From the very beginning the Polaris Alliance denoted a process of universal recognition. Thus the present association must rely on this concept. There is no other procedure more important than to remain within the structure of the foundation.
    Combination of efforts for application need to be processed through the universal alliance. Therefore it is imperative to remain within the universal dimensional concept rather than present a lower dimensional environment.
    Association is to determine the method validated to be a high minded evolvement. This is why the Polaris Alliance was determined not to include the human element of a third participant ( referring to the Polar Star as being the non-human element).
    From all knowledge of the Polaris Writings concepts are noted to be of true value. Each subject relies on the application of its content. The meaning reveals an underlying response from the time energy and universal thought process.
    If participants enter these concepts results will be forthcoming as to the original purpose for building a foundation for learning. It has been written many times over that discernment is essential.
    When experiencing the ways of enlightenment there need not be any other process to entail the Spirit. These concepts are to be renewed within the association and utilized as written.
    Other structures created are not the necessary procedure for individuality. They have been developed from knowledge that was used through a consciousness of material profit more than spiritual evolvement. Although full of advice they are often misleading and detrimental to the individual lifetime.
    The Planet Earth in transition needs a common reliance And as various beliefs come into changing times, an attitude of recognizing Creation’s origin will play a significant part of understanding the nature of Spirit and the colonization of Souls. Creation and Immortality are of one principle, and through the recognition of this reality all has the potential to evolve.
    The foundation of the Polaris Writings although somewhat limited because of the time phase involved, reveals the concepts that many are attempting to grasp.
    The procedure then is to remain within the Alliance and attempt to draw those of associated participation within this vortex of expanded dimensional learning.

                                                    POLARIS REVIEWED

    The beginning of Creation relates to the enlightenment where time and space became a part of the Life Principles often spoken of. From this concept a procedure may dispel any digression.
    From the realm of a universal concept the mind can begin to elevate immediately. Therefore to bring about a unified presentation the beginning is a place to start. By this process each associate becomes aware of Immortality within a third dimensional existence.
    From Creation which is Cosmic, without a God concept, enters the Cosmic Soul. Within the Cosmic Soul, Immortal Souls are created. In turn the Human Spirit is fragmented  from these Being’s of Immortality to embody themselves into planetary existence. This creates a Trinal Alliance of the Physical Body, Mortal Mind, and the Human Spirit. Within this process is a ethereal body or astral body, a component of the physical body.
    The Mortal Mind proceeds to gather knowledge. A collection of physical properties within the planetary realm, and religious teachings, to become a storehouse of more elementary concepts.
    The Spirit relates to an evolvement guided by Soul Energies from an Immortal Soul. This is for enlightenment without duality of past doctrines or  karmas. This raises the consciousness to an elevated position entering into a universal realm, or in concept a universal library.
    Select a book, painting, color vortex etc. Anything visionary that is perceived or expressed into a phraseology of one word to describe the knowledge or enlightenment received. Such as Soul.
    By this method each individual will remain within their own context of thought processing, yet would have developed a way to dimensional learning.
    The Polaris Symbol within the present time frame is more prominent for a beginning reference. It shall be formulated before writing. This energizes a structure. When addressing the subject of Soul it may present variations of concepts.
    However relating to the universal presentation the process remains within the Immortal Realms and must be stated as such. This does not change the position of its essence.
    The Polaris Writings remain the basic foundation for any presentation until by revelation a another structure is given. However this will not delete the main formation as it has already evolved to a stationary position within the Infinity Realm.
    Supplements of variation will appear and at time will become temporary in nature. They will express individual energizing when participants ally within specified time phases. This will express momentary presentations that may involve third dimensional aspects. However the permanent presentation remains within those formation within the Polaris Writings.
    The Pole of Zenith has been mentioned from the beginning to expand the consciousness to a higher level. It has the ability to individualize the connection to universal structures or dimensions. Often used to bring about a more complex system through a structure of light that can be easily visualized.
    This then is a method that is conceived to be valid for presentation. Writing may follow each visionary perception to reveal the procedure of energized writing that is not automatic as commonly expressed without an evolvement through the Mortal Mind to the Universal.


