The Universe continues to unfold revelations within its own structure where Magnetic Energies continue to influence every living thing they create.
The Universe expands through time and space revealing much of its knowledge for recognition imperative to the earth's human existence.
So structured the penetration of artificial matter causes a density of interference from where humanity also finds Inspiration for a Spiritual Alliance.
Intelligence is received through this Universal Power and Enlightened by a Energizing Knowledge conceived of Cosmic Elements.
This Universal Energy cannot be comprehended by the human mind, therefore the radiant evaluation of its power must come through the Universal Mind within a specified knowledge.
The intellect has long been overused, there must be a continued evolutionary process through Dimensional Learning.
The lower mind will not enlighten the thought process causing it to remain in ignorance without the understanding of life forming principles.
The subconscious mind in a state of awareness extends the perceptions of Creation that Evolves the Spirit.
Opposition at times will attempt to obstruct spiritual accomplishments, but have not yet been able to negate these collective energies.
Of light it will always exist, of color it will always radiate, of energy it will always induce power, and for the human mind will always be in Alliance with Universal Awareness.
Discernment in receiving and processing knowledge is most important, as magnetic fragments of energy pull together for unification with those who dwell in high spiritual places.
The intensity of revelation is to release from bondage the Inner Creative Mind. The brain is a storehouse of matter, but it is the Energizing Cosmic Elements of Enlightenment that inspire Universal Knowledge.
It is from here that this knowledge is transmitted and received through reasoning and discernment.
A lower level of application for learning continues to satisfy those of limited understanding. But those that are becoming aware of Illuminating Rays of Cosmic Intelligence continue to develop wisdom in moral and spiritual values.
Discernment continues to be the qualifying factor while reaching main objectives that must be consistent within the time given for transferring this knowledge.
Within these energy formations is a complex system of invisible thought waves and are released in accordance by their reception of a universal processing from the Origin of Intelligence.

                                                    THE MORTAL MIND

Understanding the mental aspect of mortality is to confront a most difficult understanding. The Mortal Mind and Universal Mind are of entry but each possesses the alliance of a separate identity by Creation.
As awareness of the environment brings about discovery from infancy there is the formation of brain cells that conduct the mental growth and imagination within the learning capacity by instruction.
Humankind cultures arrange the mental pursuits for lifetimes as the Universal remains the continuation of the exalted Trinal Structure when the Mortal Mind ceases to exist. For alliances are formed into Immortality where the Spirit unites with the Immortal Soul. However the mind of embodiment is not to be neglected as development by dimensional learning advances with the intellect for understanding.
Appliance to the reality of mortal existence awakens the Spirit to a necessity of nourishing that which was given entry. As perception of a forthcoming destiny is perceived the mind of mortality receives by degrees the view of its evolutionary processes.
Indoctrination of religious beliefs is also of mortal existence. A reliance of spiritual needs brings about the following that allies with the Spirit through dimensions of traditional or contemporary ideas. There is no specification for these beliefs unless the detrimental characteristics become apparent and give rise to destruction of the Spirit.
The degree of evolutionary processing through spiritual teaching are within the time energies of eras that planetary rule dictates. However when applying the Universal Concepts there lies the differences and humanity is the receptor of Creations Life Principles.
The intellect for academic learning is foremost where technologies conduct affairs. It proposes its learning power and stores knowledge of mathematical and social structures.
As exploration becomes a pursuit for discovery the visionary relies on the Universal Mind to reveal the necessary futuristic qualities to develop that which the intellect solely cannot uncover and reveal. Alliances are important for interactions on all levels. For they synchronize the outcome to manifest ideas of creativity.
To exist within an earthbound structure the intellect must be aware of the knowledge necessary for each phase of a lifetime existence. The highest form of mortality when drawing upon an intelligence for discernment is Wisdom. It denotes a specified union of understanding between the Mortal and Universal Mind.
Regulating each position is to combine that which applies to the measurement of time energy and circumstances of events. The Mortal Mind receives the knowledge of technical learning and the Universal Mind selects the subjects for awareness and understanding.
Futuristic endeavors yet not known are possessions of the Universal Mind and Spirit, they synchronize to reveal revelations that project the progression of an evolutionary process. Both planetary cultures of social structures and creative spiritual ideologies benefit from these visionaries of the future.
As time energies evolve by arrangements and desires the Mortal Mind derives from its knowledge the wisdom of relying on the Life Principles of Creation. These are the cornerstones from which to structure the most important foundations for all that is created.
A lifetime of learning and evolving is the purpose for which entry has been chosen. Belonging to ages past the Spirit follows its course as chosen. Delays are often a supplement for diversion that becomes an interlude of denial. But continual effort to renew each phase of existence toward successful spiritual and mental outcomes manifest the joys of accomplishment.
To attain excellence is worth striving for and although not always complete it presents a goal of desire. Extending desires of the Spirit envelopes the Mind for an awakening. They enlighten the intellect for learning and discovery by creative ideas and endeavors.
Although the visionary mind proceeds through events yet to come each process is to be given its position by timeframes and degrees of comprehension. Therefore through mortality the Mind continues to store and specialize in knowledge that formulates the lifetime existence. Reaching for a high learning capacity through the Universal Mind is to ultimately understand the Immortality of the Spirit

