Sanctuaries that cause abstractions to the Spirit are retreating from responsibility to others that seek Knowledge of Spiritual Intent.
Universal Awareness is brought into earthly existence for preparation and stabilization of unity for a magnetic polarization.
If this awareness is hidden away or bound by a nonevolvement of spirituality it will consume itself and disappear.
Religious sanctuaries that harbor those spirits who worship in lifetimes of silence have restricted the growth of theological evolution.
The future of human existence can no longer be bound by such conditions. There must a freedom for the Spirit and a choice of will without fear of judgment for the individual.
To bind for a purpose of spiritual enslavement by indoctrination must be considered a failing in morality, for the Spirit is to be of a conduct through a High Intelligence and must be given the self will to allow an evolution of its own.
This is the way of a natural condition that was determined from a Creative Beginning.
Spiritual teachers must find their own awareness of Universal Knowledge and become more advanced in Realities of Belief.
Religious sanctuaries of the future are Universal and within the Earth's Natural Environment, where the Spirit will find its way within Creation's Life Principles.
The Eternity of an Expanding Universe through a Cosmic Intelligence must be acknowledged by those who are called to worship in these times, when Doors to the Heavens are opening for a New Spiritual Era.
No human architectural plan equals the inspiring radiance in brilliance and wisdom for the Spirit as Revelations from the Glorious Heavens.
This Cosmic Temple is the Unifying Creation that brings about an awareness of interrelations in Spiritual Recognitions of one entity to another as guardians of the Earth.
To harness these Energizing Forces within sanctuary walls is of a false identity to the Immortal Soul.
There are regions for mystical exploration where a Unifying Alliance of the Spirit is given to choose in which partition it shall dwell within each earthbound lifetime.
Because of its magistracy and serenity in character Creations Cathedral gives Spiritual Inspiration fulfilling individual destinies in Manifestations of Enlightenment.
This temple Illuminates Radiance as no other, for Cosmic Alliances are architecturally planned in a visualization for revelations through the Spirit's Evolvement of Pacification and Universal Order expanding the consciousness to a Higher Intelligence.
Eternal life has been freshly given without boundaries of divisional beliefs, and spiritual evaluation is in alliance with a Cosmic Order.
Where the Spirit chooses to dwell is consecrated by the Soul, and by proper application of Universal values completion of the Original Intent shall take place.
Beyond human hands of creative art forms in buildings of stone, beyond the minds of humanity locked in Limited earthly awareness, the Heavens shelter and nourish with a promise of eternal giving.
Balance and beauty is an alliance of Cosmic Unity and none shall be set aside by separation.
Where there is freedom for discovery in the true meaning of Spiritual Evolvement by a guidance in Universal Knowledge the Spirit Will dwell for a moment, but its Eternal Life will be within its Immortal Soul.


Advanced processes through Dimensional Learning continue to form Realities for Belief when earthbound Spirits no longer find related principles in lasting moral values through doctrines of orthodox religions.
Beliefs plagued by illusionary superstitions that create misunderstandings throughout the world's civilizations are destructive in their cause.
When a young prophet known as Jesus of Nazareth severed the bonds of religious rituals in his own lifetime bringing a Spiritual Evolution to the ancient world the manifestation was of greatness in Original Intent, but the original messages eventually digressed into doctrines of bondage and fear.
The difficulty is how to proceed when changing beliefs from past indoctrinations to Progressive Spiritual Experiences if the mind does not choose to release its subjugation.
Convictions that continue the induction of illusionary religious conditioning hesitates to free the Spirit in search of its Origin of Creation.
The decline of successful involvements develops into a denial for truth and a reality of Spiritual Appliance.
This planet is a Creation within a Universal Order and a manifestation consisting of all Life Principles that expresses an intelligence for a basis in reality.
The Polaris Structure has formed a Learning Process in an attempt to allow the believer a chance to create pathways for Individual lifetimes by Personal Revelations.
What to believe In Is a chosen spirit conviction and processing through principles of others does not necessarily absolve into a Union with the Immortal Soul.
A following must become a partition of Positive Alliances to replace religious conflicts.
Beliefs that separate into establishing various sects have become pathways leading to destructive prejudices and are without an understanding of Creation's Order of Unity.
Believing as in a conditioning of the mind where involvements often become the illusion's of spiritual lifetimes is an influence that continues to maintain control.
Bringing forth a reality where the Spirit is able to Discern Manifestations is a procedure through Universal Intelligence that is able to initiate Unifying Beliefs.
If belief chooses to single out a select few for immortal salvation’ what if those who are left to consider their spiritual existence within the Cosmic Plan of Creation?
Proceeding with a viable basis for a renewal of Spiritual Thinking releases dogmatic beliefs and continues to nourish the Spirit with a Cosmic Light.
A conduct of Positive Attitudes when applied through compassion does not bind and is of generous understanding where degrees of awareness of others are concerned. The Enlightenment of a True Spiritual Existence then follows.
These writings continue to speak of a liberation that at times will be most difficult for some to conceive, but the Spirit awaits a Union with its Immortal Soul when released from human existence.
A Reality of Belief energized by the Polaris Structure of collective knowledge’s attempts to inspire this Union through each Evolving Spirit returning from its earthbound destiny.

