The Eternal Processing continues as mortality ceases. There is the extension of the Spirit to that of the Immortal Soul.
There has always existed the Cosmic Order of Life Principles to instill within each partition that which enhances both mortal and visionary aspects to materialize each existence.
Without the dimensional planes of earthbound life there would be nothing but a lower element to depend upon.
The extension then is to process the life giving energies and allow them recognition within mortality.
This can be accomplished by first negating all possible restraint of thought formations within the Universal Mind.
From knowledge conceived the aspects of Illuminating the Spirit gives it a chance to enter into the Cosmic Arrangement while yet embodied. Realization of its Futuristic Journey will become apparent.
The Trinal Alliance will be Elevated and Explored into the Universal Realm of Eternity.
Recognition of this knowledge by application of thought formation will become the reality of a lifetime existence.
Therefore a continuation to evolve into these positions of exaltation is essential to futuristic endeavors.
Desire of intent to become that which enhances the Spirit's awareness has entered into mortality. These present a possibility that an invisible world may become visible to the existing earthly experience.
However without knowledge and discernment this visibility may endanger the Trinal Alliance by illusionary fragmentations.
As the Eternal Realm becomes apparent each phase of its existence can be explored within the Universal Intelligence.
Discovery and Enlightenment within this realm will continue to expand the knowledge of a Cosmic Order as related to the mortality of life allowing it to illuminate each phase of its existence.
Therefore begin the exploration that has been given the topic considered. It allows the formation of knowledge that possess a connective energy for control of a Higher Awareness in Elevating Thought Formations.

                                                THE ULTIMATE PURPOSE

When bypassing conditions prevail according to the transitions of lifetimes the main purpose is to concentrate on particular measurements of time.
Existing within these measurements is the centralization of the energizing forces that have been manifested.
They alone are the focal point of existence when the framework of energy fields are formed. They present the knowledge given to display a learning process.
The ultimate purpose is to be aware of this condition. The finality of a lifetime when accumulation has been addressed will present the evolvements of the Spirit's possessions and acclaims.
Therefore when these measurements are the concentration of progression at these times the ultimate purpose is contained within.
If negated, a void of reflection occurs and the synchronization is reviewed as a separation of linking the consecutive partitions.
When presented within a energy field the conclusion then is to remain within this thought frame until all has been noted. The recognition of each thought concludes within the ultimate purpose of its existence.
Futuristic purposes become more apparent and lead into pathways of evolution for Spiritual Knowledge.
The joy that speaks to the Spirit is by degrees of attainment, and each degree Illuminates the Immortal Soul of the entities existing triumphs.
Centralization is an important attribute to any of these phases. The accomplishment always is favorable as to the manifestation of each.
Therefore the ultimate purposes are within each phase and gives the whole of their existence the entrance of transition, to promote the exaltation of the Immortal Position.
This then must be the criteria for remaining within the structures of energy. Goals of achievement are the way to bring about each progression.
If the energies for these progressions are diminished or detained the ultimate decision becomes a review of that which is necessary to renew the field of energy.
One is linked with the other and carries forth in likeness their ultimate purpose.
If the entity forms an alliance with another, the ultimate purpose is one of combined energies and requires other observations to acclaim the knowledge as a reality of Spiritual Recognition.
Each presentation is destined to become that partition of the existing whole. And each has its centralization within.

