Time Energies

The time energy symbol denotes the phases in which an event or events are occurring. There is always this phase presented as relative to the period of activity.
The containment varies as to the density and area of the space within which it occupies. As small as the most minute particle of Universal Manifestation or as expansive as Infinity and beyond.
The framework or centralization continues within each time frame as to acquire the necessary knowledge.
Relative to each partition the time phase collects within its field of operation the occupying factors necessary for an alliance to complete the course directed within the period of manifestation.
As the energy of this measurement either expands or detracts from its origin the multiple ventures through spiritual evolvement will measure within this circumference.
Given an allowance to complete each phase the remainder of its duration becomes a partition of the Spirit for which it acquired its presence.
Time frames are around and within all that exist. The energy for which they centralize an event will be a continuing process, for there is but one phase to activate these energies.
Measurement at length of a duration prolongs the extension of necessary additions to the area from which it began. Therefore expansion will be noted as to the formation of its framework.
These time areas are purposely observed for their occupancy allying with events, knowledge or revelations.
They are consistent by intent of their origin of Creation, for within the Universal Structure they have completed a plan for existence.
As their measurement decreases for mortality where individual lifetimes are transferring into other dimensions time carries with the transference its relativity to Immortality and beyond.
Ever expanding through space measurements of time increase each phase of existence as necessary.
For earthbound comparison dimensions are considered as they exist within the natural elements, where time has developed its own mortality and given observation to structures of existence.
Individualized manifestations are complete within themselves as phases come and go. But all become a partition of that which was an event by desire and remains within the Spirit.
When evolving periods of spiritual knowledge are intensified to bring about revelation time energies become the encompassing factor to contain this evolvement.
Each phase therefore relates to its own time energy. Entering into these areas are by a chosen desire. On passing through containment fragmentations become the awareness for futuristic entrances.
Interrelation consists of frameworks that present the possibility of Creations frameworks within its existence.
However when time energies are formed it is of utmost importance to remain within their centralization until all alliances have been granted the measurement of their original intent.
Becoming the occupancy within the time frame allowed completes the spirit's embodiment during designated lifetimes which gives time phases their full measure.

                                                  CREATING ENERGY FIELDS

The energy fields created within time measurements release the necessary manifestations for renewal and review.
The Polaris Structure is the foundation as the presentation of various energies display knowledge of desire.
When creating an energy field entrance is allowed as degrees of learning proceeded the forces that have created these formations.
Energy fields of another can be entered if the synchronization is proven to be an alliance of Spiritual Evolvement.
Protection upon entrance is given, for the fields of many have become destructive elements and a requirement of barriers set against these formations is by a conscious awareness.
Presenting energies that conduct Universal Knowledge are given also when the Immortal Soul request a Revelation to further the Spirit's experience of embodiment.
Therefore each field becomes a reliance of belief and carries forth messages of attainment.
The Exalted Spirit continues to elevate and expand within each renewal of energy and desire.
When requesting a view of Immortality the Spirit has asked to be recognized beyond the world of its existence.
Creating an energy field to enter thus, is of extraordinary requirements. It denotes the capability of expressing the mortal lives intent as well as the objective Cosmic Existence.
However in placing the Spirit in total environments of elements within Dimensions of Eternity the protection and guide would be a criteria.
The Immortal Soul beckons the Spirit for entrance, for it avails the environment necessary for entrance.
Masses of energy concentrated to form this environment are presentations of visionary productions to replace temporarily the mortal existence without detracting from its life formation or futuristic endeavors.
The structure maintains its original intent as the Trinal Alliance begins its journey.
To allow the Spirit such a feat of ethereal examples within a Cosmic Environment the learning experience must be complete within the time energy expansion and elevation. The Universal Mind conducts the necessary knowledge.
Beware of false entry, this presents confusion from the onset of entry. Through Revelation an expression of specified knowledge guides the entry and spiritual passing from one existence to another.
Through measurements of time this may be accomplished. Once knowledge of an Eternal Existence has been received for a reality in belief the Spirit continues to manifest its exploration within this futuristic discovery.
Coming into the dimension of Cosmic Renewal Enlightens and Illuminates. The Pole of Zenith also expands to reach others who seek to know.
Energy attracts energy and draws together a Centralization of Spiritual manifestations.
The discovery continues and each experience brings about the concentration in various fields of energy.
Entering these fields is never prolonged for they exist as a fore-runner proceeding the entrance of the Spirit.
Clarification is a study of proper appliance. To know each properly and its relationship to the entity is the essence of futuristic presentations.

