Q - What is meant by “ automatic writing “ ?

A - Accomplished without conscious intention. However the Polaris method is by a transmission processed through an entrance into a universal time measurement.

Q - Are energy formations the creation of individual centralization ?

A - Not always. The Polaris trinal symbol is a combined universal structure.

Q - Why are the Polaris Writings a north star revelation ?

A - The star is of a trinal alliance that manifests a gateway for a universal transmission.

Q - Are energy symbols manifested to create spiritual alliances ?

A - Visual structures appear to set in motion the centralized energies for creative endeavors for the Spirit.

Q - Why is the Polaris language so complex ?

A - The combining energies throughout the writings are within universal formations of a dimensional processing.

Q - For what purpose is the Pole of Zenith ?

A - This universal beam of light energy is directed individually for a Cosmic connection.

Q - Why are the processes of Cosmic Communication important ?

A - Physical sensory preceptors are of limitation. An  extended transmission and reception for a progressive evolvement.

Q - Can telepathic communication be accomplished without misdirection or dispersement ?

A - Centralized synchronization of a thought is energized into one unit and transmitted through a direct formation.

Q - How are thoughts synchronized by individuals, one with the other ?

A - By first becoming aware of an unlimited time and space through a Cosmic Union. Dimensional thought processes will develop.

Q - What characterizes a spiritual trust ?

A - Undivided goals in evolutionary ideas for the progression of spiritual evolvements. These endeavors are constructed within the principles of a Cosmic Creation.

Q - How is it possible to become all that is written ?

A - All is too extensive a term. The process is through dimensional learning within a measurement of time. Each measurement will continue to evolve within the Trinal Alliance while still aware of Cosmic Beginnings.

Q - What is meant by Creation ?

A - Creation is one expanding, evolving, Cosmic Order of all Life Principles.

Q - Why did Immortal Souls choose an evolutionary transmigration ?

A - Souls chose a form of migration through fragmentations of earthbound Spirits for planetary evolvement.

Q - Does the Immortal Soul ever transcend with the Spirit ?

A - The individual Soul remains within its Cosmic environment.

Q - Are universal time measurements regulated by chronological systems ?

A - Time universally is determined by its Cosmic Origin within space.

Q - How is it that the human physical body is considered Universal ?

A - Its structure in part is of the Earths elements and houses the Spirit, an affinity to the Soul.

Q - Why is the Planet Earth a habitation for human existence?

A - Within a Cosmic Order it was determined that guardians of high intelligence should occupy the planet.

Q - As a Universal Plan for humanity, why then is there destruction?

A - Without universal wisdom ignorance disrupts the original intent and causes digression.

Q - Why is pacification considered to be the answer for environmental balance?

A - Each life form has a natural evolutionary process that is interrelated. By disturbing the process of one it can destroy the other.

Q - As a trinal structure of Body, Mind, and Spirit must these partitions always be of one unit?

A - This must be in order to maintain the complete function of each. As a separation is considered to be detrimental.

Q - Are both genetic and universal characteristics relative?

A - The Universal Mind, Spirit, and Soul are Cosmic affinities to the genetic trinal structure.

Q - What is the value of a dispersion?

A - When Cosmic centralized energies are dispersed in an expansive delegated equalization it allows a universal consciousness to evolve.

Q - What is meant by the term universal parentage?

A - The origin of entry is from a cosmic parentage or Soul. The human lifetimes and parentage vary.

Q - Is re-entry chosen by the knowledge of previous lifetimes?

A - Not always. The individual Soul by guidance will direct the Spirit for longevity and attainment.

Q - Why is the diversity of heritage so misunderstood?

A - By not realizing the original cosmic heritage. Passing on wrongdoings or religious doctrine.

Q - Why are tolerance and understanding considered to be a contradiction?

A - Tolerance denotes long suffering, the bearing of unnecessary burdens. Understanding requires wisdom that evolves into a universal consciousness.

Q - Does courage always characterize the absence of fear?

A - Not necessarily. However courage resolves a moral conviction that leads to action. Religious duality that causes fear is a non-alliance to the Soul.

Q - How is morality determined?

A - By reason. Ethical behavior can be judged by reaction or outcome. It is more reasonable to be moral.

Q - Why is wisdom, morality, and love considered to be a triad of alliance?

A- Wisdom is founded in knowledge allied to moral judgments, the outcome is Universal Love.

Q - Are miracles considered as designated rarities?

A - Not as the essence within the natural phenomena of Creation.

Q - If Immortality is not desired, why remain within mortality?

