Construction of the earth's Trinal Formation of Body, Mind and Spirit is an alliance of perfection for habitation.
Measured in time Cosmic Influences give lifetimes of planetary venture the guidance of a visual universal presentation.
An intelligent application of this Trinal relationship contributes to the necessary evolution of spiritual evaluation.
Therefore the attributes of each partition in separation of one another must be developed in a complete performances of satisfaction.
The physical self as structural matter of the natural phenomena that is of planetary elements are formed to perfect a condition that unifies one with the other.
Habitation for nourishment and growth is an alliance with the environment that has been for true reliability for each with in this structure.
In beauty and balance the human form portrays a Radiance for the Spirit that dwells within.
Stature of origin is in Creation of Universal Intelligence from where learning processes for spiritual development through human experience are manifested.
Through knowledge wisdom develops by living in harmonious environments for the time allowed that forms valued relationships for a Spiritual Union.
Appliances of Dimensional Learning develops through an awareness that inspires thought into matter.
One partition within the other must be applied in a consistency of a positive nature, for to diminish the Cosmic Construction of one is to deplete the other.
As the love of knowledge gives wisdom, an evolvement of the Spirit gives the Trinal Structure a creative formation of fulfillment and Illuminates a Radiance that exalts the Soul.
This formation creates the perfected origin of a Universal Intelligence that protects the balance and beauty of a natural environment and its alliance with the Trinal Structure.

                                                                   THE TRIAD

The Spirit as a mediate for the Immortal Soul dwells within a earthbound habitation and considers its Trinal Structure in an excelled entry to enhance a Cosmic Union for an Eternal Life.
A Combined alliance of Mind, Spirit, and Soul evolves through Universal Realms. Their spiritual exaltation allows an awareness of Creations Design as to the choices of re-entries for embodiment.
Responding to transmissions from a centralized intelligence the Spirit corresponds with Cosmic Beings that inhabit the Universe.
The interaction of this transferring is by a creative capability for reception that excels the spiritual destination as reality by discernment evaluates each manifestation.
The Triad evolves through the earthbound Spirit by revelations that draw upon these Cosmic Influences for reliability as this process is valued by the Spirits ascension.
Evolving the Soul's transmigration energizing rays of light will continue to illuminate this spiritual alliance.
These journeys in both Cosmic and planetary life forms are Creation's Order for an Expanding Universe.
The awareness of this Triad through spiritual understanding establishes a centralization for high attainment without separation of purpose.
Recognition of its existence reveals a specification for entities by various evolvements entering into exalted lives.
This awareness allows choices of earthbound alliances that destine the transmigration of Souls by their fragmentations of light.
For it is the spiritual elevation of the Trinal Structure that gives the Triad an exaltation of infinite wisdom, prophecy and transfiguration.

                                                         CONFIRMATION FOR LIFE

Because of cosmic influences in earthbound existence spiritual dimensions in revelations of thought aspire to answer the profound questions of the universe and the ultimate purpose of human habitation on the planet earth.
To have been given life and a guardianship of spiritual trust was determined by the soul's desire for the spirits lifetimes of evolvement.
The evolutionary process is to acquire wisdom and discernment through learning and experience, expand universal knowledge, to establish accountability in public and private conduct, and place belief in these things that prove to be of lasting value.
This planet is awakening to a New Age of a generation responding to spiritual change. It searches for understanding of global variances in theologies and cultures by returning to the life principles that created every living thing, giving each a cosmic soul, even to the smallest creatures.
As there are those who protect and preserve the environment and life that it gives, there are those who would destroy.
The spirit's flight for freedom regards this age of the future as a change becomes the desire and a renewal in purpose, becomes reality.
Spiritual power for good continues to inspire those who know the essence of life.
These illuminating energies have extended a visible universal intelligence through the ages of time, while scholars ponder theoretical theologies for the purpose of the earth's living manifestations.
But the evolving spirit acknowledges the meaning for its physical life and knows the future of a cosmic destiny, and awaits its coming!