                                              FUTURE TRANSITIONS

    The Polaris Writings express many hidden prophecies of future transitions. There begins recognitions of certain subjects that reveal such events. The undertaking is to discern the meanings of each. By this recognition a knowledge develops that brings about a renewal of belief that the universal expansion is coming.
    From previous processes for the manifestation of discovery and the almost certain possibility of each prophecy conviction will be foreseen as a futuristic transition.
    These occurrences will become more common within the measurement of time allowing a recognition to conceive the physics  of reality to be within a prophetic vision.
    From the beginning the Polaris Insight became the written word to follow. Each process and time frame was to bring about the structure of a foundation for observing certain changes taking place.
    They were able to form a centralization that creates a vortex in dimensional thinking. This is why the Polaris course of venturing into the future is an imperative method for expansion.
    Bridges of Sun can be recognized as both in the physics of scientific fact through observation, and signs of the spiritual transition. Each has an ultimate purpose of the changes yet to come.
    All are related to the planetary transition. Those that scoff at this knowledge will continue to deny their presence to be lost within their own ignorance, and therefore consumed by vague enterprises.
    The universal structure has a complete bearing on earth changes. From the heavens come an awakening to enlighten prospects for a promising future.
    If by recognition vortexes of associations are manifested during this measurement of time they will become most valuable to the coming planetary cultural and geographical structures.
    The present is reliance for future ventures. The interplay is obvious to the structure as a whole. The process sets in order the relationship to universal thinking and that of  a natural physical universe.
    Becoming the framework of transitions the solar manifestation is a partition to the spiritual by relative times within the processes. By observation within visual procedures the spiritual change will also be made visible. It is all part of the awakening that is now occurring among those who seek knowledge of the transitional existence. By all concerns these expressions of universal manifestation foretell of other coming events.
    Ever expanding and changing within the universal creation an intelligent order sets a balance. There needs to be a communication of spiritual knowledge to coincide with the natural physics. For within these structures is the centralization for an enlightenment as to planetary lifetimes.
    By considering all phases the presence of knowledgeable processes will evolve and become a common entry for all to participate.
    The course must remain steady without dispersion. Each venture set upon must ally with the origins of intent. Each must carry the conviction by application and expand.
    Therefore the future is to be recognized within both the scientific physical structures and spiritual concerning universal aspects. The solar meteor activities are all part of the manifestation and brings about signs of the future time measurements of transitions.


                                                EXPANSIVE TIME ENERGY

    By remaining within the expansive time energy there will be a continuation of evolvement for the Polaris process. This allows specified events to be considered as valid to proceed within the renewed energizing.
    All who participate will promote the universal concepts for founding the ideas set down by the writings. However expression is to be one of conviction as to the knowledge revealed.
    Although individuality is a prior consideration, the methods that are of such variances disperses the centralization. Therefore leadership to denote the intelligence of universal concepts is imperative. It must be allowed the timeframe and consideration for evolvement.
    By entering an expanded time energy the procedure for the founding of an alliance is most promising among those who acknowledge the manifestation of dimensional learning. The entrance into dimensional thinking will create the center in a growing nucleus for the future.
    Vortexes are essential as is the telepathic communication to evolve the most promising methods for stabilization.
    Creative endeavors are marked by the willingness to advance causes for recognition. These remain as an association by individuals who now process certain reliable causes. However by not recognizing the discerning quality there would be a considerable delay for futuristic endeavors.
    Manifestations made visible through spiritual advancement is tested by each method and those of past procedures left for others to follow. The originality is what allows the Polaris concepts to remain in existence. Although universal they are applied in a manner of forethought and recognized to be of lasting value.
    To proceed with the wellspring that was originated from the Polaris Alliance has given participating associations an opportunity to expand the centralized formation. By transition this knowledge will grow within the timeframe allowed to give insight to various prospects for expansion.
    The processes have been set and the course is direct within the framework. It is the efforts applied that are to be considered. Hesitation for any length of time will cause incompletion as continuation builds the strength of the foundation already set into place.
    The future of a transitional period is to discern and centralize energies into vortexes and associates. By adhering to the introductory methods the procedure will be ongoing to stabilize the universal awareness.
    The Universal Mind will continue to advance the Spirit into an evolved direction to expand the dimensional thought and centralize a vocation for further endeavors.  