A - To understand the evolving principle of a lifetime is to recognize the value of longevity.

Q - Are the Polaris Writings of a singular personal revelation?

A - These writings are conceived by a knowledge that is Universal. They are of no entity identification.

Q - Do the Polaris Writings create their own energy formations?

A - As they consist of a Cosmic representation the energies are centralized and released through the Universal Mind.

Q - Are the Polaris Writings the only energy formation created by this method of centralization?

A - There are many formations. However the Polaris Structure is a foundation to revolutionize spiritual progression.

Q - Is this knowledge of a Universal Intelligence for everyone?

A - Universal Intelligence is interrelated into every living thing and consists of endless Cosmic Energies.

Q - Are there other systems of energizing alliances?

A - The Polaris Structure is just one of many. Each is unique within its own system.

Q - How does energizing differ in substance and degree?

A - Energizing is acquired by the Spirit’s enlightenment. Each differ by centralization and expression, singly or collectively.

Q - What is meant by thrust?

A - A forceful energizing movement causes a spiritual awakening into another dimension.

Q - Is the communication through a spiritual alliance considered a thrust?

A - It is important to discern the communication desired. Evolvement continues within the alliance.

Q - Are there ever changes in the order of a Cosmic Creation?

A - Within specified times there are beginnings and endings. Within another Creation an extension of time and space is manifested.

Q - Is there is an existence beyond Eternity?

A - Cosmic Creations by their essence are capable of creating and sustaining yet another existence.

Q - What are Immortal Souls?

A - They are perceived as Cosmic Creations Life Principles to Spirits.

Q - Do Souls have an alternating existence?

A - Souls are created as individual Cosmic Units. They are the life forces of a constant energizing principle.

Q - Where is the eternal existence of individual Souls?

A - Within a Cosmic Order. Each processing their own existence.

Q - When and how does the individual Soul evolve?

A - The Immortal Soul is a partition of the Universal Creation and does not transform from that position.

Q - Was the Trinal Alliance of  Body, Mind, and Spirit the Immortal Souls original intent?

A - This alliance developed for planetary evolvement.

Q - Did Spirits exist from the beginning of a universal system?

A - Not from the very beginning. They are created partitions of individual Souls.

Q - Did Spirits exist before the Planet Earth?

A - The Planet Earth was created long before the embodied Spirit. Its human habitation was determined for planetary guardianship.

Q - Is it possible for an Spirit to embody without the alliance of a Soul?

A - It is possible. However, without the alliance of Cosmic Origin in time will vanish.

Q - Are Spirits without a Soul alliance characterized as demons?

A - Not necessarily. However absent of a Cosmic alliance the Spirit is unable to evolve.

Q - Are their Spirits of enlightenment that never evolve

A - These are the lost Spirits of the astral planes. They wander a spirit world without knowledge.

Q - Is there ever an exact repetition of an embodied Spirit?

A - There are previous fragmentations from other lifetimes. However evolvements cause variations.

Q - What happen to the Spirit when it departs from mortality?

A - The Spirit may wander through astral dimensions for a measurement of time until transformation is desired.

Q - Does the Spirit ever separate from its embodiment during a lifetime?
A - On occasion there is a need for separation. An instant protective guardianship is thrust upon Body and Spirit.

Q - Does the Spirit evolve with each entry into physical form?

A - Not always. A birth may be unfortunate or misdirected.

Q - Do Spirits chose to unite within certain lifetimes?

A - Re-entries are often determined by previous lifetimes.

Q - Can the identity of other lifetimes become known in a present lifetime?

A - Possible. However knowledge of regressions are not considered for these writings.

Q - Why does the Spirit continue to re-enter an embodiment?

A - For further evolvements. To complete an ultimate purpose of spiritual exaltation.

Q - Do all Spirits eventually reach the same degree of evolvement?

A -Expectations and desires vary. However all attain a Cosmic reunion, responsive to the Soul’s alliance.

Q - Can the Spirit chose to re-enter without embodiment?

A - Without physical bonds the transformation inclines to diminish through another existence.

Q - What happens when the Spirit begins to evolve within its earthbound existence.

A - There is a conscious entering into another dimension. A renewal of mental and spiritual values begin to form.

Q - Are spiritual and creative endeavors of a predestination?

A - Often determined by previous lifetimes the Spirit is drawn by unusual circumstances.

Q - Can a Spirit of embodiment transform into light energy?

A - During transformation it is important that Trinal Union is maintained and requires Cosmic protection. This transference is a revelation of a high degree.

Q - Are spiritual thoughts revelations?