                                           ORTHODOX DOCTRINES

Orthodox churches as meetings places in religious association for spiritual enlightenment are in error as to the Spirit's Evolvement according to Cosmic law.
Founding of these places for worship continue to misdirect the earthbound journey and are a detriment to the pacification that Illuminates a Cosmic Unity.
Complete with ministry they are considered less value to the ultimate purpose for individuals of humankind.
Progressive knowledge of inspiration and enlightenment are for the betterment of a spiritual atmosphere and a respect for the earth's natural resources through protection of their environments.
As the human spirit is bound within limitations and confinements of church doctrines to glorify demigods sanctifying their needs for material and spiritual power, the original teachings of the Prophets were allowed to diminish into religious conflict.
They who spoke of renewed social structures in morality and compassion have been betrayed by ordinary followings of various missions offering salvation.
These ministries care not for human dignity but continue in dogmas of fear that retains the Spirit from an exalted triumphant destiny.
It is the embodiment of a Central Cosmic Intelligence that release its energies within a single physical birth and allows a lifetime of needs for that partition on its way to completion of entry.
This is granted by a neutral power of energizing functions in elements of a celestial organized structure.
All life must be allowed the awareness of revelations that are constantly released by Cosmic Rays of a Universal Intelligence.
Participation within this remarkable structure is not given to temples of idol worship that misdirect the Spirit's mission of original intent.
The search for unity has lost its direction because of orthodox laws that have discouraged spiritual exploration and veiled the true purpose of a New Era.
Inspiration in finding Individual Enlightenment becomes consistent with the formation of knowledge within its wake. No other is to finalize the destination of the Spirit as it has chosen to descend for an evolvement within human existence.
None can be judged by a ministry who reveals a destructive influence by its own material gain and is given spiritual power without deserving.
The final place of judgment is not in an environment as written by past revelations that binds theological progression.
Exalted are those who bring knowledge of the Spirit's origin in a unity of universal understanding.
The division occurring throughout the planet's human element in its various ways of worship cause Illuminating Rays of a Cosmic Awareness to diminish as ignorance continues to cast shadows on the truth of Spiritual Enlightenment.
Separation and misguidance must now cease and in there stead the restructuring for a New Age.
The church doors need not always open for worship for there is the temple of the earth's natural beauty to gather within and above are the Heavens for inspiration to spiritual discoveries.

                                          THEOLOGICAL STRUCTURES

Theological structures that have a belief of a symbolic God within the universe is theorized as a focal spiritual consideration for the earth's religions.
Reasoning of this kind will no doubt give temporary comfort to the Spirit but individual responsibility is not allowed to progress.
This choice of theology lacks Universal Reality, and presents little hope for an evolvement of the Spirit that has an obligation to its Immortal Soul for spiritual advancement in an earthly embodiment.
The Universal Soul dwells within the physical structure of Cosmic matter and a vast Intelligence moves throughout that structure.
The Spirit allies with this Intelligence and embodies itself into earthly form to assist the evolvement that illuminates its Immortal Soul.
In alliance with the Universal Mind the scheme of evolution is to enrich the Spirit of humanities destiny within this complex system.
Physical matter is a visual employment in nourishing the Earth, while the Eternal Alliance of radiant light energy is not visible but exist all the same.
It allows the life giving process to work for the survival of human existence and for the Universe that lies within a space structure that expands of its own Creation.
Planetary movements within a magnetic alliance with the earth's properties also influence human behavior, and freedom within this relationship is an allowance of will.
The world of humanities soul is of its own making, but the Universe of the Immortal Soul is everlasting as created from the beginning protecting that which it forms in Spirit without affecting its own properties.
The entities of the heavens are structured within humanity as an entire manifestation is patterned in likeness to present a familiar alliance.
It is necessary to recognize the continual evolvement by restructuring the traditional theories of the Human Spirit with energies that radiate the Immortal Soul, for there is a lack in theological unity with the natural environment of Cosmic Influences.
Time is always a factor of limitation in temporary theological knowledge of spiritual learning. From the many theories that have evolved those of merit must not neglect the explorations of more advanced studies.
Past ages of binding religions must find a way into enlightenment by the Cosmic Structure that reveals an alliance with the involvement of both the physical and spiritual life.
Thus, a period of hesitation when the undoing of knowledge that was conceived to be valid for accomplishing much good in guiding moral conduct must now consider the Life Principles of a common alliance.
Seeking an awareness within the Universe itself is of a Spiritual Intelligence that provides Revelations for the future.