                                                           DIMENSIONAL LEARNING

Motivation and extensional learning are conditions that allow a natural process of continuation into Dimensions of Creative Exploration.
By furthering knowledge for Spiritual Evolvement a Reality in Belief develops in accordance with Intellectual Discernment.
Learning controlled by limiting conditions of indoctrination prevents the breakthrough and expansion of thought processing.
A system for social conduct must be outlined and recorded for guidance, but if regulations are conditioned to limit mental pursuits and emotional growth they must be disregarded in the absence of Universal Knowledge.
A process that allows learning equal to maturation of evolvement within a measurement of time is an acceptance for Spiritual Progression.
Completion is never a condition in the eternal processes which were created for the purpose of change and brought about for renewal and expansion in learning where there must be an animated desire to do so.
As Illuminated Powers of the mind take hold a constant evaluation of principles and a criteria for measuring evolvement must proceed with the learning abilities to process beliefs and reveal certain realities.
Academic learning should be lessened in the earlier years of development to teach that which has been given by the Interrelationship with the Natural Elements.
It is through natures examples that Unity of Life Principles are manifested and understood for a Valued Earthbound Existence.
From this awareness a Cosmic Wisdom develops for future learning by an acknowledgement of a Universal intelligence.
There should be a constant determination throughout each single lifetime to respect the elements, for they reach the highest outward and deepest inward capacities for an awareness of an Expanding Universe in Realities of Belief.
Constructive Thinking reveals a mental dialogue in languages that are Universal and compassionate emerging from scholarly wisdom to be spoken or written.
When studied in context they release Illuminating Energies that sometimes are prophetic and reach beyond ordinary visual and mental learning.
These unusual manifestations present an involvement with a future measurement of time that exists within synchronizing phases of Concentrated Formations of Magnetic Energies.
A presentation of these Expanding Discoveries have proven themselves a reality in the human mentality to comprehend the reality and meaning of revelations in Universal Measurements of Time.
Much is yet to be learned as Presentations of Energy begin forming their various structures for learning where neglect has been a conduct of ignorance.
New Age Discoveries are progressive in knowledge’s that will bring about social behaviors of generations to come.
To continue evolving through the capacity for understanding be Extensive Learning structures a Positive Alliance by each partition of the Trinal Union.