                                           ABSORBING AND EMITTING ENERGIES

Absorbing and emitting energies to acquire a desired condition remains the essence for every accomplished endeavor. All living things have come into lifetimes by the creative principles of a Universal Order.
These manifestations that are centralized within Timeframes of their creation fortifies the necessary partitions for a successful unification. Becoming the centralized force within an energy field determines the attitude of belief or an acceptance of theories as so desired.
The process required as to the individual lifetimes of the Spirit be it Mortal or Immortal are partitioned to the Soul. Destinies are not always foreseeable. Changes that become a digression away from the original intent must be redirected to discover a new beginning.
By absorbing and amassing energies for containment toward a single purpose is to centralize a Timeframe. Within this Timeframe evolvements by way of the Spirit can reveal the necessary knowledge that is desired.
Reflective of energy fields that have been determined by measurements of past endeavors a unification can be applied to the evolvement for a complete Universal viewing. Possibilities will be revealed by application and the discovery of futuristic endeavors.
Methods by which spiritual experiences are attained within energized fields and Timeframes continue through the absorption of positive energies, these in turn will be emitted within such measurements of time when development has matured through purpose and desire.
However each Timeframe should be valued as to the energies that have been centralized, absorbed and emitted. For the necessary knowledge to be revealed during periods of evolutionary promise there must be a structure of Universal Value for individual spiritual evolvement.
Through efforts of extreme caution these knowledge of further presentations will be forthcoming with every possibility considered to be the valid structure as guided by the Polaris Foundation of knowledge.
A Well Spring of knowledge that has been recorded within Mortal and Immortal institutional gatherings of high minded learning has centralized energies for their emission to those in reception.
For while the revelations continue to be apparent for structures of Immortality the spirit journeys to distant realms through dimensions that confirm its beliefs. For every measurement energies are concentrated within formations of a symbolic union.
There also remains the never ending motion that may change each structure. But the Universal Order of all living things will be the way of each renewal or change. When consideration is given to this original presentation guidelines are met with confidence as to the pathways that are traveled within an earthbound existence.
The Spirit seeks to know and becomes a messenger for those who are searching for their own Immortality. The energies put forth through any endeavor of spiritual value will manifest in kind and unify the Universal Mind and Spirit of the Planet Earth.

                                                                 TIME ZONES

This specified term is conducted by the partitioned area for which time energies are controlled through an encircled enclosure for designated areas of activity.
There has been the presence of time zones within the planetary structure, but the dimensional time zones of energizing are of human endeavor.
They consist of partitions within the third dimensional structure, not visual but nevertheless by an existence of a time element that is a product of creativity or event.
Entering these time zones presents the entity with a knowledge characteristic to the performance of an energizing in which the Spirit becomes an occupant for that measurement.
However prolonged periods of occupancy do not necessarily prevent an exit from these zones. For it is of desire as to specified knowledge that they afford entrance.
The creation of centralized time zones are of a quality that consist of individual construction with various components to bring about a manifestation. They do not necessarily promote evolvement but by each measure a learning process is developed.
Progression is by way of discerning these time zones, for they are many and varied. They also are the creation of other entities that have existed within other time measurements and energies. Of Past, Present and Future they present the direction that has been explored and have manifested certain beliefs and cultures.
If entry is desired they form a visual structure by a synchronization within their time measurement. If energized without consent determination of reason must be verified for spiritual protection.
Time zones are concentrated by experiences of collectivity. They possess the necessary manifestations to move through frameworks without restraint if so desired.
If containment is allowed the event or creativity explores possibility of existing details yet to be discovered.
In-depth knowledge is within dimensions of a time zone quality and promotes ideas or theories to evolve the substance of creativity.
The subjective learning ability is of value when recognition and entry are presented. Creating the energizing field is an ultimate position and should be given every opportunity to develop.
Measurements complete their existence when no longer a validity for learning as to individual development. But the partition of knowledge is retained.
Time zones however exist through applications as to a numerical one or more and to the many as within masses of energizing structures. These latter conditions are performed by past followings of believers that acclaim these teachings to be true.
The choice of entry becomes the criteria of a lifetime when individual direction is contained within. Absolute conviction is of a difficult position to find release of confinement.
When these time zones were constructed planetary existence became an influence by way of the creativity of entities who have remained through energizing frameworks. This reasons by theory, that when visualized as to an extensional existence they appear as visions for renewal.
Through dimensions of time the construction of spiritual zoning has become the energizing factors of Spirit wandering throughout lifetimes. Embodied though the Spirit may be, it is allowed its chosen direction. If not contained it no doubt finds itself within various timeframes and explores the nature of each.
Time zones continue to be manifested and by excelled presentation are ventures directed for spiritual evolvement. When exploration is warranted they are spiritually emitted by a learning desire to know as by verification through a Universal Intelligence.