                                                       MORALITY AND REASON

Conduct if only by reason of common sense should be moral, for strengthening morality through an evolutionary process elevates social consciousness.
Behavior as to individual character may reveal thoughts that are distinguished by ethical codes of conduct and rise above ordinary practices.
Raising a social moral consciousness develops from a desire to construct change when necessary, as established from positive attitudes to determine a morality through reason.
Correct values are structured as to not weaken social progress and to illuminate the desire that inspires change that applies reason to compassion.
Ethical standards when developed through mature judgments by practical observations denote a Universal Intelligence rather than behaviors of mass hysteria of an extreme emotional panacea.
By reason, judgments are to be considered valid as to their underlying motives when viewed by those who are mindful and spiritually evolved.
These judgments are not necessarily guided by doctrines of instruction but by moral reasoning that extends to wisdom and in turn good character.
Historical and cultural values that prove collectively constructive should be a part of the evolutionary process in which reasoning and morality form the basis in determining a respect for all life.
These fundamentals are considered to be Universal Truths and are not to be disregarded.
Intelligence that develops curiosity and inspires exploration by Dimensional Learning should be guided by a moral code of ethics through knowledge proved to be structured for social standards.
Morality is not to be misconstrued by laws established from church doctrines but sought out within individual character through expression and each degree of learning.
Reasoning and morality are the analytical processes that establish the foundation for an enlightened human existence.

                                       TOLERANCE VERSUS UNDERSTANDING

Endurance as a capacity for tolerating any situation that might arise from emotional or practical conditions often lacks understanding.
Merely to tolerate weakens the dimensional mobility to seek out solutions to that which needs to be addressed.
Often individual beliefs separates by ideology persons of diverse cultures and finding the basis of original intent assists in understanding by recognition.
Tolerating dismisses the capability of Universal Awareness and leaves a vacancy by which a nonalliance may take precedent over a more satisfactory position.
Diversion becomes a criteria as not to explore attitudes through the beliefs of others.
Processes for developing understanding rather than depending on tolerance to gain recognition begins by exploration of the natural phenomena of all Creation.
This gives a common bond to carry forth diversities of ideologies. Right or wrong by separation in an in-depth study brings about the choice of belief.
However a distance from the universal conception may cause deception through fanaticism eventually destroying the original intent.
Spirits in degrees of evolvement may comprehend others through learning processes, for while entering an earthbound existence a natural condition is taking place in the diversity of a chosen life. According to selection by previous entries understanding of higher principles become apparent.
Those who have chosen Universal Awareness need not inflict upon their character the mere capability of tolerance.
They have collected a conception that bears witness to know the meaning of Creation and honor the processes of all living things in accordance within each entering.
Long suffering by endurance is not a virtue for it only burdens the Spirit and dims the Souls exaltation.
As life passes from one phase to another each presentation introduces interludes of learning to enlighten the Spirit from past ignorance’s. It then has a choice of recognition to express that which it considers to be valid.
The Spirits own evolvement is always chosen and the processes by which it concludes possession of those characteristics most desirable to the Soul becomes a stationary condition.
Tolerance is only valued as a temporary consideration when understanding has not yet been attained.
The Spirit becomes Enlightened through following its course directed by choice of entry. Not to cast shadows of despair but to bring light to the environment of its earthbound home.
The constant search is an adventure in itself that intrigues and challenges the mind allied with the Spirit to find the most desirable course to follow.