                                                       A LESSON IN LEARNING

Through an extension of the imagination unlimited creative thought can reach proportional dimensions of internal and external stimuli. Both are considered to be important in the processes of learning.
Beyond the more obvious information of academic knowledge there is discovery through regions often unexplored where visionary dreams become the reality of an idea. Conceived within the Natural Phenomena of Creation these are the inspirations for Evolutionary Thought.
Learning is a mental pursuit in the love for knowledge but it is not always the endeavor of scholarly instruction to extend a desire for metaphysical thinking.
By limiting the intellect to a conformity of specified studies it may no longer aspire to discovery. As the acquisition of knowledge is by choice of what is accepted, the basic fundamentals need to be followed by a curiosity that stimulates further inquiry.
Universal Intelligence need not be proved through academic learning as the mind seeks to evaluate knowledge for constructive application.
Throughout the individual lifetime the interrelation of social and private performance draws upon a Cosmic Consciousness for a quality of an earthbound existence.
Love of knowledge is acquired by the wonderment of life that inspires mental attitudes in promoting the valued principles of a physical and spiritual life.
There is no precise method to measure intelligence but in acceptance of its degree there must be proof of reason and morality in both creative and practical accomplishments.
An accounting is by a wise and compassionate spirit through knowledge that Illuminates the Immoral Soul.
A collective consciousness of required qualifications is eventually attained followed by a procedure of perceptive evaluations as the individual lifetime is determined.
Revelations are for those who might otherwise remain within the confines of a lower spiritual existence.
Learning within earthbound entries allows the Spirit to choose an exalted position of a Cosmic Unity, to be transferred into high realms by mastering an existence within an expanding Universal Knowledge.
Re-entries that are of an excelled Trinal Alliance must retain its evolving procedure by the power of an Enlightened Mind to acquire the desired transformation.


The intellectual consistency in directing the Spirit and physical form is a responsibility to the Soul, and by recognition of this at a conscious level will further the learning process allowing evolutionary ideas to progress.
Evaluation of this direction should be from a unity within Cosmic Influences, and by individual efforts that are necessary in forming moral social structures.
Protection of the natural environment is a major function that must comply with this creative order. The ultimate for relationships in all living manifestations is to grow through desired fulfillments as it was intended from the beginning.
The intelligent direction of a Spiritual Awakening brings about an enlightenment for a meaningful existence and the planets survival through unification.
Causes of division diminish illuminating energies that structure the balance in all living things.
Universal Thinking directs a course in the Order of Creation for the earth's peaceful existence.
Compelled to constantly redirect pathways of destruction into positive movements time is wasted and spiritual evolution detained. There must be a thrust upward and a containment of that which has not been lost through ignorance.
Planetary evolutions of intelligence are for a Universal Balance in knowledge of prevention and preservation for the proper usage of social structures and the Natural Elements which have become a main concern of this era.
Directing a course in reformation by spiritual awakenings the intellect will discover creative thought processes of evolutionary High Ideals.
These are realized through the reconstruction of doctrines that prove to be invalid for the Spirits of enlightened entries.
By nourishing all things manifested within Creation a direction of intelligence will prevail.


When recognizing specified theories as truths for ideas through Evolutionary Thinking the manifestation of various ideologies are established.
The hypothesis for an abstraction is by nature that from which it is created and offers a direction to be taken although not always by individual choice.
Most theories of merit are reliable when the whole of their content becomes a moral reality as processed through Universal Discernment.
Considered to be valid these perceptions are manifested by determining their lasting qualities and become guides for a civilized culture.
Knowledge that allows positive exploration outlined by Higher Ideals often follow lifetime cycles that are the basis for advanced learning.
The Polaris Structure is a progressive processing of ways in which intelligent application is formed into action. It is based on theories that are in essence the Life Principles of Creation.
Theorizing is a process for analytic discovery, and by manifesting these discoveries through disciplinary creativity they become solidified into a valued existence.
Variations of theologies have always captivated a spiritual following, but these religions that do not allow some compromise by revealing Cosmic Origins within their doctrines will continue to cause conflict among believers of these various sects.
In order to promote harmony theologies must allow evolutionary restructuring for Universal Expansion.
In truth, a spiritual interrelation that exists on the planet earth has an ultimate purpose to sustain life through an evolutionary process. This is to include all natural elements and creatures who dwell within.
Recognition of a New Era through spiritual and scientific exploration will reveal truths of Creations Life Principles relative to the natural phenomena of the planet earth.
Systems applying to causes that negatively affect the natural elements diminish the life support they share.
Theories when activated into beliefs do not necessarily become realities but are considered worthy for acceptance if discerned within a Universal Intelligence.
Lasting truths containing properties that are interrelated with the Origin of Creation inspires spiritual desires for evolvement.
Through advanced learning and the expansion of evolutionary ideas theorizing becomes a Cosmic Design of Revelations that have existed from the very first imaginations within the mortal mind.