                                       FRAMEWORKS OF CREATIVE ENDEAVORS

The frameworks for creativity are those which present the activities for specific manifestations. Various processes are the endeavors for all who participate within these activities.
The method upon which these endeavors come about is the energy field created by an individual or individuals to promote an objective.
Many various formations conduct the evolution into the contrasting fields of endeavor. Presented for visual realizations all forms of this nature become guides to followings that seek to also display a creativity of their own.
The earthbound plane of these endeavors is the main existent for lifetimes of spiritual desires. But the Spirit is not all that relates to these manifestations, they are also displayed through more technical and material gain. However outcomes vary when the former is applied.
Creativity comes within many forms. To seek the lifetime experience is by choice, and the events surrounding that which has been chosen will lead to evolvements of production.
The creative endeavors of spiritual knowledge are more lasting for they are manifested through a partition of the Immortal Soul. Desires of spirituality also come by many forms, also degrees of learning are apparent for each.
The processes continue to enlighten the dimensional fields of activity as within the physical practices of energizing measurements by time allowed.
The manifestations that become a reality for futuristic endeavors are foundations set by desires of knowledge.
It is the endeavor of creativity that forms energy frameworks to allow the awareness of reception a visual display. This is the method for which humanity can observe the reality of time measurements and phases for events.
If the energy fields display the ordinary activity of earthbound presentations this will be by the dimension of learning.
If the Spirit inclines toward the manifestations of Universal Knowledge thus will be the evolvement through Dimensional Learning.
A particular substance of ethereal matter does present more futuristic formations for the human element to observe. As yet it has not been forthcoming with exception to visionary observation.
This will be a common factor within a measurement of time. For it is necessary for entities to learn the essence of certain Life Principles within their lifetimes.
These endeavors of operation will come from individuals who have sought the knowledge through unknown dimensions and brought forth the realities of unseen visionary attainments.
Therefore to the endeavor of creativity the future will be an effort of learning by desire. This creates the energy frameworks necessary.
The criteria for lifetimes of the Spirit is to seek out the possibilities of the utmost in excellence for that existence.
The cause for learning is apparent, but the acclaim to knowledge of the futuristic time measurement is more difficult to acquire.
It is most important to foresee events, prevent those that tend to destroy and manifest those that proceed with the creative endeavors of Spirits who by their presence lead pathways through Journeys of Light.

                                                  TIMEFRAME ALLIANCES

Timeframe alliances are the energizing zones that accomplish an endeavor of common interest. It allows different degrees in learning and awareness to unite for a single purpose. Synchronization is made possible through this zoning to bring about a conclusive and satisfactory outcome.
Although beliefs in reality at this time measurement are of that which appears separate. The hidden phases of the Future eventually come into view when the allied entities follow a trend of evolutionary processes.
Comparison of beliefs are necessary for understanding but the alliance of endeavor is the principle aspect for efforts to emit the energies that are centralized for performance and production. Therefore when arranging timeframes by zoning each event prospects of fulfillment are attained.
To be aware of principles that conduct affairs of creativity the direction is a forward motion by appeal of all entities that remain within the sphere of the time energy and frame allowed.
Failure to recognize the origins that arrange and renew conducts of centralization lacks the components needed for a conclusive future arrangement. However all principles and entities of these timeframes are usually consistent with the main endeavor and other circumstances remaining within a single field of evolvement.
The main thrust for futuristic accomplishments is viewed within a discernment and a universal degree of intelligence. For the desire of spiritual evolvement remains the Original Intent and continues its alliance of Trinal construction.
There is always the possibility of illusionary manifestation, but at most the necessary warnings are revealed to protect the Spirit from any false contact of a detrimental nature.
As the alliance of a timeframe proceeds by recognition of validity the individual also begins an evolvement. This progression creates a renewed energy that carries with it a confidence to further acquire knowledge of principle importance.
Each timeframe of entity alliances within possesses a principle knowledge for structuring arrangements for events yet to come. Each phase known or acquired requires a knowledge of a specified learning. The dimensions of learning remain the partitions by which to explore and discover the complexity within.
An existence of creativity continues an evolutionary process that centers itself among the principles involved. Those that enter by allowance of a synchronization of purpose are temporarily received for creative shells but do not conduct the centralization of arrangements.
Fragmenting the original intent weakens the structure, therefore measurements are of a promissory nature as the existence of an assisted presentation is conclusive and successful.
Remaining for the extensive phase of deliberation brings about the structure of an advanced quality and a possible progression of unusual manifestations both mental and spiritual.