A - A dimensional learning must be acquired through a Universal Intelligence. However revelations are usually determined by a synchronized phase in time.

Q - How is channeling to be considered?

A - This type of communication is not of the Polaris Structure. Entities will convert to personality changes and often times knowledge is limited. Channeling is a process of awareness into other dimensions.

Q - What determines a course of action from spiritual knowledge and experience?

A - Action is determined by a discernment and evaluation of knowledge and experience. Required is a specified time for evolvement.

Q - Why are the different genders chosen for a specific lifetime?

A - Experience of past lives at allows the choice to complete a cycle. Each should remain consistent with the
Spirit’s intent. Spiritual attainment is sometimes more prominent within the masculine positions. Within other lifetimes by feminine evolvements.

Q - Does the expression prophet designate a gender?

A - This term is applied to the Spirit. It has no gender.

Q - Is the Planet Earth changing?

A - The Planet Earth is always in change. The more its Cosmic Origins are revealed the more transitions will begin to manifest.

Q - Will the planet evolve into a Cosmic transformation?

A - The manifestation will be of Creation’s Cosmic Principles.

Q - What are realities for spiritual beliefs?

A - They are validations by discernment to reveal the principles within a Cosmic Union without duality or division.

Q - Why is certainty in religious doctrine considered to be detriment to the Spirit?

A - Because there is no individual spiritual freedom or responsibility for evolvement.

Q - Why are orthodox doctrines considered binding to the Spirit?

A - They limit the power of a Cosmic Creation. Often the Spirit is misguided by demigods.

Q - Why is the natural environment under the heavens preferred for association?

A - These are Cosmic Alliances, not to be worshipped but to inspire a reuniting in universal understanding.

Q - What is the necessity for atonement?

A - This is a misguided concept that persecutes the Spirit by unnecessary burdens.

Q - Are practices of innovation always considered illusionary?

A - This practice becomes a digression from reality and often dangerous to Body, Mind, And Spirit.

Q - Is mysticism a practice of illusion?

A - If induced by rituals of trance meditation, occult prophecy, and possession.

Q - Why is spiritual duality a nonexistent entity?

A - Because duality is not of a Cosmic Origin.

Q - Why isn’t astral projection a spiritual evolvement?

A - By intentionally causing a separation of Body from Mind and Spirit vital life energies become depleted, often destroyed.

Q - What is the Astral Body and its function?

A - As a protective unit for the physical body, it will separate to contain its essence when necessary. On occasion it journeys with the Spirit.

Q - Why are stars revelations?

A - They are units of  a Cosmic time that reveal Universal Knowledge to tell of Creation.

Q - Is esoteric knowledge more advanced than the conventional?

A - In concept. For they reach beyond common theories and beliefs to explore the unknown.

Q - When in a state of consciousness is the Spirit expressing its presence?

A - The Spirit is always in alliance manifesting thoughts into dimensional regions of the Mind.

Q - How does the Spirit free itself from previous learned doctrines?

A - Subjugated by former beliefs a release is at times difficult. Revelations for instant enlightenment limits confusion. However by desire and dimensional learning, in time the Spirit will free itself.

Q - Are materialistic goals and spiritual goals always in conflict?

A - Not necessarily. As each excels to interrelate with a Universal Awareness the Trinal Alliance of Body, Mind, and Spirit is maintained.

Q - Are the Mortal Mind and Universal Mind of separate identities?

A - On entry their position differs. However they both contribute to the dimensional learning process.

Q - Why are timeframes important?

A - Because it is within their specified measurements that energies are most centralized and affective.

Q - Are timeframes always a measurement of precision?

A - For mortality chronological measurements are structured within frameworks. Within the Immortal Soul time is everlasting.

Q - Does the Mortal and Universal mind remain separate?

A - In part. However when the Mortal Mind enters into dimensional realms of the Universal Mind it begins to excel.

Q - Are revelations a process of dimensional learning?

A - Not always. Revelations are manifested through regional zone of a unique time measurement. Instant enlightenment or visionary.

Q - How is spiritual evolvement attained?

A - First by desire. Then by a chosen priority.

Q - Does the earthbound Spirit create its Immortality?

A - By an excelling awareness the Spirit rises towards its Immortal beginning. The manifestation of that which it has attained continues.

Q - Are spiritual beings of universal values known to one another?

A - Within various dimensions there is instant recognition. Through a common earthbound connection they must centralize to manifest a cultural response.

Q - Do energies that are centralized and absorbed remains within a specified framework?

A- Most centralized energies are released within the intended timeframe.