                                                      COSMIC PRAGMATISM

Events take formation through thought processing and reliability of that realism is denoted by each manifestation that is presented and discerned.
Performance within this formation can create revelations giving the receivers a reality of universal ability.
The action from a thought must not take place until thoroughly recognized as a Universal Truth. If this is not followed the energies will diminish for proper understanding.
Cosmic Awareness is obvious to those who seek meaningful processes for existence.
The practice of Universal Intelligence will be denoted through conversation and action. It is necessary that these practices are continually used by the embodied spirit for identification in Cosmic Awareness that assists with Radiant Energies of Positive Thought.
The need for Spiritual Evolution is long overdo. Neglect is in almost every phase of the human element and now requires the task of extraordinary practices.
The pragmatic use of these learning processes will always reveal the most illuminating results and give the natural environmental resources an energizing gift of practical appliance.
Universal Thought reigns in a higher awareness and will interject among the levels of a lower consciousness that is in need of elevation.
The pragmatism of thought must not be misused or neglected, for it is a realization of gathering concentrated energies into formation for spiritual concerns.
Structuring that which is of a original manifestation will remain complete within a Universal Intelligence of existing thought.
All will be drawn into the atmosphere of an intelligent human existence, and planetary energies will replenish the natural environment protected by a trust of guardianship.
Practical appliance will continue as knowledge develops in Cosmic Awareness, as the unfolding of an unusual realization becomes apparent.
The formation of original manifestations are in all Cosmic Institutions of learning, but too few have been determined to carry out the application.
Active spiritual inspirations have been lacking because of superficial knowledge that was considered lasting and of primary importance.
For the perfecting of reality in evolving manifestations is the reason why the Polaris message is being released and accepted.
The pragmatism of knowledge conceived is a projection of the Spirit as thought is transformed into matter and given the illumination of a radiant life interacting with the Cosmic Soul.

                                                   SPIRITUAL REASONING

Principles of the human mind are conscious thoughts presented in a rationalized process capable for the production of Spiritual Reasoning.
This natural phenomenon of creativity is in likeness to Universal Intelligence that follows a Cosmic Order.
Constructive application through learning and understanding of how a system of such magnitude interrelates within human existence and the natural elements of the earth awakens the intellect to a conception of reality in Spiritual Truths.
Proof of its balance in harmony and beauty with an eternal preservation leaves no doubt that this unification is one of high intelligence.
The Spirit desires a positive process of order and reasons that the whole of matter forms a structure for an Ultimate Purpose.
Visible manifestations of the heavens are complete in there knowledge and deserve recognition for the theological teachings of generations to come.
The Universe is a Creation of itself in a relative union of time and space through collective mathematical structures within a Cosmic Alliance.
By the process of Spiritual Reasoning it can be seen that the habitation of the Planet Earth was given for a guardianship of all its creatures and the natural elements.
In a world of abundant resources surrounded by such powerful evidence of Creation, the Spirit can rationalize that within the entirety of all that exists is a interrelationship that was formed from the beginning.
By observation and the accumulation of knowledge within a lifetime through progressive learning a collective consciousness becomes all the more familiar with Universal Structures.
Applied reasoning through spiritual awareness brings into focus the complete plan of a Cosmic Creation and the interaction of its partitions.
Mysteries of the Universe remain incomprehensible to human understanding but nevertheless are there for exploration and discovery.
What is known by reasonable conclusion should be given recognition, no longer denied by unclear theologies and illusionary behavior patterns from doctrines that disrupt Universal Thinking.
It is the unification by Cosmic Influences that gives humanity its High Intelligence for Spiritual Evolvement.
The intellectual mind through the Trinal Relationship can learn the value of Spiritual Reasoning and eventually Unify the Spirit with the Immortal Soul to continue its Journey of Enlightenment.