Character that implies a courageous attitude but does not resolve to achieve that which is designated causes a discontinuation of the ultimate purpose and goal.
The will to survive is of a greater magnitude when Moral Goodness in Spiritual Form progresses without fear of reprisal.
Through courageous action opposition becomes limited by a confrontation with morality and conviction.
Courage is to act with consistency through Mind and Spirit in reaching goals of desire within a Cosmic Order from which all things are given the right to life.
Fear is a nonalliance to the Immortal Soul when digression of spiritual endeavors occur through doctrines that bind the Spirit by various ancient theologies.
Energizing Protective Forces are manifested and structured for magnified control over arbitrary conditions that attempt to interfere with position and purpose.
Among the causes of disruption that defuse the Unity and Pacification for planetary evolvement the most treacherous is fear.
Its destructive force is abolished through courage, and those who are of Moral Mind and Spirit must be intent on this physical presentation.
Resolutions against discrimination is a supposition that many care not to involve their lifetimes defending, but these necessary values create alliances of Trinal Unity and future circumstances without reprisal.
Enlightenment gives courage through a learning process to recognize the reason for fears and ridding those of preconceived ideas by which objectives are deterred unnecessarily.
Anxieties can also occur in magnitudes without their actual existence. Therefore the Spirit must intercede in alliance with its Cosmic guardianship to protect that which was created in Trinal Union.
This truth must be realized by resolving not to allow fear to obstruct a behavior of fortitude when represented by moral convictions.
Confronted with physical danger both mental and spiritual insights must evaluate the entire situation for taking the proper reaction against undesirable conditions.
These confrontations are not of common occurrence and are often prevented by the choice of suitable environments.
Because of the destructive forces that remain throughout the existence of planetary rule an ever watchful eye is required.
Courage must be allowed to avail itself through Universal Truths that establish rightful causes within revolutionary ideas.
Spiritual Unifications of courageous involvements are the exalted liberators who free the world of fear.

                                                           UNIVERSAL LOVE

The Planet Earth that Illuminates the Universe by its fertile lands and abundant waters also inspires a devotion among its people to gather in understanding and family love.
This universal condition of all things manifests among people and creatures alike that dwell within the natural elements.
This relationship brings about the balance necessary for unity within a Cosmic Renewal.
Affection one for another is consistent with Universal influences if the awareness is of a High Evolvement while drawing together for purposes of reproduction and companionship creating positive unions to further spiritual awakenings.
Human alliances develop by conditions through past lifetimes are accepted for an earthbound existence to assist one another in a Universal Learning Experience.
Love provides a freedom for exploration and discovery through guiding principles of the Individual Spirit.
Reproduction of life by those who enter embodiment through the process of birthing must beware of possessive bondage often relative to physical love as it is a nonalliance to Universal love.
Together in a union of an earthbound existence Universal Love must be a combined understanding of parenting for the ultimate purpose of all who seek a balance within the family structure.
Material in abundance is an unnecessary collective condition when spiritual involvement is the destiny of an alliance with one another.
Necessities are always a consideration when desire is to form a comfortable and happy union.
True love protects with affection all that it creates through human values when character reveals a quality of purpose with compassion.
Often an individual dilemma as to the meaning of morality and intelligence allows misconduct to become a digression of both the physical and spiritual existence.
Love through a conscious understanding of Life Principles enables Illuminating powers to manifest.
That which is properly nourished continues its everlasting condition within the Natural Phenomena of Creation and gives a radiance to all those who it touches.
In summation, the rule of conduct as spoken through the ages manifests a reflection of that which is given and shall be returned in kind.
This constitutes the love and true compassion that by its magnitude gives joy within a physical and spiritual union.


A condition for reentry is the inherited qualities of parental physical structures and various traditional phases in accordance with a single lifetime.
Distinctive traits of ancestry become more apparent as maturity develops characteristics of national and cultural differences.
Although physical structures remain unchanged a universal understanding reveals that all are in likeness of a Trinal Unity in Body, Mind, and Spirit.
Heritage is not a representation to cause conflict or the annihilation of human individuality by theological belief.
Nor is it to bear tragedies of past wrongdoings that can become the foremost directives of single lifetimes.
Neither is heritage to diminish concepts of humanities spiritual evolvement by hatred that cannot bring compassion to one another when conditioned by these misunderstandings.
Dimensional Learning can become a process for correcting mistakes that cause division through cultural conflicts among people.
Inheritance of destruction if passed from one generation to another interferes with Cosmic Order, as vengeance continues to be an energizing force of destruction that separates the Trinal Structure of human existence.
Parents should guide children through knowledge that develops spiritual qualities interrelated with physical and mental development.
All must be nourished with an understanding of cultural differences, for inherited traits of others enhance variations of birth if they share with one another their gifts of traditional learning.
Nations that yet govern by laws in decline of enlightenment to Spirits of their people must reevaluate past histories.
Boundaries are not intended as a division in the creative process, they only give knowledge of the earth's inherent historical and geographical ventures that have brought about changes of continental structures and cultures.
Universal understanding protects that which has been given Eternal Life and is absent in heritages of spiritual digression.
Pacification is passed on to generations of the newborn through constructive guardianship and in their awakenings of evolutionary change that are released from the bondage of divisional estrangements.