                                             FUTURE PRESENTATIONS

    The process is developing through the time energy that allows further recognition of the Polaris Structure. This entails those of an established order for a proper representation. However this is only a limited partition of the complete association. The former representation within dimensional learning is to be the mainstay for any presentation or assembly that might gather.
    Creating vortexes are a way to energize the possibilities for an alliance to be expanded. This does not mean the Trinal Alliance of the North Star revelation is to be the involvement of any other method. It is to bring about the necessary foundation for all learning development.
    By representing the concepts within group participation the evolvement will continue for individual enlightenment. There will always be those who may not comprehend fully the order of Creation principles. However these associates may through degrees of awareness present the necessary methods that will ally with the various degrees of reception.
    When beginning a presentation the clarification of knowledge is important. The singular aspect to concepts of entry must give a presence for recognition as to the timeframe or zone involved. These measurements will foretell future endeavors that apply to the main nucleus of the association.
    By presentation each associate is allowed the time allotted for renewal as to the concept of universal thinking. If presented in a manner of responsibility the vortex will continue to expand.
    Atmospheric conditions are imperative to the essence of spirituality that must remain uppermost. Therefore environments of natural beauty and color vibrations add to the mind expansion.
    When surrounded by the basic intuitions of interrelated processes the manner of direction automatically is applied. This then becomes a fundamental procedure of setting into place the objectives of spiritual awakenings.
    Symbols momentarily visual will at most be of an individual nature. However there are other aspects that may be utilized for appearances of creative endeavors. These do not always bring about the necessary learning process, however do add to the atmospheric conditions needed to create the learning environment.
    Many who adhere to visual intake of surrounding presentation become the sensitivity structure that also needs attending. By entering through environments of natural presentations, it sets a precedence for atmospheric awareness within the presence of knowledge.
    This takes from the academic procedures and travels through the dimensional aspect for learning. The common link is by Creation’s order and expands universal consciousness.
    All will not apply to the procedure at first, however among those who energize the network of telepathic thought the learning process will form the nucleus for each association.
    The knowledge presented reaches out through many concepts. The individual will conceive the necessary method that applies to involvement. Where one lacks the other excels and the process will adhere to each necessary appliance. The outcome should be most favorable.
    The material gain is of a futuristic nature it maintains all aspects of the Polaris Alliance. This will stabilize the affects of setting into place the environment and associate participation.
    The allotted time measurement is proceeding as scheduled and should be discerned when necessary. By recognizing influences separate from common practices there will continue the growing stable conditions necessary for advancement.
    There is always some pretense to be set aside as individuals find it difficult to change ideas. However a persistent acknowledgement of futuristic transitions will maintain the steady course for expansion.
    The time measurement will be reveled as necessary to form the basic atmospheric condition. The Polaris Alliance will form the learning process and association.
    By presentation the order set will advance changes and begin the foremost possibilities for a favorable outcome. By application each major compliance to the structure will from the solid basis.
    When ever possible association should continue its presence by meeting within a spiritual atmosphere of higher learning. For these conditions are the true meaning of Creation’s origins. They allow the principle to excel among Human Spirits who gather for improving the ways of evolvement for futuristic transitions.