Choice of words for communication in Thought Expressions need a Dimensional Attitude to extend the quality of content.
Emptiness of word usage often conveys manners of speaking that lack intelligence through expressions of idle conversation and foolish chatter.
These are a wasteful egotism of character. The beauty of simplification is not to be judged in this manner, for often the Wisdom of a Thought is in likeness to that which remains Eternal.
Trite consultation and Meaningless Phraseology becomes a habit of indolent thinking and continues to develop diminishing processes of Intelligent Renewal that produces behavior patterns of Unnecessary Activities.
Desires for Intellectual Conversation give moments of Thought Provoking inquiries that bring about, satisfactory conclusions.
Words of commonplace thinking become the structures of binding conditions in mediocrity, there is nothing of creative resources in Dimensional Thought that allows for noteworthy manifestations.
An exception comes from minds of obscure development in Expressions of Revelations that Inspire Creativity. They are True Dimensional Introductions of a Unique Quality.
In the earth's existence responsibility to develop human consciousness in manners of speech must bring forth Meaningful Thought for an Inspiration in Learning.
Formation should be of Likeness to Universal Awareness in a Evolution of Pacification and Understanding.
Experiences of educational and academic processes are a discipline of much value but often binding in restrictions of Creative thought that continues to Plague a more Universal Intelligence.
However in a Measurement of Time the desire will allow a reality of what the Soul intends in a New Age thinking for Evolutionary growth.
Words should be Wisely Spoken or written, for within their character resides Activating Energies of Thought that structures social attitudes.
Communication of a chosen intelligence displays an Advancement of Knowledge.
Platitudes of speech become an apparent presentation of character. If Superficiality is the associated principle change in Thought Processing should be a continual effort.
The Beginning for Renewal is the elimination of former trite Mannerisms in phraseology replaced by even Simple Wise Statements of Truth as spoken from childhood when thought provoking wonders within Natural Elements and those of the heavens were a constant awakening for the mind and a joy to the Spirit.
Dimensions continue to develop within a conscious Universal Intelligence of communication becoming a likeness in character while projecting a knowledge for Cosmic Unity.

                                                ELECTROMAGNETIC ENERGY

Electromagnetic energies created by thought processing is a futuristic condition of drawing together those of likeness in theological beliefs.
These waves of electrified magnitudes can transmit select manifestation to a receptor in a synchronized phase of recognition.
Therefore the importance of energies within these electrifying currents are conducted through attitudes of the receiver, for to gather negative forces in an alliance is a contrast to Cosmic Influences.
Natural phenomena are to be used for structuring positive characteristics of Higher Learning Conditions and draw knowledge’s considered for the development of a Enlightened Existence.
The fields of electromagnetic energies are all encompassing and atmospheric forces are able to construct protection in unity.
If the energies are of ethereal qualities Illuminating Rays of Cosmic Intelligence through Spiritual Inspiration will be apparent.
The earth's powers that are attracted to a negative or positive force are the results of application to a unifying effect of a electrical magnetic process.
The Polaris structure in the most enlightened progressive method will nourish these forces of High Radiance.
The gathering of those in likeness to these rays of a current electrifying magnetism will feel the energies of positive thought that they reveal. The application of life formations will be noticeable for their elevated production.
The magnificent processes to the Cosmic Alliance are of natural phenomena from which all has been given birth.
However the construction of use is a reaction of intelligence considering the well being of each inhabitant of the earth's existence.
Caution is of a maturing process to be given the measurement of time. Drawing of electrifying fields encompassing structures of human formations completely negate any condition that does not ally itself with Cosmic Influences.
Electromagnetic waves of harmonic conditions are felt within a Spiritual Centralized Evolvement as Higher Vibrations conduct energies within the Illumination of Light.
Creation of those Cosmic Energies that give life to the Soul and release the Spirit for habitation in guardianship for the planet's existence is an alliance of partitions in formations that these magnetic forces construct. The magnifying gravity of the Earth has the powerful force of these natural phenomena.
Creation is of a structure that was from the beginning and the electromagnetic fields are from these Cosmic Energies.
Visualizing the heavens and applying life forms of this order to habitation is a magnetism for the Soul that conducts reentry of the Spirit.
The Spirit attracts the conditions of a life giving force to an individual embodiment and a creative relationship with the Universe that posses Cosmic Energies in likeness of form.