                                                 THE HUMAN EXPERIENCE

The human experience is yet to be fulfilled by Universal Standards. The events of eras where time dictates the renewal of earths geographical measures is by the natural causes. However the human element during these eras is in variances to the Cosmic Phases except that a relationship of Immortality exists.
From the mortal existence of humankind comes the evolvement of an entire planet which by in large is made up of different cultures. These cultures in turn are divided into tribal units of one kind or another.
By direct purposes of physical and spiritual means events occur to sound the alarm or an awakening of discovery into these elements that dictate the meaning of human existence. When within the mortal lifetime an entity becomes a destruction to the harmonic condition there must be a sensory as to the objection of its purpose.
From the beginning an entrance of destructive properties were implanted among the Spirits who chose to inherit the guardianship of the Planet Earth. Why is this so? In truth it is to have distinction to that which causes evolvement of physical and spiritual ways. Without these negative energies to combat the strength resolve would not be of such degrees to resemble and excelling existence one from the other.
Events of destruction bring about the awareness and warning that the human experience has not met the criteria of spiritual knowledge and the conditions that follow a intentional purpose for mortal learning and experience. As mortals the lifetime must exist within the scope of mortality that relates to the Body, Mind and Spirit.
To have selected a meaning or purpose to individual lifetimes gives a belief and desire to excel within that lifetime. To assume a spiritual leadership should not deter the Spirit to forward its objective. While most difficult at times these destinies can bring great joys even as the Spirit embodied begins to be enlightened by mishaps.
As the planet within its Cosmic Structure changes by geographical structure so does the inhabiting elements of all kingdoms of the so called animal world. One has the other requires necessities of nourishment and shelter.
As a harsh condition prevails and seasons become the element for which to prepare, so like the Spirit that makes its way into each dimension that gives it the purpose to evolve. Not as the final Immortality of its union but through the embodiment of individual lifetimes.
Time and time again discovery and renewal leads the Spirit down many pathways. Some to be reckoned with as to forces that seem to be beyond control. However each has its purpose to overcome or accept. Selection is by choice or desire.
Knowledge as to the Universal Cause is most enlightening. For with knowledge a judgment can be of a high minded choice that curtails the possibilities for destructive forces to enter the chosen path.
Given by birthright to select and follow the destiny of each lifetime the Spirit wends its way upwards, so to speak, or into other dimensions for Universal Existence even as it remains embodied.
However the human experience is not to be neglected or forgotten as to the excelling of its position. The reality of its existence within mortality is a complete awareness by a consciousness that develops the senses and structure of all who remain within this element. Therefore one to the other remains in a relationship that combines the whole of a planetary people.
As to the cultural and tribal existence of each selection there will always be a divided unit among the human experience. By entry and by choice this will remain and specified through the ages. However from Cosmic Union all has been born and all shall return even then by divisive structure but all within the Universal Element.
Often as a foretelling appears to prophecy and remains the destiny for which the Spirit seems to ally a sudden revelation will come within the mist and revolutionize the existence of planetary rule.
Observing that which is destructive and creates fear and reprisal is to be expelled from the human experience in the awakening. This by means of a Cosmic Awakening. Until the coming of this measurement of time the Spirit of individual entity or by union must choose its human experience, destined to remain within boundaries of spiritual confinement or to excel with the Universal Evolutionary Process of Enlightenment.