                                                    CREATIONS OF IMMORTALITY

Immortality is by choice, such is the way to Eternity. By a progressive evolvement and a consideration of spiritual accomplishments a beginning into the state of an Immortal being is ultimate.
However if a neglect to realize the direction of a guardianship from the Soul an incomplete spiritual journey will arise, and the Spirit must be redirected and begin again.
Time frames misused are also an unsatisfactory process for learning and acclaim. By an admission into mortality a pathway to follow is projected as by desire and opens a gateway for an accomplished lifetime.
Foundations are structured on the Pillars of Wisdom to bring about an ever lasting partition that illuminates the Spirit. Dimensional learning allies with a Universal Intelligence as revelations lead the way to visions of the Future.
Time frames are energized for lifetimes of Mortality and Immortality. Belief in worlds beyond give promises of an existence yet to come. The mystery of these realms at most remain obscure, but a Creation of an Immortality can become a reality if so desired.
A state of exaltation is not always realized within the time frame expected. Visionary desire is not always by knowledge and exceeds beyond the Mortal Mind. Fragmentations of enlightenment are allowed as the intellect integrates with a high minded excellence through the Universal Mind. Concepts then have a validity for acceptance and belief.
Therefore that which is created for Immortality while yet within the existence of Mortality is of individual evolvement. This is how purposes for acclaim are manifested. A successful endeavor opens a gateway for others to enter.
Within each time frame the Embodied Spirit concludes its destinies. Companion to these entities who select to travel the inroads together until the measurements are complete for the Immortality of their Souls.
Within a Universal order Realms of Eternity are many and continue to manifest as spiritual knowledge evolves these worlds beyond. To travel the distance is the challenge to the Spirit and its joys. Thus a conscious effort is necessary to accomplish the fulfilled desire of individual destinies, and choosing is through Wisdom by way of knowledge.
Applying the Life Principles of a Universal Order awakens the Spirit to their realities. Those principles that are visible can be guided by a high minded intellect. Those of visionary perceptions depend upon a Universal Intelligence to present a morality for the good of humanity.
Left to chance a wayward path and many roads to travel the Spirit often looses its original destination. Upon entry the Spirit directed by the Immortal Soul must adhere to a superior guidance so that each lifetime is of an excelled value.
Therefore Immortality by choice is exalted through the awareness and accomplishments while an earthbound Spirit by these acclaims seeks its Eternal Union.


Motivated by strong desires for External Exaltation the climb becomes ever higher. Belonging to futuristic prophetic visions ventures are drawn within a measurement of time. There are those who follow for spiritual acclaim.
The magnificent discoveries that accompany any evolvement through high minded values and desire prepare a pathway for the journey beyond. Willed by purposes of exploration the Spirit travels a course of daring but guided by its own Immortality accepts the challenge and carries forth with a resolution of commitment.
A subjective learning process gives insights to extraordinary thought as fragments of supernatural visions reveal timeframes for progressive manifestations. To excel above the rule of humankind yet caring for those who share a planetary existence expels fears and negative forces that interfere with success.
Exaltation lends a complimentary spiritual beginning to those who wish to follow the excellence of Universal Knowledge. Believing in the Life Principles of Creation that interrelates all species of a planetary environment, knowing becomes a reality. By chance is rare, for a Universal Order has been set into place and so it was from the beginning.
However individuality is by a chosen entry and exaltation is by desire. Therefore the destiny by way of dimensional learning and travel is a priority of the Spirit when enlightenment prevails. And as the choice becomes the desire to manifest the knowledge acquired the illumination of the Spirit prepares for exaltation.
The never ending possibilities for acclaim within spiritual realms are known to those who dwell in high places. The journey at times difficult is but temporary when so and the challenge becomes the strength on which the Pillars of Wisdom stand.
To what purposes is despair when the Immortal Soul awaits its lasting Eternity? For individual evolvement is Creations Principle for giving life and as the pathways are many the final journey is one of Light.
The extent of purpose continues to interrelate with desire as the Spirit rises to each challenge carrying forth with a belief in its Immortality. There is neither grief or despair for the Soul directs the way and profound is the knowledge acquired. Heights of excellence are to climb and each step measures a distance of containment to finalize the journey.
Every lifetime proceeds with guidance unless denial is the ultimate goal. This alternative should never be! For each living thing born of Creation remains within the illuminating existence of protective guardianship. Excelsior! Excelsior! Ever Higher, Ever High.
Beyond the limits of human boundaries and their timeframes of an earthbound reasoning, the imaginings of what constitutes character, the accomplishments of material success, and the power acclaimed by a few turning the historical eras of time clocks around and around. Alas! such meager attempts to right all the wrongs and how simple an act of true emission. Thus the struggle for excellence continues as the Spirit claims its individual glory, not to be denied its rightful place among the Immortals of Eternity!