                                                            POLE OF ZENITH

The energizing influence from a celestial structure that releases knowledge’s of a Universal Intelligence is for unification above the movement of physical Form.
The Pole of Zenith of a cerebral concentration is to be recognized as a Cosmic Order of direction that transfers knowledge and revelation.
The process that has been created as an evolution of a centralized system that interrelates planetary movements of receptive intelligence with that of this heavenly pole.
The polarity is a electromagnetic energy that releases a beam of light in a revelation for Zenith Control within a Universal Vertex System of energies, that gives balance and harmony for a completion to both the physical being and thought manifestations.
The interlocking conditions of ascension and entry of a Cosmic Influential Process will in evidence present an evolutionary process for absorbing knowledge in an extension for learning.
The relationship of a lower energizing force from the Pole of Nadir in opposition to the Zenith, is a continual structure that allows no division of purpose as to movements by the physical form which is never outside the influences of this vertex system.
Motion gives balance to a unifying affect on the Trinal Formation and magnifies the vertex processing to each partition of an intelligent reliance.
The Pole of Zenith is a Universal Order of a Powerful Illuminating Force on the Earth's Elements and its people without interference from disturbing influences.
It is of an Enlightenment in a Radiant Energy that reflects an Awakening of Revelation through a Cosmic Intelligence.


Identical periods and phases of existence brought together through energizing forces manifest a knowledge of universal conditions.
It is of value to allow these natural phenomena to exist in a formation of creative processes. They have taken form through eras of time or in a single moment of revelation within the earth's measurement.
The barriers for these energies are nonexistent and are compelled to reveal messages of Cosmic Construction as they release with recognition the unity of an idea.
The New Age thought is of this period and phase for expansion of learning processes in a renewal of concepts for spiritual evolvements.
The transference of thoughts are gathering electrifying light reflections to bring about change with these forces of energy that are in synchronization one with the other.
These phases are of a formation in Cosmic Energies, a substance of matter transforming and magnifying the awareness of many seeking the reception of universal thought processing.
A synchronization in the rejuvenation of alliances will progress the changes that are of a necessity in this measurement of time to the earth's existence.
Transmitting thought waves through ethereal manifestations within natural phenomena will continue to gather a likeness of characteristic spiritualization.
This will unify many into a synchronization of a Cosmic Structure, a familiarity within a formation consistent with that of the Constellations. These influences are in harmony with a choice of existence in structural unity.
A synchronism is of creative forces within universal properties and continues to energize the earth's phenomena.
Realization of these Life Principles develop the abilities to bring about a synchronization of thought processing. The position of a similar spiritual alliance will pass to each generation of the planets inhabitants for continued eras of enlightenment .
This is of Creation and was meant to be from the beginning.

                                       BECOMING THAT WHICH IS WRITTEN

In the study of these writings becoming that which has been written is a dimensional learning process.
Variances in degrees of acceptance are in spiritual knowledge that present the assembly of those united in Universal Discoveries.
There is an exception to revelation that is individualistic but consistent with learning by applying the reality of subjects discussed in a phraseology of spiritual recognition.
Because of the language presented within the Polaris Energy Formation there will have to be discernment within the structure of what has been written in terms of a spiritual receptiveness.
This knowledge is of a study in various characterizations of human properties that consist of three (or termed Trinal) in a selection of two partitions of alliance. One: the Body, Mind, and Spirit. Two: the Mind, Spirit, and Soul.
From the beginning as the process of becoming that which has been written continues, the wordage of this knowledge might be conceived as a complexity of phrases leaving the reader in a maze of difficult understanding. But by recognizing the dimensions of Truth in Spirit inspirations of enlightenment will bring forth an inner awareness not conceived within conscious thought.
The process of discovery through manifestations of reality in a spiritual renewal will be a progression in becoming that which is written.

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