                                                         TIME SPACE ENERGIES

Past, Present and Future are the time space to which the Polaris Writings unify an alliance. They present an unusual manifestation that identifies the knowledge of three dimensional time measurements.
However within each an energy exist that has been developed for secular distinction. This allows phases of change or stabilizing factors to be developed.
Time space is a term that consist of dimensions where energies may occupy for centralization. These are often in changing conditions that identify with the time space measurement.
Within Infinity a space time continues to exist, but to recognize components of the third dimensional measurement there must be a zoning quality to encircle and centralize the energy.
Therefore a common arrangement is considered to reveal dimensions of time that can be spaces of entry for the entity involved with this knowledge.
Possibilities of time travel are considered within these time zones. They are formed by existing measurements whether they be Past, Present or Future. Explanation lies within each presentation. All probable discovery will be for recognition.
By application for entry each passes a distinction of individual quality. But multiple variations have been a presentation of each measurement.
A complexity of time zones have been developed by past existent lifetimes for Immortality. When entering these zones of spiritual existence acknowledgement precedes entry.
Understanding that a reality of these existing time zones have been verified by spiritual knowledge and an identity has been allowed a synchronizing phase of alliance.
Often temporary in nature the experience becomes a partition of influences but does not evolve the entity with direction.
There is also change, this entails evolvement of the Spirit by desire. It contains the necessary conditions that create the Time space conditions that are presented by these writings.
The exploratory nature consist of theorizing these energy centralizations as to their true existence. By discovery a manifestation directs knowledge for the Universal Mind to enter into fields of dimensional learning. By entering each energized component the learning process continues.
This Trinal Union of Time space energy reveals a complexity for experiences within a specified astral projection or an embodied spiritual realization.
The Past centralized energies are separate from the cornerstone of the Polaris Writings, but remain an extension without the infinite symbol. This does not imply that the infinite symbol is not to be recognized within the alliances. Deletion is but to concentrate efforts into a direction of a learning, knowing experience.
Infinity is endless as to concepts of space and time. This presents characteristics of non-controllability and leaves a sense of abstraction.
Centralization allows learning to become more subjective. Therefore the energy symbol of the Present allows these learning processes to apply immediate reception or arrangements as desired.
Entailing events or creativity as they occur and drawing together the necessary alliances to obtain a successful outcome.
The Future energy field is a summing of Past and Present to energize an extension of reality for another dimension of time. On entry it reveals the coming of past and present endeavors and stabilizes a direction of intent.
Prophetic in character it also presents philosophical ideas to be developed for a more social structure of planetary existence. But on immediate entry it is for an individual learning experience.
Knowledge existing within these Time zones are distinctive by nature of their unique abilities to reveal phases within mortality and the exaltation of Immortality