The nonbinding conditions of learning within the Polaris Structure is a most important factor of its process.
Control in a theology of a subjugated formation digresses from exploration of spiritual progress. If the Spirit is not allowed to flourish within natural movements of Cosmic Approach it stagnates.
Individual manifestations are important and have the power of a force to give revelations from higher realms. They are not to be suppressed by superstitions, but discerned by a Universal Intelligence.
All is not yet discovered in the expansive knowledge of Cosmic Unity and there is much to learn of its existence.
Control of the Spirit within a single framework for a lifetime of subjugation is the first of a declining process from the Original Intent.
Constant awakening of a more advanced consciousness in change for reformation will bring about a New Age of theological restructuring.
It is difficult to release the beliefs of former doctrines, but revelations from spiritual desire will cause a breakaway manifesting Cosmic Energies of Enlightenment.
Searching without subjugation of controlling influences gives freedom to the Spirit. For this purpose the inhabited have chosen the Planet Earth in an alliance of unity with its natural phenomena of beauty, revealing creations of harmony and pacification.
The Universe is a visualization of a constant reminder in the nonbinding existence for discovery and reformation of humanities spiritual existence.
Following a revelation presented to the single Spirit will further a structure of reliance without fear to explore the renewal of a Cosmic Alliance.
The earth's subjugated laws of religious doctrines should be re-evaluated, for they are without spiritual dignity and are subject to an absence of Universal Intelligence.
Progression is only consistent with discovery of creative forces that bring about a release of natural control within the Universe.
Without restriction the glories of a free Spirit will recognize inner desires for knowledge in higher realms of thought, and the spiritual journey begins into Cosmic Origins of space.


There is not the Karma for humanities existence unless the belief becomes a reality of misguidance. From the beginning these doctrines continue to be energized for generations to follow. For what purpose is the tragedy of past lives to be carried over to plague the present destiny?
By allowing the interference of this belief to constantly penetrate Mortality it will begin the process of digression for that lifetime. Ever present are the enlightenments for a futuristic harmony. This then must be of individual characteristic before a complete unity of Spirit will exist.
The alliances of the Trinal union will continue to be of despair if one does not become the essence of its original birth. When the Spirit is involved with karma that have begun from a tragic entry or death, so to speak, it neglects the alliance for which its purpose was manifested. This then is another of these doctrines that have passed through ages of spiritual digression.
To believe that by birth a sinful entry was given, then to believe that a karma is a portion of a destined lifetime may leave the Spirit in a dissolution of its Cosmic heritage. Belief is a reality of that which has been discerned for enlightenment.
Of this New Era the spiritual knowledge must be of an awakening into the beginning of a New Creation. How then is it that these who choose to continue pathways of spiritual destruction do not consider this awakening? Could it be they rather this Planet Earth be presented universally without the radiance of a New Creation? Are those who present knowledge for its evolvement into the future to be considered arbitrary to good, to Universal Truths?
The beginning of a new manifestation for spiritual renewal must not include the karma of past beliefs. They again will subject the lifetime to a dark memory. Consider then the alternative that would give promise of an enlightenment to carry forth from the birth of that existence. For when the many measures of time conclude, this measure of Universal Creation is a pathway to an Immortal Life. Let it be known that the choice was to liberate each earthbound Spirit within a belief of its Cosmic destiny by pathways of enlightenment