                                                 UNIVERSAL SPIRIT

    The Spirit is considered to be an essence of Creation. However the variation between the Human and Universal is quite obvious.
    The embodiment causes a reflection of enlightenment that does not always evolve. Yet there is a consideration that it excels within this embodiment into the Immortality of its beginning.
    The Universal Spirit dwells within the hierarchy of an intelligence of Universal Creation. It is expanded by elevation into universal concepts of a high spiritual nature. The radiance of essence is far greater than that of the Human Spirit. Always there is a variation as to evolvement within any dimension.
    The cosmic element intercedes with the embodiment of the Trinal Alliance and allows a connection to the expansive union with an outer presence of Immortal awareness.
    Understanding as well as dimensional learning is imperative to allow the Spirit the entrance into dimensions of the Soul.
    The prospects of universal enlightenment radiates an energizing effect that is able to touch many. These light extensions are not necessarily considered the intelligence of universal thinking. It ha yet another elevated position that involves an Immortality of higher realms of existence.
    Although understanding becomes a major characteristic of a renewal within the spiritual presence, there still remains the application of this understanding.
    Within all living things of Creation is the essence of a Universal Spirit to be resolved as to the Immortal Being within. If there is only a slight insight to the knowledge presented the evolvement is directed on  this course.
    An awareness begins by knowing these presentations exist and radiate the light of Immortality. Given an opportunity to dwell within dimensions of the more advanced position brings about the energizing radiance.
    The possibility to subject the Spirit to its rightful cause will raise the Human element through the universal to continue its journey. This can be realized to the fullest extent upon entry until the close of an embodied lifetime. Therefore to exceed while yet embodied within a universal spiritual dominion  is to raise the element of expansive awareness.
    The process is on going as to each individual and presents an evolvement in any futuristic direction. The method to which objectives are applied will reveal all that is necessary to reach the desired position. From the very beginning all participants have realized the transitional planetary shift into other dimensional positions.
    A universal awareness through all prospects is a portion of this transition. Therefore by application and spiritual knowledge of each association or alliance is imperative to remain focused on evolving the knowledge presented. Also to understand the expansive element of each association and alliance.
    Individually the Trinal Structure remains within the Union of Past, Present , and Future. All three continue to be the participators in the final outcome awaiting its measurement of time.
    The universal presence will begin to evolve more swiftly because the elements are in place for the transitional phase.
    By the Spirit evolving into universal realms the presence of a radiant extension becomes a reliance as to the reality of an essence possessed by the Cosmic Intelligence. This structures future realms of Eternal processes and presents the returning to the Creations of the original intentions for planetary life.
    Presenting each phase continues the universal spiritual expansion. Each participant must live with universal truths that presents the wellspring for all living matter to absolve within the Cosmic Structure.
    Therefore the Universal Spirit again is the entering participant for an understanding. With the radiance of its essence it shall be known.

                                                         COSMIC ORIGINS

    The theories that have applied to Cosmic Origins need further perception as to the reflection they have upon the human experience. Least understood is this possibility because it relies on the Principles of Creation.
    By perceiving the elements of time and space to be merely abstractions is in error of the original concepts.
    Because energy has caused the multiple various conditions there needs to be concrete evidence to validate the science of such phenomena. This can only be accomplished by realizing the existence of such origins and proceed to discover their interrelation with the human experience.
    The Polaris Writings can only introduce the theories to be extended beyond the intellect and perceive the possibilities of what has occurred from the beginning of time. The beginning, referring to the Solar System of a Galaxy displaying the Planet Earth.
    These perceptions are a reality for others to realize, and further exploration as to how the Solar System began. And how it is structured to tell of Cosmic Origins that relate to the human consciousness of principles beyond the third dimensional level.
    If the existence of this knowledge is perceived to be otherwise the limited condition will enclose the Spirit within its embodiment for a single lifetime limiting its evolvement. This cannot be so. For within Life Principles universal or otherwise is the consistency of life beyond the immediate time element.
    Example: If the Planet Earth were to disappear from its existence to become matter of energy floating out in space, there still would exist the nucleus of its beginning structure. Where these energizing elements would complete their existence would not necessarily be known, yet would exist all the same. If by natural conditions they might become Comets or Asteroids in another Solar System. They would not necessarily be known as a place within another system known as Planet Earth.
    This theory does not speak of other dimensions and how they influence human life. The example is just to realize that every part of the universal and Cosmic union is considered to be interrelated and should be known as such. By considering otherwise is to limit the Human Spirit to a third dimensional existence to complete its lifetime.
    Therefore allowances for discovery in exploring every element within the Universal Consciousness should be a criteria. For it is within this principle there lies the essence of a Cosmic beginning that allows the ability to relate all elements into a complete structure.
    Changes occur, never-the-less a balance is set for continuation and expansion. Those who understand this principle should always consider the Cosmic Origins that influence planetary life.
    Nothing is to be set aside as these times are of utmost importance for realizations of planetary transitions. These remain to be acknowledged for the that is coming at an accelerated measure. This is why so many are consciously aware that a new era is beginning to unfold.
    The venture is to be viewed through Cosmic Origins, because these are where the beginning is perceived that structured the Human Spirit for its life on the Planet Earth.

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