature and brings about a reformation of theological beliefs and transition. It is then that who ever recognizes a reality in spiritual renewal is of a New Era and necessary for the Planet and its People.
Through the past ages the prophets realized these times were forthcoming and discovered that various pathways could be followed. They in their wisdom allowed a New Evolution to take form and give understanding to the nature of spiritual reality.
However the essence of Creation itself has remained with the Eternal Life. It has not changed except for the expansion within. Now is a measurement of time, an Era if named such to awaken these Principles of an Eternal Life within the concepts of a Cosmic Unity.

                                                     THE POLARIS WRITINGS 101

Whenever the Spirit is manifested as to the environment and purpose it will be energized for such a journey. The practicality for its venture becomes a renewal. The Body continues its reliance within the Trinal Structure for the activity necessary. It sustains its healing energies and gives greater substance to courage, for there is no greater Universal Power that relates more readily to this alliance. There is an immediate appliance to the will for discerning the processing for a renewal and stabilization.
The Time Measure will continue to Synchronize with each region necessary for strengthening the unit as a whole. As progression continues alliance when energizing forces of the Spirit takes position to ally with Universal Mental Alliances and the Soul Energies. Orally these will fall into place as an expression for presentation is clarified. However if the communication becomes too enclosed there is not the energy to expand the Universal Thought Process. This then should be the criteria for a satisfactory reception.
As assembled there needs to be an introduction of an inclusive membership as to the common Golden Thread that runs through the individual Souls from one to the another. It has the energy that allows the telepathic process, so to speak, a pathway to travel entwining itself and surrounding the Spirits of each embodiment.
Place the assembly within a Universal Setting and allow the energy to flow through as a gentle breeze. Do not negate by a centralization of thought, present an opportunity for sharing a theology of less binding. The choice remains as individual comprehension according to the experience where spiritual necessity has been applied.
A gathering together yet one on one will be the offering for a mental and spiritual enlightenment. As the measure of time is limited there needs to be a direction taken to verify certain ideas that are within the Polaris Structure and also those that interact with the assembly. It is always a Universal Trust for reliance to manifest that which should be heard among those who have gathered.
Placed among the Spirits of the Planet Earth to inhabit for a specified lifetime all have been given the opportunity to enhance the existence of one another and to evolve their own human experience. A Era has come to this space and time for those who are willing to open a wider spiritual door and walk through for discovery and expansion.
Those of a spiritual possession that belong to the high minded Universal Knowledge must relate to the many who seek a reality for beliefs that energize inner sanctums of their Soul Energies. This realization brings to power the Light that exists throughout the Universe as its Rays are absorbed into the humanities of the Planet.
There is a Cosmic Unification that blankets all, and all are covered for protection as the desire allows. To bring about the Unity under this invisible shield it must be realized to exist.
As individual desire at times separates the existence of that which is meant to be a specified knowledge is given to allow the Spirit to Evolve by its own measure. But as the lifetime only allows this measure a limited space and not as within Immortality wise council should be taken.
It is not of this world that others are to be destined for destruction and if this pathway be taken alternative to the Universal Process are of a decisive measure. For although there is the entrance for renewal there is also the law of righteousness for those whose Spirits have departed by an others wrongful deed.
So as to direct the process of Universal Law at times the quiet must be confronted as to the ultimate conclusion for their individual lifetimes. As not to judge but to set right that which has been given to flourish within the guidance and protection of all those whose spiritual knowledge has discerned that which is of necessity within this measurement of time.
To yet discover the Principles that guide the absence of wrongdoing within humanities lifetimes that conducts an awakening throughout the people of this Earth. The measurement of time has not yet come.
Until the Eternal life is complete all who dwell within the never ending turmoil will plague the Planet. Therefore the reactionary process for each wrong doing must be conducted for the goodness to overcome the expansion of destruction.
How is justice served to allow the destroyer of life to complete a lifetime while those who chose extension were denied the choice and Spirits are left to suffer grievance of loved ones lost.

                                                 THE POLARIS WRITINGS 102

The promises for future manifestations are forthcoming. This then has become that measurement of time when the Spirit as desired will return to the place from which it entered to become a driving force for spiritual renewal. The process is now beginning to create the energies that will become a centralization for gathering those who are discovering alternatives to past doctrines.
As the Spirit involves the energizing Soul Energies to conduct a venture of evolutionary causes a receptive knowledge for presentation will become apparent. This then has a manifestation of energizing a synchronization for telepathic communication.
The Writings of Polaris are visually seen through the concepts of its creativity. And the message of deliverance becomes a living source for renewal. However as the writings evolve for expansion the Spirit must be guiding by the Soul Energy, for the Universal Mind and Spirit are of a delicate nature and must not be allowed to fragment from the activity that is forthcoming.
Perhaps a centered creative energy as of the Soul must create the possibility of a directive element to rely upon. For the presence of Soul Energy becomes the pathway for many and the reception of Spiritual Unity allows such receptivity. But the centralization may become scattered if not recognized. The Spirit is the mainstay for its human embodiment for it is the factor that ally with others.
The Universal Alliances are specified for another measurement of time as the higher spiritual elements evolve into those dimensions. Polaris has shown that from the beginning discernment is needed for each degree that is learned and acted upon. Therefore a courage by cautious spiritual approach must be recognized as the Spirit moves forward to receive recognition.
Becoming known to the more open segment of humanities habits is a phase that is of necessity but the Spirit is to remain within the centralization of its Ultimate Purpose. The Spirit is aware of this purpose for at times the human consciousness is not with a Cosmic View and gives a limited projection to specified occurrences.
Terminology will at times be difficult when presentation becomes the expression. However each message will unfold as spoken and authenticity of its direction will be observed.
If by a single candle lit and the rays of its glow become the beginning of renewals the Spirit has accomplished a service related to the ideals of spiritual evolvement which are left to be pondered over and allowed discovery. Because of limitations and ever changing conditions a steadfast course must be observed, for action and interaction are the elements that may confuse the outcome.
Belief is utmost, for when entering other dimensions of knowledge a direction must be evolvement to allow the presence of those Soul Energies to be expressed through their light formations. It is of a truth that they become a realization and of their destiny they evolve through the Immortal Soul of each individual embodiment.
Chosen as a Spiritual Ally these Soul Energies conduct affairs of the Human Spirit allowing a centralization of attainment. The reign of these spiritual beings created in likeness to the Cosmic Formation are those recognized for Spirit qualities that continue to influence the human embodiment for their Immoralities.
The Creation of this Principle will always exist, for the necessary means by which the Spirit abides is through the Essence of the Soul. All this has been spoken of throughout the time elevation of the Polaris Writings. They remain a foundation for the future yet to come as expansion is desired.
Discovery of Spiritual Knowledge continues and will throughout this lifetime even to its ending. Perhaps another dimension for existence will present itself for entering upon the visions of Immortality and given a glimpse will assist in designating a direction desired



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