    The reviewing through the Polaris Symbol denotes the presence of a Soul Energy. This is necessary to rebuild the Polaris Alliance for a futuristic venture. The process is one of Universal Mind and Spirit involvement. The alliance needs to be strengthened within this concept.
    A validation of all associated with this method will proceed as to the energizing and enlightenment.
    By remaining within the basic founding formation discernment may be established as to each process as not to lead into misguided concepts.
    Methods utilized may be forthcoming as each attempt of associated purposes become obvious as to the value of  those participating. At certain measurements of time this is a slower process. However awakenings may be instant when evolvement occurs.
    The methods are temporary and within time frames allotted. They however will dispel the guidance of any entity control and allow others a presentation of enlightenment. Following a course directed to the universal concepts will in a time phase reveal the knowledge of dimensional learning.
    The processes of physic and medium ship has the apparent wonderment even to those who present these methods. Although in truth only a small percent of this information is manifested. It is by the belief of participants that allows this type of practice to flourish.
    The monetary value has expanded through a media of apparent acceptance. However these are to be limited when application of Universal Concepts are revealed.
    Processing systems are often an attempt to perfect one or the other. Such as past life regressions which so often are misdirected in foolish imaginings. These do not apply to an application of universal thinking, as the present relates to the future, which is so imperative at this time.
    A once remembered past life even if validated becomes a distraction. The choice of entry is known. This knowledge conceived through universal methods need not be of constant procedures. All those who participate must realize that time wasted is to delay spiritual evolvement.
    The past reception for review at this measurement of time is imperative. Not regression. It is to realize that certain methods of transference are to be preferred above others.
    A likeness of thought alliance will assist through a method of  Universal concepts because of  the interaction without duality of purpose. The procedure has
been validated and best to depend upon the time energy within its development and evolvement. By allying others to this method it allows the expansion and presents a clear view of Creation.
    Associates must adhere to certain principles that apply to all individuals alike as does the interrelation to all livings things. These concepts are spiritually recognized even thought at times obscure. They will become more apparent as transition occurs.
    To develop methods of allying presentations introductions should be one of intensity of entering constantly into dimensional thinking. Eventually the method will develop the higher consciousness into a dimensional thought pattern.
    Variation will be noticeable. However this is not necessarily a disadvantage. The comparison allows individual spiritual desire and evolvement. It allows all participants to expand within their own time frames. The knowledge will be universal and applied as such.