Q - Does spiritual exploration extend the dimensional learning process?

A - If exploration is a quest for Universal Truths.

Q - Is Eternity a time measurement?

A - Eternity is ever present within the dimensions of time and space within a Cosmic Order.

Q - Can energies be created?

A - By centralization, movement, and force. Example: Vortexes.

Q - What determines an ultimate purpose?

A - Reaching a main objective within each timeframe. Momentarily or through a lifetime?

Q - Does spiritual exploration always journey beyond dimensions of mortality?

A - Not necessarily. The Spirit is allied with its physical self that remains relative to sensory reception.

Q - How is it possible to realize that Eternity does exist?

A - The acknowledgement of a Comic Time is through a process of dimensional learning.

Q - What determines the Creation of energy fields for the Spirit’s entrance?

A - Requirements are of desire and intentions to centralize a favorable environment before the Spirit enters.

Q - What is the ultimate purpose of a lifetime within mortality?

A - Triumph over obstacles to reach spiritual attainment. Spirit evolvement for a planetary transition. Exaltation into Immortality.

Q - What is the essence of Creation?

A - Centralized Cosmic Energies ruled by the principles of a Universal Order. Cosmic Beings, a natural planetary environment, time and space. The origin within all that exists.

Q - For what purpose are time measurements to be considered?

A - Timeframes are measurements of a natural Cosmic Order or by conscious selection. Each fulfills their purpose for a desired manifestation.

Q - What is the purpose in centralizing energies?

A - It is through these centralizations the Spirit enters as passages to discovery and transitions.

Q - Does the Spirit always recognize the dimension in which it enters?

A - Awareness of entry is processed through discernment.

Q - Do time energies denote specified phases of activity?

A - Time energies remain stabilized within each phase or progression.

Q - Are phases within timeframes always limited to a designated measure from the beginning?

A - Time phases can create energy formations while yet in the process of evolving.

Q - Why is the Trinal Structure a basis for third dimensional human existence?

A - The alliance within mortality of Body, Mind, And Spirit is a foundation for an extended structure of the Universal Mind, Spirit, and Immortal Soul.

Q - How does discernment apply to principles in spiritual practices and beliefs?

A - By accepting the principle of an Immortal Birth of Creation the Spirit detects a pathway to follow.

Q - Are created endeavors manifested for spiritual transitions?

A - Not always. However those of a spiritual nature are more lasting.

Q - Does the Trinal Union of Past, Present, and Future combine within one timeframe?

A - All three exist within the framework of mortality simultaneously and are essential to dimensional awareness.

Q - Is time travel within other dimensions a possibility?

A - Yes, centralized spaces of energy or dimensions are consistent with a synchronized exploration.

Q - Are time zones regions of various manifestations for specified entries?

A - Time zones are many and structured within measurements through the ages, or by conditions of each framework.

Q - Does the Spirit chose its own time and space?

A - While yet embodied the Spirit will at times choose to transcend into a visionary future.

Q - How does the theory of quantum spiritual energy apply to time measurements?

A - Energies of a quantum magnitude brings about a manifestation of an excelled time measurement. Example: Revelation.

Q - Why are  time measurements of such a complex nature?

A - Complexity is caused by the realization of various individual purposes for attainment.

Q - How does the Spirit set the favorable course to follow?

A - The Principles of Creation have set the course. The guiding foundation is within the Polaris Structure.

Q - Why the need for spiritual reformation?

A - From the Cosmic beginning a spiritual digression has caused division and conflict.

Q - What would be different from times of the past?

A - A Universal Awareness would replace orthodox doctrines. Knowledge of a Cosmic Creation.

Q - Why hasn’t the knowledge of a Cosmic beginning been accepted?

A - Prophets for enlightenment were often persecuted, their teachings misdirected.

Q - Should governments rule a spiritual power?

A - Not as a theocracy for indoctrination. The ideal nation is individual spiritual freedom.

Q - How are the alliance of nations to be established in a New Era?

A - While respecting the diversity of cultures and geographical boundaries, a Cosmic unity would be maintained.

Q - How are theological changes for unity to be accomplished?

A - Through a Universal Intelligence of a dimensional learning process.

Q - How is the development of a conscious realization determined?

A - By discerning the origin of each manifestation mental or spiritual.

Q - Why are energies considered a magnetic force for spiritual inspiration?

A - Energies are of a natural phenomenon consisting of electrifying particles. They create a centralization that attracts spiritual alliances.

Q - What determines the reality of theory?

A - By analytical processing and discernment. When manifested it must prove to be valid in reception and response.