                                    VARIANCES OF SPIRITUAL ENDEAVORS

Seeking spiritual enlightenment through the variances of endeavor is often a confusion to those who communicate one with the other.
There is a process of orientation to the degree of receptiveness through learning as spiritual illumination increases. This will apply in variations of desire by acknowledging that which is given.
When beginning revelations occur the Spirit often hastens application without discernment and is misguided into unrealities rather than true experiences.
While spiritual endeavors are not of the same desire a creation for evolvement should always be considered.
There are some who prefer to remain single entities of high spiritual energy and those of more practical advisory who chose an earthly existence of substantial material gain.
Knowledge will only produce the quality of intelligence that is desired through learning and given proper recognition.
Energizing formations for centralization enlightens those who further revelations by manifestations from Universal Sources of Intelligence.
Those who choose to continue their journeys by completing each evolvement will profit all the more in union with the Cosmic Soul.
Discernment of that which discloses a spiritual communication in one lifetime and denies further exploration gives way to a lesser degree of awareness.
Nevertheless each attempt to increase spiritual learning developments goodwill in all that is encountered and will prove worthy of efforts displayed.
Although the variances of spiritual endeavors bring about separation one from another an alliance remains with those that continue to seek realities in complexities of the Spirit throughout each Age of Enlightenment.
Believers of a Universal Intelligence have pondered the variances in which their spiritual lives would evolve, and while in each believer there is a Light of Truth that gives guidance and protection not all are of likeness in their search.
However Creations life Principles continue to exist and variations of spiritual endeavors cannot disturb this Cosmic Unity.

                                   VARIATIONS OF A PLANETARY TRIAD

On a third plane existence variations are determined by degrees of spiritual evolvement through the choice of entry. Each Spirit dwells within time zones of either Past, Present or Future while yet born of all three.
As development through dimensional learning brings about an apparent certainty for recognition and acceptance of a belief, this belief becomes a living truth as the Spirit continues to dwell within a specified timeframe.
Although the necessity of remaining within this timeframe is by choice there must be a way for futuristic revelations to increase. For learning is partitioned toward understanding the direction of a time yet to come, that exists, but needs a movement to gain a position of authorization.
Of wise council are those who foresee future events, for they are thinkers of progressive knowledge and need recognition by reason of their evolutionary visions.
Although of variations spiritual teachings are commonly allied by a planetary earthbound entry, given a birthright of embodiment the Spirit is destined towards futuristic explorations.
Discovery of past involvements opens pathways to other journeys as the Spirit desires further explorations.
Existence within a specified time zone conditions the attitudes of that segment. And while the future remains unknown awaiting recognition by evolutionary changes, the Present is not to be neglected, for it is of events that are valued as foundations for times yet to come.
Spiritual knowledge is always revealed as to the time allowed. Phases of their existence are constantly changing to prevent a decline from Creation as they were intended.
If by the Present each spiritual experience becomes a negative force the acceptance should no longer continue the journey, for it remains absent of evolutionary knowledge proven to be valid.
The good of humankind is within the Individual Spirit and is not necessarily guided by doctrines of faith. For every living thing possesses an Immortal Soul even the creatures of environmental habitat. They too exist within a Spirit world of their own time zones.
Complete within Creations Order a natural phenomenon allies itself with the Trinal Union to view each measurement for choice of entry. Visionaries project into future regions for discovery as traditionalist remain within the Past and Present regions to build foundations of technical mechanisms to bring about New Ages of scientific progression.
However those that are able to comprehend all three give complete understanding to the existence of spiritual choosing. For there continues to be the degree of desire and acceptance.
The visionary is not easily understood as perhaps the Spirits of Past and Present are more visual. However within the measurement of time a noticeable respect is forthcoming as the prophets are forbearers of New Eras yet to come.
That which is to become will always be and that which is of the Past and Present will have to make way for the coming. Not to recognize this is but to decline the existence evolutionary ages that enhance the spiritual existence for planetary understanding among the earthbound Spirits that inhabit this World.