    Perhaps there still needs to be consideration where others are concerned. By replacing certain ideas with more enlightened thinking does become a criteria within specified timeframes.
    The future for planetary and individual transitions is being energized and the opportunity for all to participate is imperative. There should be no neglect to advance through others the Polaris foundation for learning. This becomes the mainstay advantageous to those who have not considered their own enlightenment.
    By placing themselves within energy fields to comply with universal knowledge awakenings occur. Therefore hesitation when allowance has been manifested to explore further the extent of perception may be by others who become influential for expansion.
    Nothing pertaining to the prolonged longevity for renewal should be overlooked. Each phase possesses its own measure and utilized for its specific purpose completes the goal of endeavors.
    By various methods enlightenment is conceived and manifested. These processes remain as cornerstones of the foundation as it expands through others.
 From the many pathways that are being followed there becomes a centralization. This creates the vortexes necessary for expansion.
    When hidden phases are yet to become foremost through application the readiness will have been promoted. This is why it is imperative to realize all directed possibilities that adhere to the wellspring of Creation.
    By emitting the energies needed to express the Polaris knowledge each individual is an important participant. Without introduction there is no centralization and no expansion.
    By realizing the timeframe allowed there manifests the fusion of energizing affects that bring together the various practices under the guidance of a universal trust. Without this participation the digression continues and Creations principles continue to be either limited or neglected.
    By passing through the many dimensions for the knowledge reached a presentation is delivered in a true sense of conviction.
    Those who understand the meaning of future transitions are bringing about revelations of the future. Understanding the importance of participation within these awakenings is imperative. Advancement continues to manifest the principles of Creation through the endeavors of many.
    When realizing thoroughly how all methods allow participation to evolve the future an energizing affect is set into place. This makes a vortex of association to advance further the universal concepts.
    Others are offering to bring about certain criteria for advancement. Some are not yet known, however exist all the same. This why introduction to others or within methods for revealing are considered to be a priority.
    When application for expansion is considered often times there seems to each full understanding of an advanced knowledge. However within the presence of that knowledge where is the enlightenment? How can this be without the entrance into dimensions of learning?
    The main thrust lies within the alliance of the Polaris knowledge. This is where the nucleus was first creating to be expanded and known.
    Each participant is an associate of the alliance. However it is through the wellspring chosen and by choice  that enlightens the prospects for these associations.
    All will not immediately find their way through dimensional learning. However enlightenment will become apparent on entrance into dimensional thought processing.
    This is why the writings are individually marked for a structured foundation. They allow an introduction into concepts that may be explored singular or by associations.
    All are important participants in the future  planetary transitions. As been written each has some unique presence to offer and each should be allowed introduction to the renewal of beliefs.
    When advising others as to the pathways to follow there needs to be an understanding to the degree of learning. Mistaken is the idea that all are able to progress immediately, unless by individual revelation and sudden enlightenment.
    Time measurements are invaluable as been written. Specializing within phases of exploratory capacities are at times unnecessary unless this is the method for individual enlightenment.
    When association is the process to be utilized then participation is often by telepathic communication. When reception is complete there is discovery by continual exploratory methods.
    This is because the universal concept is transferred by thought through presentation. At times it is not immediately conceived yet has taken place almost without notice.
    Discoveries and spiritual thought processes are always a way for telepathic communication to be applied. This principle is utilized continually when vortexes by association are formed.
    The beginning arises from introduction and therefore needs to be a constant priority. Whenever or wherever possible this must be applied for advancement and expansion. The process has already been considered and needs to be directed on a course of action.


    The continual presentation of the Polaris Writings is furthering its existence. By knowledge of its concepts those within the realms of acceptance are to be expansive.
    By realizing the partition of each entry the presentation will most likely be excepted as emitted through whatever process is manifested.
    The main purpose for association is to realize that all who are participating in the process of transition are from within a distance yet centralized.
    When discovery is made possible that a presentation reveals concepts of likeness the vortex grows ever stronger. A worldwide vision is the capitol of thought processing and becomes the expansive realization.
    By exploring the many possibilities of dimensional expansion brings about renewed interests and determines the creative endeavors of each participating associate.
    When applying a constant method for the expansion of the Polaris Writings as a foundation for learning it allows an awareness of enlightenment.
    Every individual that touches a visionary projective energy becomes the subject of realization to experience revelations. Why this is possible is because all who venture into dimensions of universal concepts of Creation begin to wonder where the essence of being was first entered upon.
    This extends to the desire to know and further the possibility of direct communication with Soul Energy formations. Because there is no limitation of these Soul Energies from Cosmic positions there becomes the variance of degrees in experiences and learning.
    When all concepts are presented by the dimensional ability to enter into realms of universal consciousness the revelations unfold. The presentation to experiences these visionary processes is imperative as explanation in clarity of thought brings about a certainty.
    When processing for discernment each associate becomes aware of the importance of this principle that is imperative to evolvement. A probable misdirection is not to be within the time energy presented when discernment is continued.
    Without delay of procedures that further each degree of learning the experience becomes more spiritually acceptable. Every process is viewed with the universal eye that reveals all necessary phases.
    While yet are those phases that may or may not evolve depending on application. Why they do not always become known is by the dimensional experience.
    If there is no other interference these hidden phases most likely will manifest. The process remains a continual network for realization. It consciously reveals the presence of Soul Energies in compliance with universal concepts.
    Participants remain in accord to compare one an others evolving presentations. These associations are imperative to the expanding planetary transition.