    Defining cults and occultism are one of the same. Cults are organizations that practice occultism. All cultures of one form or the other are considered cults. Some practice occultism more than others.
    However far from the practices of this nature the Polaris attitude in knowledge determines that dimensional learning precedes any thought processes that misdirect a spiritual recognition to bring about a belief system.
    Learning by this manner prevents sudden distraction into an organization under the regulations of others who pretend to be an authority concerning matters of the Spirit. A sudden thrust by individual revelation also allows the direction of purpose.
    By understanding the creation of a belief system there must be recognition of certain principles both of physics and spiritual through the natural formulas that are considered of value. They are the original Creation and belong to the higher minded ventures of knowledge.
    By preceding with a dimensional learning experience basic principles are recognized and extended further for future transitions. The simplicity of this concept lies within the physical world and that of the spiritual. When perceiving both within the origins of Creation it gives a knowledgeable viewing of clear vision through inner and outside observations.
    The measure by which these standards are recognized are within timeframes and degrees of learning through desire and evolvement.
    Cults such as noted for detrimental purposes are no more evasive  than any other system that has been created throughout centuries by figures of authority or deities.
    There is no more or less abstractions for belief. Each has their own standards of rule and teachings. All are considered to be cults of one kind or another. They have been created by individuals who deem themselves uppermost through the divine aspect of specialized principles of power.
    Those who follow do so under a guise of spirituality or magical trickery that misdirects the principles originally presented by a creative order.
    The physical world and that of the spiritual continue the processes of  Creation to give enlightenment by both processes. However knowledge by either is to be discerned when considering all aspects.
    Those favorable to one may not be to another within certain evolvements and lack understanding of the process as a whole. This does not imply the completion is easily known. However it does conclude an ultimate purpose within each timeframe and system. The structure to consider is the understanding as to what goal the direction is taking.
    Guided by Soul Energies, the hierarchy of Universal Intelligence, the way should be valid and clear of purpose. When persuaded otherwise a direction off its original course would be acknowledged as not to be the intent within the timeframe. Therefore discernment has redirected the individual Spirit through another process for favorable results.
    Positions of authority are also to be discerned. They often times become the causes of misguided concepts that begin a digression of spiritual procedures.
    If by chance each should succeed in following teachings of the ancients with the duality of beliefs, a two way path disperses the original principle of a creative order.
    Enlightenment must continue to flourish within every expansion. This continues the centralization to remain within the orb of its original intent.
    By operating within standards of excellence and opportunity the Spirit arises to each occasion. Resolved to future transitions individually and those of planetary change all participation must continue in the steady course for a favorable outcome.
    Recognized is the defining measure of the term cult and occultism. These are of no concern to the Polaris venture. They have no real meaning to the Principles of Creation.
    All is yet in transition and to linger within concepts of this nature brings about diversion not necessary for dimensional learning. The thought process is universal for planetary rule of the future.

                                                    CREATION OF GODS

The theoretical description in the creation of gods must be clarified under the Polaris Structure. For the understanding is among followers of past to present eras through the measurement of time.
Although there exists among these believers a consistency of the alpha and omega, there is also the diverse doctrines that have established religions throughout civilizations and cultures of earth existence.
The measurement of time becomes a criteria of that which will be learned. For this is an age when the consciousness of human belief seeks knowledge that will bring about a greater understanding in purposes to further the Life Principles of interrelations of people.
There is a Golden Thread that weaves itself as a connecting force, and illuminating from this thread are energies consisting of the powers that were depicted as divine in ages of the past.
However these are measurements or degrees that are now but fragmentations of that which shall be acknowledged for theories that are structured for humanity to rely upon as needed for its evolution.
This then must be realized when studies of other theologies are considered. They may be of important historical value but need not be the futuristic knowledge necessary for developing theoretical structure.
Degrees of learning are accepted in fact desired, for this is how the elevation of mental concepts become a familiarity for structuring the theories throughout eras of prophecy and divinities among the followers of religious doctrine.
The perception of belief among each following must be individualized to the degree of learning, discerning and understanding.
Gods are of a nature that depict this understanding. They are of formation through mental concepts to concentrate energizing forces into an embodiment for decisive understanding.
They are not to be set aside as a permanent structure for belief. They to were conceived for the ages of their time and developed the cultures of their eras.
Necessity of embodied divinities teach the structure of humanity and its relationship to the divine state of individual consciousness to that of the Cosmic Soul.
An earthbound existence is the beginning of that journey and a Creation of human concepts that need to be defined.
All writings must be reviewed and placed by positions as to the validity within individual processing.
Others may perceive them to be true, yet all are born of the Life Principles of Creation and eventually all will return within this structure.
Evolvement has not yet been revealed for the absolute condition of divinity. Conditions that have the beginnings and those of a journeys end may only be derived from what has been known.
However those who are of a comprehension of discovery and beyond will seek each phase of direction and perceive the knowledge to be recorded as true for the continuation in the excelling of all that is born of the earth and all that is given divinity.
Parallel that which is known, and discover the Golden Thread that weaves its way throughout the ages to benefit each presentation for its own exaltation