                                                 COMPLEX MEASUREMENTS OF TIME

Time exists within its own measure as to a Universal Structure.
Presented are energies separated by selection into a centralized Trinal Unions.
This complex nature that has been determined by a Universal Structure contradicts planetary measurements of mechanical technology, numbered for precision to conduct human existence.
Creations Life Principles illuminates a timeframe, a unique processing of evolutionary entries, and by renewals with the earth's interaction constructs a proper balance.
Following these principles for physical and spiritual expressions the entity constructs frameworks within the Trinal Union through time measurements that allow individual creativity. This simplifies the complex nature of humanities arrangements of precision.
The various frameworks cannot be energized for the whole of humankind acknowledging the abilities of individual discernment to construct within the time measurements of choice by desire should be considered.
Including the degrees by which individual learning is processed the Spirit relies own its own ability to recognize its destiny, and evolves towards futuristic goals.
When clarified formations of energizing progress without interference from unnecessary influences, a position of authority oversees the direction that is taken. This allows the original intent of manifestation.
Centralization measures each creative endeavor as discernment selects each evolutionary change. There is an absence of erratic decision as a clear view by observation is eventually manifested.
Existing within the essence of time itself are relative energy fields by Creation's Principles often fragmented into obscurity. But they exist all the same and render a Universal influence. Therefore phases for developing physical and mental activities must synchronize within their time measurements of spiritual knowledge.
Through processes by selection attainment becomes less difficult as unseen phases direct a course for a time yet to come.
Time need not be the complexity as by specified measures of precision. Individual frameworks will be arranged by their own energies and transfer by evolvement into other phases.
Although not as yet perceived, these phases do exist and are allowed entrance when time no longer permits their exclusion as authorized by synchronization and desire. 



Precision of the Mortal Mind consist of timeframes that are numbered according to planetary rule, but the Universal Mind is scheduled to that of Creation. This presents the relativity of time space mentality as to structuring energies.
The mortality in mental pursuits of academic and technical learning adhere to the structure of those who set in order that which applies to the processes of mortal lifetimes.
The centralization of time elements which conduct the planetary precision is a framework by which humankind is enveloped by rhythmic cycles that number specific time rules of chronological order. However universal time consists of Creations measure and allows the expansion of exploration and discovery through its many dimensions.
The Heavens which form a particular observatory for the natural elements also are of humankind to rely upon for a timeframe existence. The construction that limits the Mortal Mind to schedules by measures of precision must coincide with outer influences that denies the individual creativity its own timeframes and arrangements.
By declaring the precise measures for lifetimes of entry there is but these timeframes to consider for the longevity or predestination of mortality. The Mortal Mind programs itself by necessity to conduct in manner that which is dictated.
Precision by invention originate during archaic systems that become frameworks for phases of existence that present a limiting effect for dimensional learning and timeframes that are individually arranged.
When entry is chosen the era for which it has desired to embody the Spirit it is for evolutionary purposes. Existing by limitation of the Spirits natural desire causes an imbalance of circumstances throughout the lifetime.
Without disruption of planetary involvement the individual must seek out a more satisfactory timeframe through arrangements to enter a desirable energy field for creativity.
Observance of precision time brings about a realization when dimensional thought processes are energized and a relevant passing from one phase to another becomes obsolete. There is no measure as to limited numbering, it has the capacity of universal extension yet is measured within timeframes of instant thought reaction.
However the order of planetary rule for timeframe existence becomes a criteria for technical knowledge. A positive appliance to this measurement is to be considered and given specified attention.
The Spirit relies on an attainment of its physical housing to be excelled while embodiment prevails. The precision of planetary timeframes will present an ability to recognize a measurement for a lifetime.
Therefore individual endeavors whether they be of creative spiritual or mechanized by technology, all must ally for purposes of a harmonic existence. The ability to recognize measurements of variation within phases of timeframes, is by comparison of allied energies that present dimensional formations.
Considering these phases as a zoning of energizing, this denotes a change by processing the necessary transition of thought through a timeframe. Within these phases the Mortal Mind reaches for a concept that is dimensional of a time other than its existence of precision.
Therefore during an exchange of ideas there is a showing process whenever the transition is passing from one phase to another. From these transitions of thought processing comes a recognition of partitioning as to the Mortal Mind declaring that which the creation of concept becomes known for review by discernment of its context.
The transferring of an idea displays the unique ability for the conscious mind to reflect on the conditions that bring about this process. >From one time zone to another the space between is of its own phase to synchronize a direction for understanding.
As a concept travels from one dimensional origin to one of acceptance it needs the time phase allowed to journey that distance. Therefore precision time does not control the measure of these phases.
On presentation time appears to move more slowly then the precision time as measurements are within their own timeframes. On other occasions these dimensional periods move within what seems an instant movement when by precision an unusual measurement of space and time have passed.
Recognizing these phases allows an understanding of a relativity as to the concepts of dimensional thought and those of precision that enter the Mortal Mind for a manifestation of Creativity or an event.
By arranging timeframes for these transitions the acceptance of this specified theory brings about the synchronizing phases for a consecutive structuring to become possible.
Discovery by dimensional learning and discernment to clarify that which has been made aware is through conclusive evidence that transference from one timeframe to another can be accomplished to centralize the energies necessary for these structures.
Comparison as to the motion for which these frames originate is a study within itself to consider the relativity of movement between thought processing and reception.