                                               THE COURSE TO FOLLOW

    The possibility of never realizing goals is formulated when distractions are prominent. However the course to follow is set in balance by energizing and time phases allowed.
    There is also a subsequent reliance on the association to expand when promotion becomes a criteria. To employ further recognition of others there remains an entrance of various ideas to be in discourse where the free thought of expression is encouraged.
    The many who are necessary for centralization continue to grow. However a direct course of action by the mainstream must be ever constant for a complete alliance.
    The formulation of groups for discourse brings about a concentrated format that relies on universal thinking among those of a new era. The universal concepts are progressed within these groups who associate in direct contact. They strengthen the foundation for all systems including the Polaris knowledge to further this evolutionary period of change.
    The time element remains imperative to relationships of common interest. Therefore each subject that is addressed eventually becomes a partition. Each retains the energizing affect upon one another who attend gatherings. These are elements that expand universally and create a futuristic network of telepathic thoughts.
    The media, so to speak, may adapt to certain rules of conduct in discourse. However the vortex of interrelation among direct associated efforts remains the wellspring of activity that brings about the complete transition.
    The evolutionary period now taking place is an acceleration within many dimensional regions and the planetary changes are being affected as never before.
    The world within a universal structure is being met by other principles of Creation that are becoming more influential. They are presenting various aspects of renewal among life forms contrary to past beliefs.
    Those who acknowledge these possibilities are within a perception of reality.  The view universally speaking is of absolute idealism. However underlying are methods to reach goals of Cosmic recognition.
    This is why a constant and continual effort by those who understand this era of transition must direct a course to discover ways of expanding concepts of true and lasting value. This period of transition will become a permanent Cosmic structure for the Planet Earth.
    Through many eras when change has been of such magnitude there has been limited recording to display the transitions. However these times have allowed a telepathic network to expand and take a course of action.
    The application of various methods are being advanced and completed within phases of time. However these efforts will become obsolete if not founded on a structure of constant energizing.
    By allowing each presentation to completes its course the stabilizing become obvious. Therefore remaining within the framework already manifested is to advance the Cosmic Consciousness and bring about the principles of Creation.

                                               SPIRITUAL ENTERPRISES

    The timeframes that are manifesting become more concentrated efforts of those prominent within spiritual enterprises.
    The realization for forming a progressive communication is imperative, and through methods of validity require application by these participants.
    By recognizing the value of each manifestation the consideration expands through the telepathic network.
    Universal thinking requires the endeavors of those progressing toward principles of Creation, by interrelating with another presents the evolving transitions of planetary futuristic beliefs. Why this becomes so imperative is obvious to the spiritual universal structure.
    Awareness by means of various communications directs the course that expands the process. By presenting all necessary structures the foundation is strengthened and becomes the cornerstone of the future.
 The Polaris process, one of many, is a main consideration to awaken the reforming factors of religious teachings. Even within church structure universal concepts are manifested for liberation of spiritual renewals and enlightenments.
    When processing ideas for establishing association the main criteria is to validate each method of spiritual knowledge.
    Within Cosmic realms dwells the Soul Energies as hierarchies of consciousness. These are the energizing members of spiritual wisdom to validate the processes presented.
    Mediums are of astral communications. Some of higher planes then others and display knowledge considered to be third dimensional. However when processing each method consideration should be given within a timeframe to allow evolvement without forceful procedures. The Spirit must acknowledge truth of universal concepts through enlightenment.
    The third dimensional planes of activity are becoming crowded as many desire to enter into this transitory period.
    There is an attempt to bring all those together who already have begun the transitional journey. Therefore continual recognition must apply where these associates are concerned. For each is supplying a necessary addition to the evolving structure.
    Methods although varied are presentations within alignment with the order of Creation’s measures. When concentrated efforts are made to forward existing knowledge the methods of endeavor multiply and excel.
    Many presenting the various entries will eventually become wellsprings for visionary processes. They are all moving forward as a main unit yet from various directed courses.
    When each emerges with another the alliance of a worldwide presentation can no longer be denied. This awareness arranges the necessary time phases as each grows into the essence of individual structuring.
    Many reveal outstanding visionary perceptions to complete the prospects of futuristic transitions. This method of prophecy is valid, however must be discerned by every measure presented.
    The universe continues to display its presence. When the Polar Star is presented as the foundation within the third dimension it is through expansion it is presented. This brings the universal consciousness to the Earth’s structure to expand within the process.
    The Pole of Zenith individually remains as the communicator of transitory transference and the universe’s connection.
    There is always a continual processing. Nothing is left to a void of space and time. Each has the capacity for energizing a structure within.