                                      PROPHETS AND SPIRITUAL TEACHERS

From ages past true prophets have ascended into Cosmic Energizing Influences, as prophecy continues as a mission in revelations for entities of an earthbound existence.
These prophesies through a magnitude of knowledge in historical and spiritual value give an understanding in languages of the Spirit to evolve theological ideas.
The open forums in this age of enlightenment will be evident to encourage freedom for the Spirit in exploration where doubts detain changes of belief.
Attitudes of willingness to recognizing communications through Cosmic Origins will reveal necessary wisdom and prophecy to unravel webs of indoctrination.
The Principles of Creation within each Spirit sustains its own measure of time in reception of Spiritual Realizations for enlightenment.
These prophetic messengers by revelations of spiritual observation pass through the ages often ignored or misunderstood, but justified in time by evolutions of theological knowledge and are often more closely allied with a Cosmic Consciousness.
However false prophecy by earthbound entities can be a destructive force among believers if revelations bind Spirits into religious dogma.
If preachers are professing doctrines that hinder spiritual progress through dogmatic rituals they must be replaced by teachers who will guide Spirits into Enlightened Thought.
The Earth is a Cosmic Creation and Spirits who dwell in high places within its domain will illuminate its properties. Prophets among them to whom spiritual wisdom is revealed will continue the evolutionary process.
By Prophetic gifts spiritual teachers establish foundations for Universal Minds to flourish within a society of New Age Ideals.
Wisdom by the Prophets protects the Spirit from illusionary control as teachers through instruction guide individual paths for single spiritual lifetimes manifested by each degree of learning.
Prophets are chosen for their greater understanding of Cosmic Laws, and as teachers relay these messages in a consideration for dimensional learning.
Within the prophetic world these teachers of a higher order will have entered an earthbound existence to further spiritual conditions for evolved individuals.
Enlightenment by discerning experiences in association with learning inspires those who desire to excel within each awakening.
Spiritual teachers extend evolutionary processes through revelations of the Prophets and develop a trust so that each member of a following evolves within their own awareness.
Continued individual guidance throughout lifetimes in pathways of Enlightenment will form Progressive Manifestations following each entry.
The beginning is important, as a single interlude in time ushers the Spirit into an earthbound process of Cosmic Realizations.
Gifts of prophecy are Spiritual Trusts as released through a partition of the Immortal Soul.
These qualities within the Spirit must be of a responsible nature consistent in the understanding of positive thought construction.
Spirits enhanced by their earth's existence lead a directive course for those who follow. Decline or misdirection of spiritual knowledge detains progression by disrupting the learning process.
Prophetic gifts are increasing by the Enlightenment of Spirits seeking a Universal Intelligence that unifies and elevates the earth's spiritual attitudes by evolutionary Cosmic Foundations of Learning.


                                                  THE LIBERATED SPIRIT

Theocratic governments indoctrinated with laws that apply religious principles to the lives of a nation's individuals bind the spiritual freedoms necessary for the development of humanitarian processes.
To complete a lifetime evolvement of singular or multiple relationships in Cosmic Influences for the manifestation of an excelled cultural society depends on the realization of a Universal Intelligence.
Governments that divide continents by religious conflicts and cause suffering among their people, often pass this division of destruction from one generation to another.
Where as new eras of evolutionary movements attempt to eliminate that which continues to destroy freedoms for spiritual progression.
The enlightenment from a universal approach reveals the unification needed to evolve through a measurement of time a maturity for governing with wisdom and compassion.
One human spirit cannot dictate for all when Immortal Souls of Creations Eternity guide each of their partitions into awakenings of earthbound entries.
None are exact in likeness for each is allowed the uniqueness of their own identity and the expansion of knowledge through individual learning.
This rule of Cosmic Order cannot prevail under theocratic governments that must be made accountable for the spiritual bondage of their people.
It was the desire for spiritual freedom that gave birth to a New Nation. From various countries people came to establish a union for the common good constituted through liberty in laws to be determined by the people.
Their forefathers envisioned one nation born in an age of reason and through courage and conviction gave responsibility of governing to individual endeavors.
A Cosmic Order can bring the nation of an honorable heritage back again to an original birth, by carrying forth the dream of its forefathers.
New Age ideals attempt to free spiritual expression and develop goodness without duality of spirit, for within the Trinal Structures of Body, Mind, and Spirit beings of Cosmic Origin inhabit the Earth.
From the beginning independence within a union renewed the spiritual lives for those who were freed from bondage and excepted conditions of liberation by individual responsibility.
Creative discourse established a republic that set a precedent for world governments. Through compassion for a country's people rule by a wise council is given and spiritual acceptance for each new age should follow.
As a nation reasons its existence within a moral structure, a greater prominence by context of its origin is made all the more possible, and those who honor the original dream strengthen the liberties by which it was founded. The liberated Spirit continues its founded destiny.