                                           BORN OF THE 11TH TIMEZONE

By entering the 11th time zone the choice of the lifetime is through revelation. Denoting a consistency of separating from the materialistic endeavors there is a quality of spirituality.
From the beginning of entry the Spirit resides over the structuring and leads the way to awakenings through the Universal Mind. A degree of academic learning prepares for a contradictory reforming quality caused by the consciousness of evolutionary processes.
Visionary appliances structure realities to bring about the progressive learning as beliefs become the realities of a present lifetime. However the process is Universal revealing knowledge for planetary reform recognizing the creativity of individual evolvements.
All life is the Birthright of Creation interrelated through its evolutionary processes. But the choice of individuality is perceived to be the expression for various degrees of learning.
The 11th time zone energizes a visionary attitude that allows futuristic manifestations to unfold as knowledge reveals these timeframes yet to energize for recognition.
Processing the structures of futuristic presentations is of complex prophetic perceptions caused by revelations that are not conceived by usual or mortal mentality.
When the centralization enters and becomes a manifestation by knowledge or event the humankind of third dimensional existence arranges energy fields to enter for guiding a direction.
There is no set course where individuality has chosen its entry except for good and the evolvement of the Spirit. Each creative endeavor releases the thrust of an evolutionary age to evolve humankind.
The measurement of time is allowed, however detainment of Creations Life Principles is a destructive force to delay the planetary pacification and mortality for good.
The visionary born of the 11th time zone often develops a timeframe for existence to evolve the processes for progressive learning. A journey into the future began from birth as awareness was selected to be a characteristic without denial.
The individuality of the 11th time zone structure does not always attain the prospects of what has been given. But if the dimension of learning is by desire the Spirit continues to nourish its illuminating processes.
Final outcomes are for the Future. They alone by event or knowledge display by visual means the unseen phases that continue to exist by Creative Order. If all presentations of interrelated birth are recognized and synchronized when their timeframes are allowed, the illumination of knowledge originally intended will evolve.
The structures of time measurements are created by humankind of the masses or by individual endeavors. By an earthbound existence the Spirit has chosen its entry as spoken. Therefore each member is a partition of all life and must adhere to this knowledge for a successful and complete understanding.
The 11th time zone presents a Trinal Union but remains apart from the Past and Present to exercise its unique abilities by structural formation.
As a summation of entry becomes known by review and efforts are rewarded by the knowledge that is revealed, an excelled position is attained and the Spirit illuminates its Immortality. This too although not yet known becomes a reality for a future structure.
If the 11th time zone exists throughout the planetary life each revelation brings forth a discovery that leads a way of enlightenment. The process continues as desires manifest and the Mortal Mind allies with the Universal Mind to experience that which was entered from the beginning.
Given a Birthright of Revelation is to cause a separation from ordinary rule as the Spirit energizes toward the Future. When timeframes are not structured the creativity arranges its own position, for there is the Present that must be of conscious existence to form the foundation that the Future depends upon. The mortality of entry has thus prepared itself for furthering an existence of exaltation and the journey continues.

                                                 COSMIC CHRONOLOGY

Time measurement in accordance with clocks and calendars is a disturbance to the earth's natural rhythms causing a coercion of adjustment for all things created by a Universal Chronology.
The heavens specify conditions that are determined for the Planets relationship to a Cosmic Existence including humanities birth as a process that allows an evolution of spiritual triumph.
Systems relative to Creation are revealed by the sun's allied consistency with orbiting planets of a harmonic structure, while artificial light has disturbed the natural cycles of human existence.
Rhythms of creative evolutionary processes have been disrupted through continuation of ignorance through power and a hedonistic existence refusing to recognize and live by Cosmic Values. Humanity does not seek Creations Alliance for natural growth but maintains practices in which the Spirit must adjust to irregular measurements of time.
Nature tells of a manner in which lifetimes are conceived at times of birth and supplies the natural phenomena needed for spiritual and physical structures in unification with elements of the Earth.
As of restrictions that have controlled the spiritual life so has the embodiment suffered by detainment because of artificial measurements of time.
Changing chronological conditions for authoritative satisfaction by individuals of national power have confused the original order of unification.
It will be necessary once more to give the proper time of universal consistently to influence the earth's existence.
This will be considered as a progression for recording time in retaining a constructive relationship of the Cosmic Bodies of light.
Through phases of a lunar cycle days of a month are determined, natural awakening and slumber of earth's elements are the beginning of a yearly process to coincide with celestial changes.
As humanity finds that harmony and unification exists within Cosmic Cycles life forms with benefit in their relationship one with the other.
The beginning of time was of Creation for the earth to accept its natural chronological order for measurements of time.
There is no other way but by this illuminating system, for a complete creative existence of Universal Intelligence.