                                            FORMING AN ASSOCIATION

    The time phase is imperative when forming an association. Not to be measured, however centralization is the component for success.
    Not always is the phase consistent with the chronological measurement. The dependency is evident through a universal concept. This entails the subjective attributes of associates who address issues of universal conditions as to the prospects of futuristic changes.
    Discussions are allowed toward individual human experiences in order to familiarize the probability of each member to continue the essence of a foundation for permanency.
    The phases of time do not always adhere to the subject at hand. Meaning that conditions arise to change the framework. This becomes necessary to adjust the central energizing.
    These phases can only be tested and discerned by events that take place within the moment of the event. When this occurs there is often a disperse of energy showing that certain reliable sources are not present.
    It is wise to continue seeking those of positive association to expand permanently the cause that has been presented. To rely on specified individuals is to allow a display or unity through spiritual conduct.
    The essence is a continual alliance. It does not separate through the human experience. It does however become the mainstay for evolvement.
    Each member displays individualistic values that are allowed to flourish. The uniqueness of these attributes are to be utilized and discerned as a condition to structure the association.
    The expansion will increase. This is a matter of time phases presented and centralized. The necessary consistency is to be foremost within the efforts that affect the final outcome.
    Conclusion is not within the Polaris foundation itself. The association is the extensive alliance of spiritual purpose. There is a consideration for separate displays of attitudes. These are easily discerned as to the value of differences.
    There are time phases that must be considered as futuristic measures. These are not always apparent, however they are considered to be necessary to advance the association.
    Energizing often comes before the actual event and can only be utilized for future recognition, but should not be dismissed. For within this timeframe is the essence of creative measures.
    The probability of conditions will vary, this is to be expected. The efforts will not fail to further the association and efforts should be constant.
    Supplying the needs of individual expression will at times be of necessary value. This does not disrupt the spiritual essence. Rather it displays an attitude of interest and pertains to the interrelationships of associates to assist and understand that all time phases are not consistent to the events occurring. However the spiritual essence remains as the one venture to formulate the association.
    The continual timeframe is expansive. Each individual phase may need some discerning as to the proper alliance of associating.
    The possibility that within the universal  time measurement the structure is not as apparent as the chronological. Therefore the moments are forever changing to adhere to the measurements that are conditioned to both universal and chronological.
    Centralizing is imperative, and is why Time Energy became a main structure within the Polaris Symbol. Its essence is forever present becoming the transitional expansion to be a mainstay for the time energy involved.
    The desire to move forward is by individual choice. If not presented in this manner a delay in progress will be apparent. Therefore an opportunity for presentation when offered should apply to other ways of expansion and accepted as such.
    The Polaris Writings may expand through various expressions. They will not necessarily agree with all concepts, however the writings reveal a definite pattern for discussion. When controversy does arise the position should be taken to agree by disagreement. Therefore relying on a free spiritual association.
    Advancement for transitions through various ideas are not always immediately realized, and must be considered as the hidden phases yet to be forthcoming.
    Degrees of understanding and belief differ, however the common element prevails to discover the idealistic state of a transitional beginning in advanced spirituality and cultural differences of the Planet’s futuristic dimensional environment.
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