Venturing into dimensional regions through unique learning experiences to reveal evolutionary concepts forms a new foundation for spiritual reformation and the advancement of knowledge. Each degree of learning determines a pathway to follow through times designated to the future that require a planetary spiritual transition.
     Individual development through the Universal Mind for spiritual evolvement is by conscious awareness to encourage evolutionary thinking. Advancement by dimensional learning includes a telepathic communication in perceptive understanding to influence a change in attitudes of religious beliefs necessary to usher in a New Era.
     The ancients prophets who realized unusual transitory times were coming attempted to perceive various pathways to follow. Their concepts for spiritual progression relative to periodical and theoretical thinking were perhaps more meaningful for their times.
     Soul Energies guiding a new direction toward the future remain steadfast in the spiritual quest for enlightenment. Inspiration for learning is through individual desire to fully comprehend these lifetimes of mortality by evolutionary liberation of the Human Spirit.
     Soul alliances by a chosen entry are foremost in revealing processes of dimensional learning to influence convictions and spiritual self expression.
The search for knowledge through universal concepts guided by these Soul Energies encourage transitions for manifestations of enlightenment.
     The Planet Earth chosen by the Spirit to dwell within mortality allows a collective existence from Cosmic Origins to evolve through the human experience. Now the time has come again for the entrance of other dimensions and journeys to realms beyond mortality for spiritual discovery and expansion. The evolutionary period in a new era is structuring a foundation for the future by revolutionary ideas and visionary perception.
     However unattainable these writings appear they lend validity to the Human Spirit by the principles presented throughout these writings. They allow individual revelation in spiritual exploration to reveal universal knowledge through belief systems without digressive ideologies. The human experience excels by acknowledging an ultimate purpose of enlightenment without the duality of religious doctrine.
     The Polaris Writings bear witness to the coming of a New Creation, the beginning of an era unequaled to any other. A passing of the Planet Earth into an excelled spiritual dimension to change forever humanity‚Äôs cultural and geographical structures. A time of Infinity when gateways of the heavens open to Bridges of the Sun and celestial crossings are made visible in the transmigration of Souls. The emerging of a new civilization when Immortals dwell among mortals and bands of Cosmic Light encircle the Planet Earth. Spiritual awakenings in a worldwide visionary reception and communication by telepathic networks in common language. An understanding of knowledge through a Universal Intelligence when Souls establish colonies by reformation without prejudice, far from conflicts caused by diversities of religious beliefs. These writings foretell of a spiritual transformation when the Planet Earth becomes a visionary world and the exploratory gateway for dimensional regions throughout the Universe leading the way for a Cosmic awakening that is now beginning!

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