                                              ENERGIZING OF ENERGIES

    Understanding the energizing of energies is complex. From the universal aspect they are infinite. When speaking of dimensions they are created within a vortex or centralization. This will manifest the chronological or astral centers that remain within third dimensional extensions or centralizations as time phases.
    However each must be discerned as to the objective. For within these energies there are many partitions to be considered. They not only create other astral planes they also centralize to futuristic realms of unusual or mystifying planes of existence.
    By considering each dimensional vortex or plane, so to speak, there is an arrangement to conduct the characteristic aspects of each. These become the main structure of existence.
    For example, if the dimension is to be extended through a vortex of universal intelligence the extension becomes one of stabilizing energies that also considers change because of the endless Cosmic energies that can be centralized.
    In other words, vortexes by the millions are created through universal energizing. Not so when considering planes within dimensions that are within a time zone that creates frameworks for those entities that exist within a third dimensional projection.
    If the realm of hierarchy is characterized through Soul energizing there is less density and the vortexes become the enlightenments of knowledge within a Cosmic energizing.
    Planes are consistent with an astral zone that have been created for an existence to communicate within certain aspects of human interrelations. These are sometimes necessary for understanding the confusion of dimensional positions of various presentations.
    By choice these spirit presentations of time and places are entered upon within various evolvements. While not yet complete the Human Spirit at times dwells among entities who themselves have not yet evolved.
    It is if value to determine that these entities of the astral planes do not necessarily become guides. They merely exist for their mediums that consider the communication necessary for knowledge.
    When speaking of angelic beings, they are of a high dimension and offer protection in times of need for the Human Spirit. However they do not guide. They are from a dimensional existence as members of light beings for the processes to complete a universal structure.
    The term High Masters has been reborn from the existing prophets that no longer pertain to the transitions now taking place.
    These unified dimensional zones of existence have completed the presence of existence within the planetary revelation and now are the Immortality that dwells within a Cosmic union not identified.
    These terms are considered to be titles that were given to explain a knowledge being revealed through the Soul Energies of futuristic presentations.
    The term Soul Energies as written becomes a term applied to the centralizing energy of Soul manifestations. They are termed as such to renew universal thought processes. They are not to assume a singular identity because the confinement of energizing would deplete cause of expansion and influence the transition.
    When applying titles, regions, and dimensions each must be discerned as to their value within the universal structure.
    Cosmic energies are endless and the need to centralize and create certain vortexes for existence comes with change necessary to create a balance within the interrelating processes.
    The mention of planes and regions of astral existence has become a common  term for dimensional centralizations of energy. They are created by the desire from a gathering of projected astral entities and remain within a time zone for entry.
    During this time phase of transition the many who communicate with the astral planes become conduits into a world of a third plane existence without form. There is a centralization, however the energy that exists creates a presence of consistent penetration into the human experience.
    The need for the astral zones for transitory journeys have become regions to remain within the realms of communication, to become a way of existence for both ethereal entities and planetary life forms of the trinal alliance. They are not necessarily a factor to consider for a transition that the future will rely upon.
    Changes are toward Cosmic renewal. This is the dimensional aspect that is the direction where the future transitions will take place. There are many various entrances to these transitions. Those again are viewed through the centralization of Cosmic energies that are endless. Far from the astral planes so often mentioned  from experiences from the past.
    Renewal is the main criteria for transition. It no longer depends on the practices and teachings once considered of value for spirituality.
    There remains a condition that protects the former relationships from specified depletions. However they in time will change direction.
    The knowledge now being revealed is a complexity of energies that are of a Cosmic Creation, when centralizations become manifested for the planetary transition. The universal view remains to discern each energizing, and continues to direct the course towards the future.

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