Q - What is the importance for dimensional learning?

A - This type of learning is expansive, beyond the ordinary, exploratory, creative and inspiring capable of validating spiritual beliefs.

Q - Why are trite changes when conversing considered to be indolent thinking?

A - Often they become a habit. A waste of mental energy and stagnation of the mind.

Q - Is it possible to direct the Spirit?

A - The importance is awareness through discernment to exercise positive control.

Q - What inspires an extension for learning?

A - The love of knowledge. A desire for free spiritual expression.

Q - What is meant by genius?

A - It denotes completion of a manifestation at birth, and appears to possess an entity of its own.

Q - How are various spiritual concepts compared?

A - By evaluation and belief. Are they spiritually enlightening or digressive and binding.

Q - Why is the state of solitude ideal for individual insights?

A - Aloneness allows the reception of creative and spiritual processing without interference.

Q - What is the importance of consciously practices spiritual concepts?

A - Rituals and certain types of meditation are often illusionary. However prophecy and revelation are visionary and of specified timeframes.

Q - Is action always the response to spiritual involvements or experiences?

A - Not always. Awakenings are for enlightenment within the Mind and Spirit.

Q - Doesn’t the study of various theories cause confusion?

A - At times. However the importance is to have a choice of spiritual alliances.

Q - Why does spirituality have to be reasoned?

A - There is a thin line between illusion and a reality for belief. Well thought out concepts are the basis for a foundation.

Q - What is the difference between the terms Trinal and Triad?

A - Trinal is usually a reference to planetary alliances. Triad is Universal or Cosmic.

Q - What is meant by contrasting human experiences?

A - The Trinal alliance of Body, Mind, and Spirit compares and determines the direction of a Mortal destiny.

Q - Where does the Spirit go when it leaves mortality?

A - Passages of transition are many. Essential is consultation with the Soul.

Q - How are conflicts Spirit beneficial?

A - Often through evolutionary change for liberation or attempting to determine misdirection.

Q - How does the Spirit discovers ways for evolving?

A - Through dimensional learning. The essential ability to discern the deceptions of illusion.

Q - What is meant by spiritual review?

A - The collective experiences are recalled to determine transitions.

Q - Can the Spirit be reincarnated?

A - Fragmentations are an exactness, not likely.

Q - How does the Spirit detect false states of illusion?

A - By constant discernment. Questioning the manifestations of responses and experiences.

Q - What is meant by partition of the Spirit?

A - At time entities are allowed entrance. However the evolvement into an excelled single alliance denotes a Cosmic Origin.

Q - Are Spirit energies continually centralized and renewed?

A - The timeframe for alliances and evolvements are the consideration.

Q - Are visions true manifestations or illusions?

A - Both, depending on the origin. By revelation they are consistent with the natural phenomena of Cosmic energizing.

Q - What is the difference between prophecy and revelation?

A - Prophecy is the foretelling by vision or insight into the future. Revelation is by a sudden awakening for enlightenment, also a catalyst in the prediction of events.

Q - What is meant by divination?

A - Inner visions that are manifested or made visible.

Q - How is sublimation consistent with spirituality?

A - The process is to direct the mind to a higher state of consciousness, or to transfer the Spirit to an enlightenment.

Q - Can a legacy be in the nature of a Spirit transition?

A - Preferred is an arrangement before transition. By a precondition, confusion and illusion can be eliminated.

Q - How does the Spirit determine lifetime desires?

A - Destinies are usually determined before entry, at times consciously realized early in life. However misguidance or limitations may occur.

Q - Is a spiritual evolutionary process a form of evolvement?

A - Often changes for progression are necessary. Possible, but rare are entries of complete enlightenment.

Q - What is an Oracle to the Spirit?

A - A guardian of Cosmic Knowledge. An advisor of the highest order.

Q - What is the difference between transformation and transfiguration?

A - Transformation is not always visible. Transfiguration is an outer appearance of the radiance within.

Q - What is beyond the lifetimes of mortality?

A - Union within the individual Soul. Cosmic realms vary.

Q - What is meant by Cosmic Quest?

A - A Universal search for alliances between Soul Energies and Mortals.

Q - What is considered the reverence for life?

A - The knowledge of origins, Cosmic and planetary, human and environmental. All interrelated and dependant one on the other.

Q - Is mortality a constant challenge to the Spirit?

A - Within specified timeframes. However these periods are also times for enlightenment.

Q - What confirms the purpose for the human experience?

A - Understanding the principles of Cosmic Origins. Evolutionary processes relative to timeframes. The creation of Immortality.





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