                                                     ADDRESSING CHANGE

    When addressing change group leaders who neglect the progressive transitions that are influencing the planet will discover their procedures are also to be discerned.
    The capability to realize how difficult it is to reveal concepts of the future assists the alliance to continually apply an effort toward goals. However even those who now profess the importance of change from past eras are reluctant themselves to adhere when directly confronted with the changing times.
    Therefore to penetrate the vortexes of past teachings a presentation must be allowed to take place. The process continues to manifest as time phases are centralized.
    When a foundation becomes a stabilization for renewal there will be others to join in association. By allowing the entrance of the Polaris Writings an influence becomes the criteria for absorbing the knowledge revealed.
    No hesitation should be given when the progressive future needs to be recognized. The time measurement conducts certain ways to proceed and each beginning adds to the promotion of transition.
    Becoming the very conduits of futuristic goals gives the vortex an energizing affect needed to confront the many issues contrary to futuristic manifestations. However by these recognitions a presentation is given to allow a conduct of change.
    By introducing the concepts of dimensional learning the mind will become an expansion for discovery. Interest is peaked by the unusual quality of desire and spiritual priority that many do not realize.
    If there is no desire to change, the very beginning is lost, unless by enlightenment through revelation. More than not this will be more common because of the time phases that are created by a network of common realizations of the creative processes.
    Associations that appear to be reluctant for change are often becoming the partition of a universal process. These are the hidden phases being conducted without a consciousness as to their existence. Vortexes centered by limitation or expanded are all important to the combining formation.
    It is the beginning that must be energized to complete the futuristic  goals. However difficult this will come about within the measurement of time.
    Many in association of more advanced knowledge are creating various zones of entrance. They are becoming prominent by the awakening of a trend towards a new era.
    There are also those who yet do not realize, however have a glimpse of an ever changing spiritual cultural experience. Awakenings may come suddenly or be prolonged because of degrees of evolvement. However the future cannot be denied as to its coming.
    Each time phase begins another manifestation, By adhering to the principles that are revealed the universal telepathic vortex becomes more acute for understanding.
    When addressing those within set organizations it is wise to introduce whenever possible the concepts of futuristic values. They will soon become messages of validated truths.
    Creating a future becomes the access to many dimensions and time phases. Therefore when learning of these regions and possibilities of their existence each should be entered upon by direction of a Soul Energy experience.
    By not allowing interference of other directed entrances there is always an awakening through enlightenment. These are the phases that direct a course for assurance to successful outcomes.
    The guiding principle is again a discerning quality that takes precedence through Soul Energies of high distinction. These are not to be interpreted as Masters of various dominions. They are the Soul Energizing for enlightenment.
    The realization is an essence through Creation of Cosmic distinction. There is to much inclination towards worship rather than becoming a partition of the principles created from the beginning.
    Changes occurring are to set into balance the continuing evolutionary process. The spiritual essence of that process is most prominent and becomes the quality for change.
    It is through the Human Spirit that Cosmic energies will renew a transition for the planet. Why this occurs through spiritual processes is because there needs to be a universal understanding that can only be directed by enlightenment. This method is of quality and cultural manifestations to present the Cosmic relationship with life forms of various entries.
    Because of the various theories that now have become a digression it is possible to introduce a more enlightened response to lifetimes now being entered upon.
    The direction will turn toward the conduct of universal understanding because past teachings have caused divisiveness. This has been spoken of  and continues as a reaction to the past of destructive establishments.
    While yet not fully understood as to the importance of change many continue within associated teachings and practices that will not ally with changes of the future.
    Idealistically there will be a more progressive time element to coincide with these transitions by entering another dimension. When this occurs the shift will excel and time itself will be of a measure within a Cosmic direction.    


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