                                          BEYOND THE TRINAL ALLIANCE

The Immortal Soul is evolved into the condition from which it aspires. Beyond its existence of the Trinal Structure it is represented as a formation to which it formerly directed itself by each degree of transferring while yet processing into the entirety of a mortal alliance.
However the processing through dimensional structures becomes a complexity of transference caused by an extreme migration of Immortal Souls entering the Cosmic Gates from which each journeyed.
There must be a choice of direction while yet within the alliance of mortality by which it discovers the planes of another existence beyond the Trinal Structure.
Each Immortal Soul acquires the character of its evolvements and promotes the consequences of Immortality as processing becomes apparent within the hierarchy of Souls gone before.
Methods of segregations are but through desires of that which becomes a grouping to consider the most constructive position for each to remain within the evolvement chosen.
Immortal Souls are not necessary of one formative transference. They vary as to presentations of earthbound spiritual lifetimes as reentries brought about conditions for their immortality.
If a change of course becomes a criteria from the original intent return of the Spirit to its progressive Trinal Alliance can be arranged, this must be so before the Immortal Soul enters its position of a Cosmic Union.
Variances of these positions can only be sought through the learning process while awareness in yet of a mortal nature through the Spirit. This places each entity within its own cause and sets a course for the immortal journey yet to come.
Permanency within Immortality is not always the choice when positions are discovered to be of such variety that service becomes a matter of concern within this Cosmic Existence.
Therefore an informative guardianship is arranged to familiarize each SouI which has yet to consider its permanent position. Some desire to wander within a dimensional process through a measurement of time.
Comparison can be of a likeness to that which in mortal lifetimes the spirit chooses its direction and discovers through discernment by the learning process it forms its own destiny.
There is never a restriction to confine the Immortal Soul within a Cosmic Union that does not confirm its own conviction of purpose.
However not to cause confusion preparedness for these various unions are advised with as much information as can be acquired.
Practices in awareness are desirable and a continued appliance of spiritual knowledge within the mortal existence are necessary for the individual Immortality to be structured.
Each position is of its own choosing as in the earthbound lifetimes of trinal alliances.
In every existence be it mortal or immortal there is advancement through evolvement. There is permanency of position if so desired. Each journey is another gateway through which the Immortal Soul enters to reach its Eternal Destiny.

                                         CONTRASTING HUMAN EXISTENCE

While disunity by spiritual and cultural separations continue to prevail within human existence the individual spirit is compelled to seek its own evolvement as partitioned by the Immortal Soul.
Journeys of Enlightenment are chosen for lifetimes of progression to finalize destinies and search for happiness through earthbound experiences.
Although the Trinal Alliance at times may suffer from temporary negative energizing forces, having patience and perseverance eventually will unite the physical, mental and spiritual partitions in a path towards Enlightenment.
Knowledge in Universal Truths will begin to develop and a greater understanding of each Life Principle that interacts throughout human existence becomes a Conscious Realization.
Wisdom is common sense ruled by compassion and goodness, application of this wisdom will give unity that strengthens the bonds of Universal Love and creates a synchronization of physical and Spiritual Evolvement.
The physical partition that houses the spiritual entity should avoid harsh displays of character, and allow moments of silence within a natural environment which gives the necessary pause for physical and Spiritual Renewal.
By observing the beauty and simplicity within Creation the Trinal Structure becomes one with Universal Awareness.
A conscious realization of a common idealism that applies to a conduct of goodwill should always be a consideration even in disagreement or separation of beliefs.
Though often the Trinal Alliance appears in contrast with one another there remains its purpose of evolving all living presentations, each to be realized as a contribution of enlightenment when the Spirit departs from its earthly dwelling .
If there is a lack of progression by Spirits within earthly bonds that last for prolonged periods of time the Spirits Cosmic Light will be dimmed.
Those who are consumed by material greed and lack moral values are destroying a Spiritual Trust.
Excelled qualities are given to those who elevate the Trinal Structure while in human form and these beings will be raised to higher levels of awareness within Universal Truths.
The Journeys of the Spirit are many and those who chose the path wisely will join in a Cosmic Union with the Immortal Soul.

                                                 REALMS OF ETERNITY

The Eternal Processing continues as mortality ceases. There is the extension of the Spirit to that of the Immortal Soul.
There has always existed the Cosmic Order of Life Principles to instill within each partition that which enhances both mortal and visionary aspects to materialize each existence.
Without the dimensional planes of earthbound life there would be nothing but a lower element to depend upon.
The extension then is to process the life giving energies and allow them recognition within mortality.
This can be accomplished by first negating all possible restraint of thought formations within the Universal Mind.
From knowledge conceived the aspects of Illuminating the Spirit gives it a chance to enter into the Cosmic Arrangement while yet embodied. Realization of its Futuristic Journey will become apparent.
The Trinal Alliance will be Elevated and Explored into the Universal Realm of Eternity.
Recognition of this knowledge by application of thought formation will become the reality of a lifetime existence.
Therefore a continuation to evolve into these positions of exaltation is essential to futuristic endeavors.
Desire of intent to become that which enhances the Spirit's awareness has entered into mortality. These present a possibility that an invisible world may become visible to the existing earthly experience.
However without knowledge and discernment this visibility may endanger the Trinal Alliance by illusionary fragmentations.
As the Eternal Realm becomes apparent each phase of its existence can be explored within the Universal Intelligence.
Discovery and Enlightenment within this realm will continue to expand the knowledge of a Cosmic Order as related to the mortality of life allowing it to illuminate each phase of its existence.
Therefore begin the exploration that has been given the topic considered. It allows the formation of knowledge that possess a connective energy for control of a Higher Awareness in Elevating Thought Formations.

                                               DIMENSIONS WITHIN TIME

Within time frames are various dimensions to consider as the processing of a specified awareness. The foremost of these dimensions are those that bring an in depth quality to the Universal Mind as they manifest each variation.
All dimensions are of necessary purpose and give the Spirit an ally for renewal and discovery.
Dimensions that are the times of the Immortal Soul are partitions of Spiritual Alliances to energize forces that promote the thrust for revelations and transfigurations.
Because of the measurement of time the energy centralizing on the physical alliance of third dimensional aspects as well as universal are revealed.
It is the factor of spiritual alliances that assist a healing process when the body needs renewal, for the Spirit becomes aware that the alliance is lacking a position of authority.
Therefore dimensional control often is foremost by spiritual conception rather than physical. Here lies the protection.
As spoken from the Polaris Structure the Astral Body born of entry remains within the dimension of its physical counterpart, but does not deplete with illness or distractions.
It therefore by its extra sensory position maintains the dimension necessary to assist the healing processes for its physical formation.
The contrast of dimensions within time measurements are by the desires of spiritual knowledge. They give the awareness of travel to manifest energies necessary for the event or events that are being activated.
The dimensions of space are considered relative to these measurements and occupancy varies when frameworks of time are considering the application of specified dimensions.
The meditative position often deludes the entity as to its position of a third dimensional state.
The embodiment must remain by concentrated effort to maintain its alliance with the Trinal Structure. Its purpose is of apparent structure and needs to be recognized as the basis for housing the Spirit. It concedes to knowledge of universal thought and allows exaltation of position to be considered.
The Astral Body as a direct ally to the physical body continues to assist the Spirit in maintaining direct contact for a satisfactory renewal.
Dimensional time is of multiple manifestations and as varied to synchronize with events that cause change so frequently among humankind.
There is much to be learned as to the measurement of time in the reality of its existence. For the earthbound Spirit does not by degrees of its energizing forces coincide with the physical rhythms of the body.
The natural elements are of a rhythmic conception. They dwell within their own time dimension, but by evaluation have measured their natural abilities with the embodiment of the Spirit.
A cause for adhering to these time dimensions are a great value. For the nature of Universal Principle has allowed life to exist as to planetary conditions. This third dimensional phase must be the focus on which the body can depend for prevention and protection.
It has the inner manifestations that ally with the time measurement of Universal Structure. Each element is a source of physical application. The synchronizing elements nourish each aspect and interrelate for the growth and renewal within this process.
Dimensional existence of the third plane as visual as it is also has the unseen qualities of the Spirit. Therefore when learning of time measuring energies consideration of these must be in awareness.
The multiple dimensions will be acknowledged as progression of the Spirit is exalted into positions of desire.
Measured by the desires time will become of utmost importance to the completeness of lifetime attainment. To remain within third dimensional existence while yet traveling through various time measurements within energizing structures will be a evolution for spiritual knowledge, and considering the alliance of each member will be the success of these events

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